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  1. Come see me having a great time in the bath. Washing inbetween all my rolls and don't forget under the belly hang! 

  2. I love having a bath. Splashing around and washing all my rolls and curves. The warm water feels soo good on my soft skin. I hope you enjoy.


  3. Pretty in pink. Living out my chubby bimbo dreams.


    1. andy36


      Very nice 😊

  4. Due to there being no open shops had to buy new work trousers online. They do not fit at all. Could bearly do them up. Guess Im even fatter than I thought. 

    1. Madilyn


      I just got some of those anti-cellulite leggings too...I feel the saaaame way.

  5. New video just uploaded. Watch me play with all my new jiggles. 

  6. As requested by a very sweet perv. I've been eating so much lately and not working out. Watch me jiggling my newly super soft belly, thighs, tits and arse. I also show of my new bingo wings.


  7. Had the most amazing morning today. Daddy came over and made me eat a whole pizza, five onion baji, five simosas, five pakora and a whole sharing bag of crisps to myself and so much soda. Hours later I'm still full but was so worth it to see that proud smile on daddys face and hear those magic words "you're such a good girl". 

  8. Found this skirt today. So happy it still fits.... For now


  9.  After 10 days in isolation thanks to some silly girl coming into work with covid tomorrow I'm allowed back out again.
    I think a massive food shop is in order. What yummy treats should I stock up on? 

  10. You know its been a good day when your trousers won't fasten anymore! 


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Some more good days like this and you won't even be able to get those trousers up anymore! :D 

  11. check out my new video! filmed this back in the first lockdown then temporarily misplaced the SD card. 

    watch me measure my growing body. 


  12. Its been a while since I filmed this just found it on a sd card, from the first lockdown. I hadnt measured myself in ages and with all this snacking and sitting around in lockdown I thought I shoud find out just how big I've gotten. I measure my belly, tits, ass and thigh.


  13. Skirt feeling wonderfully tight


    1. bellydance4me


      Just love the lower belly bulge in a tight skirt, it’s my absolute favourite and I think what got me into this sort of thing in the first place! Thanks so much!!


    Check out my newest video. A before and after Indian takeout. 

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