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  1. I wonder if anybody on here is familiar with this lovely lady. What I have found on here are some rather dated videos of when she was interviewed and shot on a beach, and it appeared that she had gained weight. I will admit that I have followed this girl since I have discovered her on Bikini.com (Or Bikini Central as it was later called, which no longer exists for some reason). You can find pictures of her online or on her Instagram, which shows that she can be fit or thin, but these videos below showed that she had put on a few pounds, but was not shy enough to flaunt it in a bikini. Video 1 Video 2 These videos are old, but I actually like how she will still show it off despite having put on a few pounds. She only had love handles and a slight gut, but still.
  2. After five years, she is still gorgeous as a chubby woman.
  3. Is anybody else familiar with this actress? I remember finding her attractive when I saw her in Neighbors 2 and then when I saw Lady Bird today, I recognized her but I had trouble remembering from where and then I looked her up and saw Neighbors 2 as one of her acting credits. I read that she is the younger sister of Jonah Hill. I also think she is cute. I remember noticing that she wore a bikini in Neighbors 2, but there were no closeups on her in that scene. However, I found her Instagram and saw that she is definitely comfortable wearing a bikini when going swimming and such.
  4. So what are some of your earliest signs of realization that you liked chubby girls? I can tell you that the signs for me go all the way back to when I was going into the 7th grade. I remember I developed a crush on a girl who a bit chubby herself and it sort of dawned on me that I didn't mind the extra weight. Even when I was well into 7th grade, I got somewhat turned on when I saw a chubby girl's shirt go up. Or maybe it was 6th grade when I started to kind of realize it, because I remember this one girl who used to work at a daycare I went to after school wasn't very thin, but had a nice round-ish frame. One of the best examples of the earliest signs was when I went on my end-of-the-year field trip to Waterworld USA in eighth grade. I remember a few girls who I went to school with, who also happened to have been chubby, wore bikinis and I knew that deep down that I liked what I saw. Sure, some of the thin girls who were on that trip were nice, too, but I found that I got rather turned on at the sight of girl's belly hanging out a bit. Any examples on your end?
  5. Agent 817

    Female wrestlers

    I have always had an attraction to ODB, as odd as that may sound. I read that she has a bodybuilder background, and while in some of these pics she may look a little muscular, the toned definition looked like it went away after a while.
  6. Man, I am so envious of Pierce.
  7. I am hoping that there are pics online of this. I saw some pics that were done in promotion for her album, "Resurrection," and she still looked like she was in good shape, and that also included the album artwork. Anyway, that's cool that you saw her perform live. I would love to do that, though I don't know about traveling overseas to do that.
  8. Here are some photos of singer Anastacia, who mostly is a star in Europe, though I am probably among the few American fans she has. These pics were from 2007 I believe, but I would not doubt if she goes through moments of cheating on her diet, considering she usually has rock-hard abs. I might post some more later. I think I found some photos somewhere that has her stomach showing less definition than usual, at least.
  9. Agent 817

    Female wrestlers

    I think I remember seeing a pic a long time ago of 2006 Diva Search contestant Amy Zidian looking fatter than before. I think it was this: When she looked like this before: Now granted, these pics are old, but I wonder how long after her release did she pack on the pounds. She must have eaten a lot considering the pic with her fat was about a year after her release from WWE. I heard she was a diva backstage.
  10. I have a thing for older women, and this made my day.
  11. These pics are old, like late-2008 or early-2009, but I thought that they were nice.
  12. I found some pics online when it showed that she started packing on the pounds after London in 2012. Here are some photos of her in the 2012 Olympics: These were taken not too long after the Olympics. Maybe a couple of months after: I know those pics that are on this thread with her showing a bit of a hang were a lot more recent, but that is not to say that she didn't put on weight after she retired from volleyball. She looked pretty shredded before. Maybe not as shredded as Walsh, but still rather fit.
  13. I saw her take part in a beach volleyball event where she was covered up. I thought that I was not imagining things when I saw that she had a gut. She does not have the abs like she did before, obviously, whereas her former partner, Kerri Walsh Jennings, still looks pretty shredded now.
  14. Agent 817

    Female wrestlers

    Pardon me if I have not been up on my wrestling. I don't follow it like I used to. From the pics I see here, it definitely looks like Paige has been softening up. Do you think it's because she has been eating? Or do you think it's because she has not been following her diet and regimen that much lately? I could have sworn that she was a little more tone and somewhat defined before.
  15. Is she still around? I remember when I first saw her in her underwear in a scene from "Real Women Have Curves," it was definitely one of the first signs of me realizing that I like chubby women. Also, I remember quite a while ago when I found some pics of her in a bikini. This was in 2009, I believe.
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