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Girlfriend no longer wants to gain weight due to health reasons...Help please.

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Hello everyone,

     So, my girlfriend found me online via facebook before we met. She said a couple of my friends told her we'd get along swimmingly. Later she told me she lied about that...
Anyhow, I've always loved big girls. She was not big. I told her that I'd only want to be in a relationship with someone who was big or planning to get big. She said that's fine. She even would encourage me to make her fatter during our relationship. She gained maybe 30lbs and is around 200lbs. We moved in together after two years of dating. Now she out of nowhere decided she doesn't want to gain weight. She's been watching these nutrition videos that turned her off of the idea. I went and found a bunch of sources that suggest that being fat isn't actually that unhealthy, and by suggest, I mean prove. I cited the obesity paradox among other things. 

     She's also vegan, which is nice because she's actually nutritionally healthier considering she has low cholesterol and things like that. I just don't know how to convince her to go back to the way things were. Please help. Any advice would mean a lot.

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It's hard enough for women who are into this fetish to endure through all the negative repercussions of gaining much less someone who is not naturally interested in feedism. If someone is gaining for their partner and not because they themselves genuinely want to get bigger, it usually doesn't end well. You have to be pretty hardcore to keep gaining long term.

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I applaud your honesty right off-it is light years beyond hanging out with a normy and secretly wishing for weight gain some day.

She wanted to get involved with you, and changed her story and now after checking out weight gain (which she did!) she's changed her mind.

Most people gain back their weight and more anyway, so let her eat more healthy food.

Don't try arguing with her, it may not have the result you want because when you have the opposite view you may come off as not appreciating her or she may feel you are accusing her of being stupid.

Bottom line, she just might not have the same food body religion as you.

You had a good run! Thirty pounds is substantial, one for the record books and the memories.

Of course we want to keep experiencing the beauty of more and more fat over and over, that's why we are all here. God bless Curvage!

We just can't force or argue anyone into wearing fat they might not like - probably for the rest of their life.

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You assume the risk, much less prioritizing your fetish over her health will kill the relationship.  Plus needing to prove a size over what she wants pretty much makes things DOA, especially considering you want weight gain over just having someone maintain or tolerate trimming a few pounds, which would actually be healthy given the better fuel and muscles for exercise.

Never thought I'd say it, but somehow all this proof or narcissistic body positive confidence to be sexy without valuing admirers. is just bastardized to glorify obesity, like the weight is more important than the person/chemistry.

See what's negotiable, like encouraging on a cheat day, if you still want to be with her.  But yeah, as Carmen Electra would say, a girl can change her mind lol even if it's not what she meant.


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