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Savannah’s hunger has been insatiable recently… she just can’t help herself and a burger and fries seem to be her biggest turn on. Of course you treat her to favorite meal as it equally turns you on watching her seductively stuff her greedy little mouth with her favorite meal. Bite after bite she’s so horny and can’t stop playing with her massive gut. The way her tiny panties are cutting into her make her belly look even more huge. She quickly finishes her meal and chugs a coke to really make herself bloat up. It doesn’t take long before she’s working out some HUGE burps. All while rubbing herself and telling you how hot she feels. 


{ video includes; eating, chugging, bloat, burping, belly play, Fat chat, pov }


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Savannah knows that I'm "a dirty, dirty boy", of course, I want to watch. Once she start's devouring her meal, she doesn't pay me much mind, lol. Majestic in size and ravenous in appetite, it doesn't take her long to polish off that burger and fries. She keeps her eye on me, but I'm aware that her main concern is getting those calories consumed and growing bigger. I'm just awestruck by what I'm seeing, how much bigger she's grown since reaching an important milestone only a short month ago. It's exciting being with he after she's just finished a quick meal. The lust and desire it triggers in her will just about knock you over. She even lets me know how much she could have really ate, but for now, It'll do. She's beautiful, funny, massive and horny and I hope she invites me over for her next weigh in. 

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I'd switch to working from home just so that when Savannah sends the signal to come watch her eat, I can always head over! After all she is the teacher and as the student I need to take notes on how to be a gluttonous pig like her. 😊 I'll be honest but every video that Savannah makes, it's extremely hard to not feel horny because who doesn't love this seductive Goddess!! I really love the makeup in this video and the bra. She's always wearing the most beautiful outfits every time. That burger looked so damn good, but it looks even better watching her take bite after bite from it. I was surprised when she tells you that barely made a dent in her appetite. Guess that's no surprise when you have a huge belly! 🥵 The burps in this video also really impressed me. I wouldn't hesitate to order her more food, and I'd also add extra sodas so she can belch out some mega burps! If you wear headphones you can definitely hear her belly rumble after she lets out some burps, and that is really fucking hot! Overall I would DEFINITELY recommend people to buy this if you're a huge fan of watching her be a super greedy pig! Thank you so very much for making this video Savannah, and I hope there's more to learn from you soon!!! 😊❤️

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@SavannahMontanais soooo damn good at this kind of thing!

This is not just a "stuffing video" - it's an explosion of eroticism, sensuality, voyeurism, and the sexiest eating on the face of the planet, all delivered by the most beautiful woman on Curvage: Savannah Montana.

I LOVE Sav's look here.  Glamorously made-up, hair looking great, tiny little top just about keeping her breasts under control, and a body that's hot af.  She's looking super-huge and super-pretty.

"Do you want to watch me?  Do you want to watch me be a greedy little piggy?"  

I almost fainted with pleasure when Sav said that.  I am SOOOOO into the whole "being watched while eating" thing.  (On the face of it, that's a dumb thing I've just written - of course, the majority of Curvage users are into watching women eating.  But what I'm referring to here is the specific foregrounding of the act of being watched, and the expression of pleasure at being watched, and showing off specifically for the watcher.)

Savannah's easily one of the most seductive women around.  There's so much ecstasy here; so much delicious eye-contact; so much beauty; and so much... sauce!  Yes, Sav's an absolute SAUCE-FIEND!  (I'm really glad she likes sauce: watch and become obsessed with her arm-fat jiggling as she shakes some onto her burger at 03:57!!) 

At 06:08 she takes a humongous bite of her burger and the sounds she makes are AMAZINGLY SEXY.  It's quite quick, but have a listen.  It's kind of a breathy nom-nom sound.  I would LOVE to hear more of this from this gorgeous cutie.

I also loved the way she balled up her empty fries-wrapper at 06:58 and tossed it onto the floor.  (No idea why this is sexy; it just is.)

The stunning beauty now leans back to relax, chug coke, fire off some volcanic burps, and give herself belly-rubs.  Her double-chin absolutely EXPLODES out and look so, so, so DELICIOUS!

Right the end, at 11:01, Sav says "I love the way I look."  The way she says it, and the look on her face as she does so, is so fucking EROTIC.  And that smile she gives right at the very, very end - oh my god - what a WOMAN.

Pure fantasy on my part of course, but I like to imagine that Sav really had to go "take care of herself" (if you know what I mean) after the camera stop rolling.

A show-stopper of a video from an absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful, talented, fun, charming, and sexy woman.  

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Another great clip! You can tell that someone has been a gluttonous little piggy- you are looking so fat and wide! 

You said it yourself in this clip, but I would love to see a future video where you buy like 5 burgers and just see how many you can manage, that would be so hot! 💙

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Loved this video. Savannah is always stunning but she looks incredible in this, and her huge belly is the highlight. She’s all round gorgeous and she looks even better stuffing greasy burgers in her face. Some great burps too, it’s honestly such a pleasure watching a dedicated feedee pig out.

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