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    This was a fun concept. Getting ready to move but too much frozen food. Welp... that frozen food needs to go somewhere. We walk in to see AnnaNicoleFox is clearly stuffed and looks to burst under shirt. She shows off how full she is and is then handed some pizza rolls to polish off as her next task. You can clearly see how much frozen food is packed inside of her. Can't wait to see more.
    Oof! Someone got their fill of food prior to this one! This big girl looks stuffed to the brim!
    I typically don't go for the too tight clothes vids if there isn't any belly stuffing. But this made me change my mind. And I'm going to go back to buy others I may have missed. Shar looks so fat in a shirt that clearly doesn't, trying to squeeze her big ass in jeans that's just NOT going to happen. All while taking breaks to drink peanut butter syrup
    This was fun to watch. 'Barbie' is so distraught over losing Ken she's a crying, belching mess before she hops on the treadmill. While jogging, she's snacking, so there's plenty of belly jiggle while she's slowly bloating. Then once she gets her boob job, it's even more difficult for her to exercise allowing us to see even more belly jiggle.
    The struggle of fitting all that shake into that straining potbelly. Poor thing... 😈
    Mama packed herself pretty full in this one. Plenty of burps and belly pats on a firm belly.
    This fat rabbit miserably stuffs herself with taco bell. Her belly hangs out of her dress by the time she's finished.
    Dope video! She's going to be good at this and you can she's really into eating and stuffing her very thick belly. Purchase if you like following: Overstuffing Taco Bell Stretch Marks Thick Belly (Nice Expansion) Fat talk (mentions how bloated she gets, as well as how she can't fit in clothes after bloating
    Well this was great to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Talk about getting the week off to a good start! If you can appreciate the following: Pigtails Thick arms (especially when they're in the air and you can see the whole belly exposed) (Bouncing)Belly hang Love handles spilling Fat Brats trying to hide their belly Whiny Fat Brats demanding donuts Moments when it's clear that belly is clearly thick and heavy
    If you can appreciate: * Whimsical storylines * Belly Expansion * Burps * Breast Expansion Then this is a purchase for you
    Love the ideas that Shar comes up with for her videos. Also love when her camera can catch that belly at perfect angles to show how fat and heavy it is. This video you can see how fat she begins and how much her belly expands after drinking that blender sized shake. Her belly expansion is terrific here.
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