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  1. Too small shirt and boy shorts REALLY is the sexiest look
  2. So I bought this and legit typed a review but deleted my draft 😭 Gives me reason to re-watch and re-draft. This deserves a DETAILED review. This is a LEGIT stuffing fetish video. Big recommend
    Can never go wrong beginning a video with "just look at this" while grabbing and jiggling the belly Sucking in doesn't work anymore. Can clearly see you're trying to hide the BOTTOM of a double belly WITH love handles That bounce.. 🍑 Rollsss The claws digging into said rolls That shake really expanded inside you 🤤
    The shorts are literally holding her stomach up. As soon as she pulls her belly out, there are no more shorts. Perfect fat belly slap sounds OMG, I love your back roll / belly hang area too OMG, I ALSO love how your belly looks hanging out of t-shirts (the BEST look for a big bellied lady) "Oh wow... she really can't suck her stomach in.." Wait... she's stuffed? Huh.. surprised because there's an awful lot of jiggle on this fat belly, knowing that big gut is stuffed and can jiggle like that is 🤤🤤 Double chin, eyebrows (your brows are always on point) and boobs that clearly cant' fit that bra There is nothing better than "I'm so stuffed" paired with a face of distress (with bomb eyebrows)
    Would def recommend watching this AFTER the BK stuffing! While good regardless, you can clearly tell in this video that food has digested and she looks even more full.
    Good first video! Personally enjoyed the soundtrack lol, good background noising to watch a cutie stuff her face to This was a DENSE food stuffing.. lot of heavy food gets packed in there Lovely surprise of a belly piercing midway through the video Can literally see her big stomach get fuller, rounder... Food stuffed burps (🤤) Thick back rolls Clearly overeating in this video, "Yea, she's about to pop..." - was said out loud.
    Chasity has one wide, round belly with a deep bellybutton. The overhead view in this while she fingers her fat gut is 🔥
    If you're familiar with BigBunny imagine this: Her round gut Stuffed with dense fatty bbq ribs Her moving around with a round gut stuffed with ribs setting off epic burps
    Hot vid! We watch BigBunny stuff chinese food and see her big belly literally expand and get tighter. Very hot food stuffed burp towards the end
  3. oh wow... you've really fallen off... like you've really got fat.. this is what happens when you don't workout?
    This was a fun concept. Getting ready to move but too much frozen food. Welp... that frozen food needs to go somewhere. We walk in to see AnnaNicoleFox is clearly stuffed and looks to burst under shirt. She shows off how full she is and is then handed some pizza rolls to polish off as her next task. You can clearly see how much frozen food is packed inside of her. Can't wait to see more.
  4. If y’all are taking suggestions: * some feeding/force feeding scenarioA where both end up fed * some type of bellybutton play in whatever set y’all do
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