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    This was hot! Hopefully there will be more videos with you two together!
    Nice! Can't wait to see the next one with more dense food to stuff down in there
    The belly expansion from those two quarter pounder value meals is amazing. Great belly pats, burps, and trying to fit that belly in her shirt.
    This was pretty good for the first vid. I look forward to more. You can definitely see Marlene's belly expand as the time goes by in this vid. Personally, I like the natural sound in the video. The candid groan, burp, etc. The music in the video was a bit distracting lol. Still 5 stars tho!
  1. For some reason I'm unable to leave a review after purchasing, so I'll leave this here. This video is definitely worth it for the content at this price. She shows she's definitely a feedee who's about packing that gut.
    You can definitely see the weight gain Shar has put on collectively. This vid in particular is awesome because you can see her newly formed deeper hang and new stretch marks creeping up as she stuffs donuts and milkshakes. There is a tiny tiny bit of bellybutton poking in this vid that is very much desired in future vids.
    You can really see Bunny's belly expand in this one! The bellybutton play from her feeder is terrific!
    BigBunny looks massive in this vid. You watch her belly grow as she packs the fast food in. Great camera angles and fun feeder belly rubs and play. i recommend
    Awesome vid! Shar gives us a peek in her errands for the day. There's a peek of exposed belly in public. The way her boobs are sitting on her bloated gut is such a sexy look
    This is a legit force feeding video. The feeder was merciless
    Worth it. You literally watch her thick belly expand
    This was a fun modeling video. You can really tell RM has been putting weight on. Her 'bounce' game is something else...
    Wasn't expecting that number at the end! The dress is so tight it literally shows her stretchmarks
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