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    Lot's of great angles, there's not one shot where she doesn't look big now. The last six minutes are pure gluttony.
    Charlotte is getting huge. She's almost unrecognizable now, compared to her videos from last fall. I would love to stick a funnel in her lovely mouth and help pour that mixture into her growing belly. Such a greedy Piggy.
    She's amazing, it's as though she can feel the pleasure and pain of every calorie she consumes. She lets the ecstasy wash over her as she examines and displays every new roll and fold, the feeling of joy as she grows bigger and bigger, breathtaking.
    During these uncertain times, Charlotte is safe at home eating and growing. Day 11 and we can clearly see her progress. Her lovely stretchmark riddled bottom and thighs, especially drawing attention.
    Fappy friday indeed. I lost track of how many times she about blows her top. I love the expressions on her pretty face, her horny chatter and her beautiful, growing figure.
    A Piggy quarantined for 30 days, with only one task, growing. Already looking bigger and meatier after 5 days. I've got a feeling all this eating, growing and isolation will only make her hornier and kinkier as the days pass.
    She's really popped in size recently, wide, round torso, thick arms, big, dimply thighs. She mentions changes in day to day things as she grows fatter and lazier, very sexy. The new weight looks gorgeous on her. I'm looking forward to her 200 pound milestone.
    I loved watching Charlotte tear into those ribs with that gorgeous mouth, Mmm, finger licking good. When she digs into the potatoes, shes more piggy than lioness but just as beautiful. After she finishes devouring her feast, barely able to catch her breath, she proudly displays her huge, swollen, messy belly. I'm hoping Charlotte become comfortable enough to show the rest of her pretty face in future videos. Great to have her here on Curvage.
    What a sweet, horny beautiful video. One year has made such a difference for GGG. What am I saying, 15 days has made such a difference. She looks so big, so swollen and huge compared to her 'Belly Rub' video just days ago. amazing progress!
    Danni looks attractive and beautiful as she displays her newest gains. She's gotten so big, a powerful, full grown woman and a natural Goddess.
  1. Love your sense of humor. I call you big and thick at this point. I love how swollen your belly and waistline look when you've finished up your treats.
    Up another 10 pounds in less than one month. She's definitely a bigger, wider Dork. There's not a move she makes where you don't see the benefits of all her recent stuffings and treats. She's becoming more sensual with her body the bigger she grows. We can't wait to see her in that bikini when she reports in at 190+.
  2. We love your videos and appreciate how well you've documented your amazing growth these last few months.
  3. Damn, Lexxyy getting huge.;)
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