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    In her previous video, Danni looks big, sweet and fluffy. In this one, she's bloated up hard and huge. She's all business here, working to get herself bigger. She's on an amazing growing binge at the present time. It's great to have these videos, recommended.
  1. She just looks so fat, healthy and happy now, compared to when she started gaining.
  2. She's huge and her lovely face looks so round and soft.
    I recommend letting Danni take you on this fifteen minute joy ride. She's perfect in this, sex, lust, gluttony, desire, greed it's all here. She doesn't speak a word, but her message is loud and clear. As you know she's been around awhile and this might be her best yet. Thanks, Danni...
    Great to finally be able to watch this (currently) 300 pound beauty enjoying a little appetizer. She is attractive and draws you in with those amazing eyes, making you wish that it was you she's devouring. She's a natural born BBW/SSBBW, I believe she could grow to 400 pounds, no problem. She's mentioned she wants to continue to get bigger, but also wants to stay healthy. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing more (pun Intended) of her in the future.
    Eternellya makes a great argument for the case of why a woman should weigh at least 300 pounds before considering herself full grown. She looks great standing there fully clothed, posing, while the floor boards creak and groan beneath her. She briefly glances at the camera a couple of times, something I think she should maybe do more of, she's very pretty. She then poses in panties and bra, her size and beauty shown to great effect. She's been working hard, getting herself up to ideal weight. Hopefully she'll continue to keep us posted along the way.
    Éternellya has been off and on the YouTube scene for a few years. She's back, and according to her latest post, she needs a little help to continue her growing. She has such beautiful skin, the textures and marks on her belly look amazing. When she climbs up on the bed, she is a wonder to behold. She's a beautiful lady and her body is a work of art.
    The way she handles her popsicle and hypnotizes you with her eyes, lovely. She's looking super soft in her new shirt. Her BBW figure has matured nicely. Maybe we could see her do a remake of 'Booty Worship' dressed in that gray bodysuit again. Welcome back Kat!
    It seems the bigger she gets, the more pleased and content she looks. Such a beautiful transformation, she truly is Dreamy!
    When she did her pizza stuffing 2 months ago, she weighed in at 241 pounds. Now tipping the scale at 255, she's huge and hungry. This is a nicely shot video where she sits and devours yet another entire cake. I love watching her grow bigger so this video is an nice addition. She barely fits in her chair and she looks amazing. At this price, it's a no brainer, recommended.
    Fresh from the Holidays, fatter, wider, rounder.she wheezes, huffs and belches her way through a few jumping jacks and a couple of floor "exercises". The real workout, though, begins when she grabs a big serving spoon and starts digging into that cake, washing it down with a carton of milk (cream?) The video ends with a couple more greedy belches and a quick look in the mirror, (rubbing her swollen belly with still chocolatey fingers, she's massive) Nice to see her active again. She looks great and the camera work is excellent.
  3. To be fair, her feeder is making a monster out of her. The floor shots will blow you away, she's huge.
    I'm giving this one 3 stars. Not that she doesn't look magnificent, but because her camera man needs to start doing a better job. Such as not sneezing while he's recording, yuck.
  4. I love how that sweet round ass has grown into a big, lumpy rear end.
    Even with no sound, this is a great little video at a bargain price. She looks amazing, huge and growing. I never would have believed she would get to be this big, she's massive. All kinds of nice angles to see. There's also a weigh in, showing how quickly she's been gaining these days, wonderful!
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