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    The way she handles her popsicle and hypnotizes you with her eyes, lovely. She's looking super soft in her new shirt. Her BBW figure has matured nicely. Maybe we could see her do a remake of 'Booty Worship' dressed in that gray bodysuit again. Welcome back Kat!
    It seems the bigger she gets, the more pleased and content she looks. Such a beautiful transformation, she truly is Dreamy!
    When she did her pizza stuffing 2 months ago, she weighed in at 241 pounds. Now tipping the scale at 255, she's huge and hungry. This is a nicely shot video where she sits and devours yet another entire cake. I love watching her grow bigger so this video is an nice addition. She barely fits in her chair and she looks amazing. At this price, it's a no brainer, recommended.
    Fresh from the Holidays, fatter, wider, rounder.she wheezes, huffs and belches her way through a few jumping jacks and a couple of floor "exercises". The real workout, though, begins when she grabs a big serving spoon and starts digging into that cake, washing it down with a carton of milk (cream?) The video ends with a couple more greedy belches and a quick look in the mirror, (rubbing her swollen belly with still chocolatey fingers, she's massive) Nice to see her active again. She looks great and the camera work is excellent.
  1. To be fair, her feeder is making a monster out of her. The floor shots will blow you away, she's huge.
    I'm giving this one 3 stars. Not that she doesn't look magnificent, but because her camera man needs to start doing a better job. Such as not sneezing while he's recording, yuck.
  2. I love how that sweet round ass has grown into a big, lumpy rear end.
    Even with no sound, this is a great little video at a bargain price. She looks amazing, huge and growing. I never would have believed she would get to be this big, she's massive. All kinds of nice angles to see. There's also a weigh in, showing how quickly she's been gaining these days, wonderful!
    First of all, I'm blown away by how big she looks here. The 'Great Ones' are born, not made, but they get there one bite at a time. It's easy to see that she's loved every minute of the journey. Even though there is some editing to save time, I could swear she looks a little bigger each time and the scale doesn't lie. If she decides to continue her quest to 300 pounds, this video proves that she's more than up to the task. Highly recommended! BTW, you'll see, that since her YouTube days, she's added another seven inches to what was already an ample belly girth!
    When she was active on YouTube, her videos were always so sweet and lovely. I'm guessing her last video was two years and thirty pounds ago. In one of her early (@160lbs?) videos, she jiggles her chubby thigh for the camera. She does this again (@240lbs?), but now, that thigh is massive. She looks amazing and I wish her much success on Curvage, welcome back!
  3. I love the look of her heavy, wide calf and the open back shoe she's wearing, sexy as hell.
    Brooke looks so overfed and soft, 'milkfed' comes to mind watching this. As if some mad scientist/feeder is busy creating the perfect BBW. Her pale skin gives the impression she's been willingly sequestered away, being fed and pampered round the clock. There's not a bad angle when she poses. The shots of her with her foot on the chair are amazing. Hopefully we'll see a similar video when she's another twenty pounds heavier.
    What Danni shows off here will startle you. I compared this to her 'Cake Stuffing' preview she did this last May. In that one she's quite chubby. This video takes it to a whole new level for her. It's incredible how much she's grown in the last six months, she's massive. This video will not disappoint!
    About a month ago, Brooke discovered her love for heavy cream. These two videos show the results so far. She's now covered from head to toe in a thick layer of fat and cellulite. She hasn't discussed her appetite much recently and I'm wondering if it's because she fears even we would be shocked. Always so sexy when she tries in vain to fit into her favorite out grown clothes. Still, the best part is watching in disbelief how big she's grown in such a short time.
    Brooke's getting big enough now that her sheer size is becoming quite impressive. Watch as she wiggles and kicks trying to get into her outgrown tights. There were times I actually felt breathless. Listening to her sweet comments, especially about how huge she's becoming is icing on the delicious cake.
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