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Bella recently read an old diary, and found a story she had (understandably) forgotten: A guy at a party offered her a bottle of wine if she let him drink one off her tits.

This experience clearly formed a lot of fantasies for the hedonistic Bella, who asks her friends @Curvage Casey and @LaurenLush to help her relive her fantasy in both roles. Casey and Lauren drink champagne off Bellas boobs as they overflow an old f cup bra, then Bella and Casey drink off of Laurens luscious rack, and finally Bella drinks off of Caseys perfect, round belly. Lots of body views, tight shower with fatties trying to pass each other, and everyone getting way too turned on (or just getting started!)

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Curvage Casey

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Ahhhh i love this video so much! Being smushed together in that shower with you ladies was SO hot. This video is so playful and cheeky and just takes me back to the fun we had out there.. I can't wait to do it again! BUY THIS VIDEO ❤️ it's one of our best!

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Response from the author:

AGREED!! I’m so grateful that you guys helped me live out yet another dream!!!

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I have never enjoyed wine except for now (at least on the screen) I love how much they genuinly love everything that happens and the fun is going through the screen, amazing content evey time

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Guest Marshall7

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YOU 3 ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!! 😈 Honestly, I would love to help put you 3 in your own house for a month of stuffing, fucking and filming and just see how fat you could all make each other....not to mention the content!!! 😍 @Curvage Casey and @LaurenLush obviously had the best time with @Bella Abbondanza....imagine being there!!!! 

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Guest dade76

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I love this video. You are became so big and your boobs so soft and round. Please continue to weight gain because you are fantastic.

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Guest BlackPeter57

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