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  1. Today
    You can tell Bella has gained before the weigh in! A more protruding belly, more rolls, back fat, and bigger jiggles when she shakes around her glorious body. Her bathing suit is really starting to struggle stay on! Oh, Plus the burps are a pleasant plus! Hearing her soothing voice describe how much of a pig she's been really hits the spot.
  2. È cosΓ¬ che tutte le ragazze dovrebbero fare colazione ahaha 😘πŸ”₯
  3. Vederti mangiare così è bellissimo 😏😍
    Want to get hooked on Bella Abbondanza? Watch this video. Facial expressions key in how satisfied she is with her gains, and with her goals with where she grow! Belly, legs, and boob jiggles are all very active in this clip. Oh, want some fat thicc thigh clap? Say no more. Bella takes care of you with that! Great 1st weigh in!
    Great video, Bunny greedly stuffs her face with a huge amount of food. No wonder she's steadily growing 😍
  4. Bunny and sicilan food, I wonder how long it lasted 😍
  5. not long with the way I’m shovelling food down πŸ˜‹
    So hot! I am a sucker for hearing about the opinions of others on a weight gain! 😍 this video is exactly that and so incredibly sexy! Casey really has blown up recently and the family is taking notice!! Will they force Casey onto a crash diet? Send her to fat camp?! Beg her to return to her thin fit days?! Watch the video and find out 🀭😜
  6. *gender neutral fem feeder/feedee role play* Ginger is your fat feedee girlfriend, she loves stuffing herself and has been intentionally gaining weight for awhile but lately she isn't satisfied with JUST stuffing herself, she wants to join her! In fact, she seems to REALLY enjoy it when you stuff yourself for her, like a LOT, maybe even more than she enjoys her own bloats. You have no issue with indulging in her requests, you don't mind getting to eat all you want and all the belly rubs and attention are certainly enjoyable; but Ginger has become increasingly demanding during your stuffing sessions, pushing you harder and harder each time. This particular session, you're so full from eating it hurts, but Ginger STILL isn't satisfied! So she decides to give you a little pep talk, she encourages (or maybe demands) you to keep eating for her, she tells you to ignore the pain and keep going, you want to get nice and BIG for her don't you?? Ginger plays with her fat and rubs her belly throughout while she continues to push you to keep going, she KNOWS you can do better after all. She promises to give you LOTS of soothing belly rubs if you just eat a couple more bites, and then maybe a couple more... ~ Includes: fem feeder/feedee role play, girlfriend experience, eating/weight gain encouragement, belly play, fat worship


    Freya’s got skills! And that fat body stuffed in that dress? So, so hot!!
    Blossom looks great in this short clip - here’s hoping she’s back for the long run!
    By God, it really fulfills everything from a perfect video more than anything when you eat with your hands, that is really beautiful and precious. I would buy more videos that are similar if you eat in such an insatiable way that makes you look even more beautiful, perfect mind πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜
    Loved watching ChubbyVal struggle. 😍😍 you could tell she wanted to quit really early but she stuck it out for us, sweating and grunting away as this little exercise just seems to go on forever. Poor Val needs to cool down with some ice cream, forget what her friends say! would heartily recommend this clip!
    The truth is that I liked the mini clips of her eating with music this beautiful ❀😍😍❀😍
  7. Yesterday
  8. Your fat girlfriend comes in to show you how much plumper she's gotten. Shaking her belly and ass, jiggling all of that glorious fat. Bouncing that huge ass in a tiny skirt and thong. She's a fat goddess and she needs feeding.....


    After working out so hard Bunny rewards herself with a little snack... Personally it's my Bunny's favorite video, she shows how massive she became after the REAL work out, that which involves a big amount of food and a hungry fatty. She takes body care very seriously and at the end of the video her round belly is absolutely huge 😍,
    What a beauty I can see a nice gain on the legs and ass, some new sexy cellulite. The little dog is f** lucky
    Stunning! Taytay looks like a goddess in her lovely dresses, fluttering them about and giving us teases of thigh and butt before showing us all the goods. If I had one regret, it would be that she didn't wear some lewder panties to make the tease more exciting. But then you see Taytay dressed as a ballerina.... good lord. It's so tight I cannot believe she got it on. She's never looked more like a sexy, fat, pig, than wrapped up in that skintight pink outfit. I have to say I'm glad this wasn't a fitting room chronicle, because the fat talk we got at the end was really great quality. Some lovely lines straight from Taytay herself. Support this content if you can!!!!
    Your size is really impressive πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜
  9. Hi guys, my new video is here! this was an idea of a good friend, I've challenged me to go up to the scale at the beggin of the video and eat donuts as much as I can, the real challenge is to see how much weight I can gain on 1 month, then I will be doing this video again to see the gained weight and if I am able to eat more that time. So make your guess about how many donuts I could eat this time, there were 11 donuts on the table 😘, at the end of the video I weighed in myself again, I can tell you at advance that I weighted a little bit more at the end. πŸ˜€


    Quarantine did well to Bunny, as she completely fills her leggins. Inevitably all attempts to work out are doomed to fail... Losing weight is not for you Bunny! A highly recommended video to all who love massive bellies, jigglying fat and massive beached goddesses
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