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    Just beautiful! Is there anything else to say? Keep growing!
  2. Today
    for someone who isn't just into stuffing this was very disappointing. I couldn't see your figure because it was so dark and your clothes were very baggy. recorded on a smartphone at night and charging money for it. wow.
  3. so sexy and beautiful. if you ask me, i am already waiting for the video of you sneaking pizzas and burgers, so much to like !
  4. eating vids are the best, win win, pure pleasure, thanks for posting!
  5. It was good to see how big your getting and how much you love it. Would be great to see some longer videos since all your videos seem to be cut off at exactly 2 minutes.
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  7. I just love my big belly. It's so big and so wonderful. It's like I'm pregnant. I just want to keep stuffing myself and make it grow bigger and bigger!


    Beauregarde is not ashamed to flaunt her big fat ass and belly in public. Insane video of a girl who is able to create a great storyline in her videos.
  8. I would love to have you squash me with that big belly and body of yours! so nice to see you getting fatter and fatter as it looks great on you!
  9. Haven't seen ya in a while.....looks like you have been busy eating...….:)
  10. I often get asked if I can still suck my belly in. Well you know what, I can. Watch as I show off the belly tucked into tight jeans and sucked in as much as I can. Then I'll tease you by letting it out a little at a time. After letting it all hang out I tuck it and suck it all back in again! In and out, a couple more times, just for fun!


  11. I am anxiously waiting for my dinner to be delivered to me. In the mean time, I fantasize about how it will feel when I eat it and how it will fill me up to the max. I realize my big belly rolls have gotten so big lately, that they are in dire need of some papering. Watch me enjoy oiling up my big belly rolls and see how my sexy rolls shine when I'm done ❤️ Please get in touch with me if you are experiencing any trouble playing this video.


    I honestly don't know what are you doing with your money if you dont buy this video. CQ is a delicate piece of art.
    Another fantastic video!!! I love how you take the time to point out every new development on your body, and how you are enjoying every new roll, curve, pound... I am enjoying it too! And that you're so proud that you've done this to yourself, you've decided to put all that food into your mouth, shove all those calories down your throat, and now you carry all those precious calories proudly around wherever you go go show the world that you are a hedonistic, gluttonous, adorable fat piggy... who only wants to keep getting bigger! Like you said, you carry your own comfortable beanbag with you... so practical! Your thighs and hips have gotten so wide, and I love the cellulite that gently jiggles whenever you move around. Your belly is definitely growing out of control, and your upper gut roll is catching up to your large lower one! Your belly makes your floppy breasts look like little pig teats, even though they are larger than most skinny girl's boobs! Your arms have really been filling out, and will soon flap like bingo wings filled with cake batter! You know you're getting really fat when your fingers get chubby! But your face, just so adorably cute, I love it... that's where all the food goes in your lovely mouth. I am so enjoying this gaining journey with you! I'm looking forward to seeing you pack on more and more weight, you're already so out of breath but soon it will be much worse, as you waddle back and forth to the fridge to get more food to get even heavier. You're such a beautiful prize piggy!
    Oil videos are an absolute gem. But when a girl like KP makes one, you have yourself an absolute work of art. Throw in a mirror for two simultaneous angles and you'll have a real hard time figuring out where to look! The way the oil drips over her curves and rolls down her body, the way that the mirror, as skinny as it is, makes her look even fatter (she has gotten so huge!!!!!!) and when she shakes her ass ... lord when she shakes her ass. Not only this but when the oil hits her panties, everything becomes a lot more see-through, its better than a wet t-shirt contest! I cannot fathom how she manages to look bigger in every video despite how frequently this lady releases. Absolutely amazing stuff Buy and support KP, guys. She's only gonna keep getting bigger 🥵
    I loved this video, Mary!! Your face is adorable with those dimples in your cheeks. I love how thick your arms are getting, and the brief glimpse of your rippling, dimpled thighs. You were double-fisting those burgers, you're such a gluttonous piggy!! And even though you were obviously getting full, you just attacked that second burger like you were starving, you just had to get it down into your huge belly! I loved how you picked fries out of your rolls and cleavage. And at the end, your top gut roll was so big, I could tell you were stuffed to the gills. I love to see you EAT, and I love to see you get FAT You're absolutely beautiful.
    Here is GrowingGlutton's first video and what a great little video this is Some nice commentary on her goals and present weight (you will have to purchase the video to find this out).... A must and highly recommended - Love the developing curves
    Well so many have written reviews but I must say: you all want talking and this woman is a good talker. Show her some love and let her develop her magic. Loved loved the story and she is so pretty and a belly to die for! Will leave you wanting to hear her some more and to watch that belly grow! I wanna feed her! 😁 You will too!
    A must watch for Vore enthusiasts. Your belly is the perfect size for the fantasy and you find the perfect angles to accentuate it. very sexy!
  12. Yesterday
    Mary, I loved this video!! First of all, your face is so darn cute, and it's getting cuter with more weight (those chubby cheeks!). Your gut is becoming massive, so jiggly, and you're right... soon there will be no hiding the extent of your indulgence from your friends and family, they will be shocked to see that you are a real FAT girl now! And the way you get out of breath as you're hiking up those jeans... HOT AF... you've been so indulgent, gorging yourself on all those calories, you now wear them proudly on your body (85 lbs * 3500 = 300,000 calories!), and they weigh you down with their opulence. Keep eating and eating and gaining and gaining!!
    At about 10:19, Danni drips some ketchup onto her thigh and never notices it. Her gut is so enormous that she typically will film facing the camera but have to lean back at a 45 degree angle because of the sheer volume of her midsection. That pretty much sums this up. Its exactly what you voyeurs are looking for.
    Danni delivers on this one - nothing beats watching a rotund goddess shove burgers into her mouth, dropping condiment-laden pieces of lettuce and onion from her mouth and from the unnecessarily indulgent burger. The exasperated breaths throughout the video are the evidence of how she overstuffed herself for this one, indulging in a bunch of greasy fattening food after having her dinner. The way she wiggles around in delight without causing too much motion in her jelly belly is a new type of mesmerizing that i'm not familiar with.
  13. Such beautiful hand motions, it's like you're guiding me step by step through each curve and stretch mark.
    Danni looks incredibly elegant in this video, and really plays up her enjoyment of the eating and growing process. It seems that not even she can get enough of that belly, just like the rest of us. It's almost as if the top she chose didn't even belong to her - it's hard to imagine that it ever fit her. It looks like she is ready and anxious for you to take her on a date, because she is absolutely ravenous and needs to be fed RIGHT NOW!
  14. I am envious of you if pregnant!! You will have such a fantastic belly bulge!!!
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