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  1. im Wear bra and panties, stand up, turn mybody to side view, suck in my belly, release my belly to normal belly, and push out my belly as far as possible. Then turn my body towards the front, suck in my belly, release my belly to normal belly, and push out your belly as far as possible.


  2. Hello everyone please enjoy watch me how my clothes tight on me, how hard to unwear im truly growing 😍



    jollibee stuffing and chugging weight gain shakes 😍🥰 so bloated and stuffed. 

    click the link below to watch 😍






  4. hello lovies i miss you all and i know y’all miss me too🥰😍 you have another video to watch again from me 😍 you will surely love this stuffing and bloating with weight gain shakes😍 jollibee is one of my favorite fast foods


  5. Watch me jiggle my bouncy belly and rubbing it with loition 🥰😍


  6. watch my aftermath belly playing and apply it with loition after im done eating the two big burgers with cheese sauce and nachos😍 my belly super bulging out and fully stuffed getting to burst and can’t move after that 🥰


  7. Hello everyone😊 please keep watching my clips so i can be more inspired to make more clips 🥰😍 any suggestion what content you want next ? 


    1. Guest


      I honestly would love to see a video of you being a gluttonous hucow begging to be bigger and pregnant, or an already pregnant hucow hist stuffing herself and teasing her farmer on how big she'll become

    2. rubenslamour


      What a perfectly shaped big round belly. So damn sexy. Dreaming that Your belly comes closer and closer to my eager hands ...

    3. CallmeBBW


      A Large 30min belly stuffing with Big Burps would be Awesome!!!


    4. Jumpyjump1


      Water and air inflation? 

  8. hello everyone i miss you all, good news im back now 🥰 im glad that i am able to upload new clips so you can watche me again stuffing my belly to the fullest🥰😍 im so happy to announce that i am continuing to upload more new clips. so watch out and stay tuned 🥰. *No audio in this clip*


  9. Hello everyone i miss you all. IM BACCCKK‼️ 😍😍 you can able to buy my clips again. 

    im uploading new clips , watch out waiting for approval 🥰



  10. hello love’s thank you all for purchasing my clips i hope you can more buy my clips so i can have and buy lot of foods for my upcoming birthday this February 6 you can make my birthday special and i will be so happy for continue buying my clips and i plan to make the biggest stuffing that i never did in my life🥰😍


  11. Merry Christmas everyone i wish you still continue buying my clips 😊 thats the best gift ever this christmas. 🎉

    1. Miikey


      Merry christmas to you too!!!

  12. Hello everyone thank you so much for buying my clips you make me so happy and its a big help for me specially on my gaining i can buy lot of foods for that, i wish you still continue buying my clips so i can be more inspired to upload more and more 😍🥰😘



    1. Miikey


      Such a beautiful belly!💖

  13. Hello my love’s im so happy to introduce you that i make air belly inflation, this is my first time to do it and i will say this is the best feeling ever i love how my belly blown out and getting big by air, so let’s watch now 😍🥰


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