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    The queen of Inflation is back! I really do adore her from her I really love how her big belly went from empty to a big balloon. I even love the side view as it shows her belly growing rounder and stretches bigger! If it's like you're there with her as you help her inflate her belly! Therefore, SwedishButterball never disappoints us when she stuffs, bloat, or inflates her belly. I highly recommend watching her fantastic video! πŸ₯°πŸ’•
    That's is the biggest water balloon I've ever seen! I can imagine how big your belly was growing from being filled up by water. 😍 If you're open for suggestion on inflation, DM me. I would love to help you.
    I say this is the biggest balloon I've ever seen! I even lover her short stretches out from her big inflated belly. 10/10
    This has to be the best and longest video I've ever watched! 😱 Of all the food she's devoured for 49 min straight, I've never seen it like this and it's so hot! 😍 lease watch this video and leave more review for her!
    Another amazing video by the beautiful and gorgeous butterball gal. She's gotten so big and full from loads of food or doin air inflation, but she'll never stop getting bigger until we'll fall in love with her. πŸ₯°
    It's like a POV with butterball on the bed together while she's inflating her belly like a big balloon. A big belly like Butterball with any Inflation is a highly recommend for anyone to watch and admire her. Please have your time to watch this and leave a review for her. I love you! 😘😍
    Of all the sweets she's devoured them, she became so big and this has to be a must watch video for everyone. Please go watch her videos and support her. I love her and soon everyone will love her too. πŸ₯°
    I'd say it's another fantastic video. So big and round that you took lots of food to munch it all up. I even love the outfit you wore, it was sexy with that big belly. 😍
    Wow! What an outstanding challenge you've took. While you've ate and Inflate at the same time, I've seen your belly went massive. I even love the dental floss panties. Keep on swelling. πŸ₯°
    Another best inflation video to watch. Even with the outfit, You look so outstanding. πŸ₯° Keep on swelling. 😁
    I really love how your belly grows bigger while you inflate as you lay down, even the belly slaps does sound like a drum. I would really love to see more inflation vids. Stay round and curvy. πŸ₯°
    It so big and round that I really love the jiggles on that big belly. I can imagine if I was there, I would actually rub that big belly. Keep up getting bigger. πŸ’•
    This is so incredible. The angles and how big your belly is throughout evey photos. Hope everyone loves it so much than I do. πŸ’•
    I really love this so much. If you're planning to do more inflation, I can drop some suggestions if you PM me. Anyway, I love seeing this so much. Stay big. 😊
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