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    In this clip Dairyqueen eats a lottt. You can see her big ballon belly growing step by step until pop out.. She becames very big and it's sooo cool at the end when she is very full eating lots of Mcdonald's food and 10.000 cal. She shows off her full big belly thats hungs out and she is sooo bigg that she has problems to move in the car expecialy with the whell that touches the big belly.. At the end to show this big ballon belly she puts the car-seat at maximum back because there is no space enough... La tua grande pancia è molto sexyy, sei molto carina ... Keep growing and getting bigger
  1. At the end How many hamburgers do yoy eat??? 6 in a good number for a Belly Goddess as you😍

  2. whoohhh soooo sexyyyy and hotttt. Lovely B&B Goddess
    Whohhhh in this clip she eats a big pizza and chugging a lot. Her belly growing and it seems a beachball belly. She's very full
    In this chugging Marisol becames very full. Her belly is bloated to the Max. Thats lots of paining moment.. Her belly is very big
  3. what a sexyyy belly... Keep eating and getting bigger... Popping out from the shirt
  4. whoohhh you gain a lot. Your sexy chubby belly is soooo hottt
  5. sooo sexy and big belly.keep eating
  6. Full and stuffed to the Maximum.... Fast Food Mochii & The Queen of Stuffing
    La sua pancia è talmente gonfia al massimo ... Come sempre è davvero carina .. La sua pancia aumenta il chug di chug al massimo ... La sua pancia è grande alla fine
  7. your belly is soooo sexyyy and i like tooo much your belly-button pircing
    Bananas ans Sprite make a good job as Coke and Mentos!! Her big gut is bloated to the Max... You can see her balloned -up ... Her big belly is full of strechmarks and at the end it seems she swallows a ballon because she's sooo full and gassyy
  8. Hello Mochii.. For me the best video to make is a Weight Gain Shake chugging.. I think that's your first time so it would be great 2 liters .. Maybe in future a gaining goddess as you should drink a gallon.. I'd like weight & belly inch measure before and after stuffing to show us your incredible gaining
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