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  1. Que dire de plus ? Vivement la suite. Merci de partager cela avec nous.
  2. Wow, tu es vraiment magnifique ! As tu une idée du nombre de calories max que tu es capable d'engloutir en une journée ? Serais tu tentée par des challenges pour essayer de prendre un max de poids en une journée voire une semaine ?
  3. Tu es vraiment magnifique ! Je suis pressé de voir le résultat quand tu seras arrivée à 75 voire 80 kg. Est ce que tu as déjà eu des remarques de ton entourage concernant ta prise de poids ?
  4. Wow!!! Very hot and curvy! Keep on like this!😍
  5. You're stunning! thanks for sharing and hope everything's good for u
  6. You're so stunning! You're definitly one of the best gain of this site, and my favourite for sure. Would you do a remake of this picture one day? 😍
  7. You miss me so much! Happy to see you back so quickly! 😍
  8. Thank you for everything you've done for the community. I wish you the best ❤️
  9. I don't take as much time as I want to answer but you're so beautiful. I love your smile and your attitude on every pictures you take. Keep up like this, we'll always be here to support you. Don't be upset with the weight gain, just be happy. We'll love you at any weight. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous body with us!
  10. Very sexy 😍 Are you a gainer ? Do you have a weight goal ?
  11. Would love to see a before and after belly stuffing video with beally measuring and weight in
  12. Wow Maria, you're such a beauty! Very exciting pictures by the way, very sexy!
  13. Wow! Impressive picture ! You're so gorgeous!!! Welcome back!
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