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  1. Happy Fatsgiving! Eat and outgrow those clothes today.

  2. Ask her questions on how she feels about her size and if she got bigger what would she think? If it all seems positive spring it on but have her go first.
  3. Lake Terror

    Female wrestlers

    F for the release of Nia Jax.
  4. This will help stop you from wasting away. Can't lose anything for this holiday season.
  5. OP got himself a bonafide feedee. She's playing with you but give it time and she'll balloon.
  6. Lake Terror

    BBW or SSBBW

    Sorry I don't go by BMI as it is a flawed recording metric.
  7. Her OF was well worth the price but compared to her old website the content isn't much in comparison. Still you get all her new videos as long as you stay subscribed. If not got to pay for some videos.
  8. Lake Terror

    BBW or SSBBW

    Back in the day it used to be the biggest size carried in plus size stores, and it varies on height and weight. So a girl 6'0" who is 350lbs probably would be a BBW but another girl who is 5'6" at 350lbs would be an SSBBW.
  9. That plus size actress has ass though 😍
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