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  1. My feedee and I have purchased EatMor. Let's see what type of gains comes from this!!

  2. I appreciate your response. I can't go into much detail here but I'll just say we both know this. It comes down to really pushing the limits and trying to eat as much as possible every day. I believe we will be trying EatMor as I've heard much better results from that than anything else. Thank you for commenting though
  3. Sounds like she is testing the waters of if you think her size bothers you. I don't see feedee but definitely foodiee. She is subconscious about her size and hoping it doesn't deter you away.
  4. Lake Terror

    Female wrestlers

    Really sad to see Nikkia Lyons has slimmed down a bit. Noticed it the last time I went to a taping and was like damn where is her thickness at?
  5. Disney has some sturdy scooters too. With her body shape guarentee she is hanging off of it. Hope she is able to heal well during her trip.
  6. Absolutely notice the changes. The pandemic pushed our obesity course and ramped it up by 5 year time. You will see the average pant size for a woman get to a Size 20 one day. I see more plus size women wearing less than I do any other size woman. There are still plus size women who don't have full confidence, but seeing others embrace themselves and love themselves is what is helping make the world, no matter your size, love themselves more and more. As someone who also lives in the south, I have a different story than what Devi Thikk has. I live in Florida. The people around here are incredibly judgmental, rude, incentive, and a$$$$$! to bigger women. I have seen my partner get laughed at from a far, made a rude comment about her size because of the seating we needed to accommodate her at a restaurant, to her face, people stare at us with disgusts when they see us walk holding hands, and people not being accommodating for chairs without arms, when we go out in public, just to name a few. Some might have the humiliation fetish with this, but this is really degrading especially when you are not in the feedist mindset 24/7. Florida is a very "fitness" state. From the beach scene in Miami to even the Panhandle, there is a health craze here. I do see more muscle heads and women who want to be "slim thick" complain about certain people they run into all the time. I was told this was one of the most accepting states to be overweight/obese. It isn't. I have been told Mississippi is practically Fat Land with Alabama being welcoming too, but I also have heard the Mid-West not only has the biggest portion sizes, but Torrid actually sells 5X in stores! The women are huge and balloon up there. Florida does not fit that "southern comfort," vibe anymore.
  7. I rub my girl's belly in public all the time. I see people staring and likely due to the fact we are a mix weight couple (a rarity shocking!!). When you show your partner all the love and attention they deserve other people do start to pick up. At firsts looks can be of disgust and judgmental but you tend to notice a few who change their facial expression to "oh ok this is love," or "hey would I like my belly rubbed like that?" Pay no attention to those around you and stare into the eyes of the partner you love.
  8. I'm of the mindset the bigger the better. Already in a relationship with someone well over 300lbs and likely to gain to over 500lbs. If she surpasses that we have had talks as long as her health stays relatively good, 600lbs and 700lbs are an option.
  9. It may be intimidating but at the end of the day the more you hide from your partner the worse it will get for you. You can only "hide" it for so long before your desires start to bleed into reality. It's best to sit her down and talk to her as someone you love, especially if you are married. Should this talk be given before you both get serious? Absolutely! However not all of us have the confidence. The longer it takes for you to come clean you have a huge potential of your partner finding out about this another way, not from your mouth, and if she finds out she could be completely turned off from ever trying this lifestyle with you. Take the risk, talk to her as soon as possible. I've been very open with mine.
  10. Every partner is different. Mine is involved with this lifestyle. I've learned something's about myself and that it is a must to have feedism in a relationship. For me it's about it's the cherry on top of everything that is great about your partner.
  11. If you can mix bdsm and feeding in the bedroom you have that as an option. Also remote control vibrators as a training/reward for finishing her food and gaining also a win.
  12. I thought there was a thread somewhat similar to this. Let's just say working in healthcare and watching your coworkers jiggle in the tightest of scrubs is pretty hot.
  13. My feedee and I are looking for ideas for appetite enhancers. What would you recommend? Hopefully someone can help us out. She wants to eat A LOT.

    1. Servelilith


      🌿 🌿💨

    2. TheBigAssSSBBW



    3. Lake Terror

      Lake Terror

      @TheBigAssSSBBW the pills right? We actually were looking into this. Is this something you need to get used to before you see a massive hunger wash over you?

    4. TheBigAssSSBBW


      Honestly idk if it was just a placebo affect but the first time I took them I felt it.  @Lake Terror

    5. Lake Terror

      Lake Terror

      @TheBigAssSSBBW that is enough to convince us to try that. Thank you!!!! Hopefully it has the same effect.

  14. So my feedee and I have been discussing certain pills she could take to increase her appetite and put on weight. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear about your experiences and what works best for you (your feedee)?
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