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  1. This whole story has been top notch! The whole Witcher universe has so many awesome female characters and magical shenanigans that it's sorely under used for WG fiction- you can do quick magical gains, or regular long term gains or a ton of other transformations and they all are plausible within the world. Great job Batman! Keep it going!
  2. Awesome work so far! Although I still would love to read more on your Witcher story too.
  3. Fantastic. Have always loved your stories and there is a definite lack of good Witcher wg stories. Maybe Yen shows up at some point?
  4. Great as usual. Love all your stories. Great mix of actual plot with some great gaining scenarios and descriptions
  5. dog186


    Hell, PM me and I'd be more than willing to trade or whatever for them.
  6. Seems like you made a good faith effort to do as much as you possibly could do and you already gave the person the videos. And if the person paid just as much as others requesting videos, then it's not like this person paid some ungodly amount to get a bunch of extra stuff in the video, more than any others. Considering that, it sounds like you've done as much you could reasonably do to fulfill this person's requests. It might be different if this person paid some ungodly amount for the specific requests but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it any further. You gave the person the videos. The transaction is complete.
  7. If you check her FF profile, she has listed her current weight as 205 whereas I think she had it listed as 190 for a while. Seems she has been gaining. No new pictures though. She has also put her "currently feeling" part of her profile as: "You can tell I'm happy when the weight gets piled back on "
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