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  1. I love Ayesha because she started getting fatter with All Good Things and then got scared of going all the way. now she is stuck in this plus-size fitness/body positivity limbo. She's constantly doing fitness stuff and you can tell she wants to lose the weight. but she gets the fitness gigs because she's a fat girl now. If she loses the weight she loses her appeal no matter what. this was her last vid with them and you can tell why. she looks like such a fatty
  2. if he is happy with you then congrats because he sees you as more than an object at the end of the day. However, it's not helping matters for you to be back and forth about your feelings about your size because if he is accepting you and you made a decision to "not change for anyone" then you need to be committed to that decision and accept yourself. If you can figure out something that can get him excited in the way he was when you were gaining weigh then I think you and him would really be better off in the long run. because it sounds like this will develop into a passive-aggressive insecurity that he will get blamed for and that's not fair since he's being accepting of your decision.
  3. haha child-sized soda, love the parks and rec reference
  4. delurking for the first time to help you out, look up tiffany's expansion on dimensions also 'booty bustin', monique in jc to start all great. Also look up tank-ass on dimension, just google it
  5. Her name is amy shumer, Ironically she is heavier now
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