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  1. Oink oink this sow wants to be pampered 


  2. Delight in watching me eat a large pizza in 13 minutes.

    Delight yourself as much as I did by devouring the pizza 



  3. Hola ¿Qué tan caliente es para ti ver cómo come una cerda en público?
  4. Hello 😚 I can only say I like to eat pizza and enjoy eating, I hope you like to see this little sow eat. Thanks for the support 💚 All for being the largest in Latin America


  5. Would you like to see me eat a large pizza in 13 minutes? 😈


  6. This is how I move for you ❤️


  7. My stomach growls of will you feed me?


    1. AdamansTemplum


      Good thing the answer is always "yes"

    2. Ignacio Shepard

      Ignacio Shepard

      YES ❤️ 

  8. I love to fill my stomach, what I like the most is knowing that everything works to increase weight and fat




  9. I am very happy eating ...

    Help me eat and grow I'm so proud to be a feedee

    Soy muy feliz comiendo... 

    Ayúdame a comer y crecer soy tan orgullosa de ser feedee


  10. Me encantaría que me ayudaras en este proceso ... me encanta disfrutar de un buen engorde


  11. This Colombian body wants to be the fattest in Latin America, it would be delicious if you accompany me in this process


    1. Fisherman07


      I'm here for the journey baby

    2. FatGurlLover


      I love it 😍

  12. just enjoy a fat body in motion


  13. time to shake off the fat a bit 😍


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