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  1. Wow, she's got a good frame for putting on weight then, even at 1.75 she looked a lot smaller than that. She should have room to grow.
  2. She looks amazing, lucky you. What weight did she start out at?
  3. Wow looked up your profile and can't believe your 260, you're very curvaceous with beautiful thighs but don't look near that size. I'm always worried about the model's health so don't do anything you don't think will be good for you, but you look like a woman who could carry 300 quite easily without losing any attractiveness.
  4. Based on what you've shown us, if her job isn't too physically demanding and she has the time for the gym, she can do bench press, squats and deadlifts along with a few accessory exercises and she should have no trouble at all carrying 250. Don't worry she won't look like a bodybuilder at that weight you'll probably hardly notice the extra muscle if you aren't into it, but it would be better for her and to help her carry it.
  5. She looks about the size of my wife, although I have to admit somewhat better shaped. Is she about 160 pounds? If she's on her feet at work all day you have to take that into consideration if its tiring her out, either try gaining slowly or stop, but if she can stay at home or has a sit down job, definitely it looks like more weight would do her shape good. I'd be surprised if she couldn't make money here and maybe even on IG if she is okay with doing that.
  6. It's crazy what a little food and estrogen will do
  7. You're very welcome I personally love the contrast of a hot curvy woman but who can also use her body powerfully if she needs to or just for fun
  8. Wow much sexier. Another question if you don't mind, you look like you'd be a lot stronger now in terms of lifting or pushing things, have you noticed that or not so much? Thank you for all the beautiful photos on here.
  9. Wow can't believe I missed you on here. I joined stuffer for a month just to see your set. You have beautiful thighs and calves. Perfect weight now. Maybe not appropriate for this thread, but does stuffer not pay you gals? Some many good models disappear on there quickly.
  10. What's the rush? Even though most people would consider you really light unless you have a very small frame, 10 pounds of actually meat on your body that stays is not that easy. That's 35,000 calories and if you're like me and have a fast metabolism I find I need more than 3500 calories per pound. If you haven't lifted before you can probably gain 3 pounds of muscle in a month, maybe 3 pounds of fat in a week. If this is a competition or something than soda, junk foods, ice cream will get the job done fastest. Don't do this long term though, I totally ruined my stomach eating at Wendy's everyday. Which was pretty stupid looking back. I got the weight gain I was looking for at the time but that along with some other unhealthy things I did out of desperation has probably ruined my health for the rest of my life. This wasn't a week though, I ate like crap for almost 10 years. Still if this isn't a competition I wouldn't even get into the habit. Eat nuts, a little more red meat with potatoes, chicken, peanut butter and jelly, whole milk if you aren't allergic, I'm not a doctor but I don't think natural ice cream made of just milk cream and sugar is very unhealthy. You can look at some brands and they have like 12 different ingredients with various dyes and weird chemicals- put those back in the freezer.
  11. You look like you have a nice pear shape frame which is ideal , or at least most would think so. It's hard to tell from the pic exactly without much leggage showing, but I'm guessing you're in the 125-135 region now? You look like you work out, I would keep it up for the sake of your health as well as getting ideal curves. If you do longer workouts you can definitely shorten them though, 30 mins a session 3 or 4 times a week is plenty if you have a little intensity. You can do it with healthy food too, my wife has done it mostly with milk, nuts, peanut butter and jelly, yogurt with plenty of honey and just eating what she ate before but more of it. We never know what's going on inside, but so far she's been very happy with the results having more energy and her blood pressure is still in the ideal range. Naturally her BMI is not but that comes with the territory.
  12. I searched, but it seems the videos are gone. She was based in Colorado if I remember right. Who knows if youtube deleted them for some silly TOS reasons or if she no longer wanted them up. I have to say it probably sounds a lot nicer than it looked. She just destroyed the guy and the one where she knocked him out didn't appear purposeful at all, 400 pounds is just too much of a difference.
  13. Let's keep this quiet. His missions were 30 years ago, but if I told you all about them he'd have to delete the forum. He's Vietnamese, they invaded Cambodia years ago.
  14. As to escalation I think it is real. Reminds me of a Christopher Lee movie, Taste the Blood of Dracula or something like that. These 19th century aristocratic gents have set up some kind of a sex club and they walk in on like 5 well endowed (for skinny women) naked women with a snake apparently ready for action. The leader sighs, like "I've seen this all before" and they decide to buy some Satanic objects which will really take things to another level. A silly fictional movie, but I think the premise was right after awhile we always want more and at some point we have to be satisfied with what we have. Scientific evidence? There have been venuses found of women from varying dates up to tens of thousands of years ago. My guesstimate would be they represent women in the 300-350 pound range. We don't know what they were for and the statues that have been found are separated by thousands of years. One theory is they were early porn. Another theory is that early human society was matriarchal and a fat female chieftain may have been worshipped as a goddess.
  15. That's her theory not mine lol. Her father was Special Forces in Cambodia years ago so she might have gotten an unusual muscle mass from his genes. Most of the bigger women I see here look flabby except for their calves and quads. I also had a half Asian gf years ago when I was at my heaviest weight which was around 150 and she could lift me like a teacup. I mean one hand while she was eating something in her other hand and it seemed to take no effort at all. She was kind of flabby though except for her calves which were like rocks, I guess that happens carrying 300 pounds around all day.
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