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    Excellent vid! She'd finished the 1st one before I'd even realised, and blasted through the rest of them like it was nothing! And that poor chair hasn't got long left to live - amazing to see.
    Piggy's back and looking bigger than ever, and with an appetite to match! She bosses through a funnel-feeding, drinking god knows how much gainer smoothie, before rounding the night off with some chocolate and belly rubs. Good stuff!
  1. Had you always been a big eater, or is this all relatively new for you? I'll be curious to see how much your appetite increases as you get bigger!
    With every passing day Miss Ruby suits her name more and more. I think the best thing about this one is that this ludicrous display of gluttony is only the beginning of a day of stuffing. A light warmup of 4 full McDonalds meals to get ready for the REAL eating. 10/10
  2. Honestly you look so sexy now. If you wanted to aim for 1000lbs I'd be over the moon (and 99% sure you could do it, too 😂)
    In which I lose count of how many donuts this porky goddess stuffs down her throat. Would rate 6 stars if I could!
    Absolutely stunning! Loved how the wonderful miss JRC casually chats away about becoming huge whilst demolishing 8 donuts without breaking a sweat. This one's one to watch!
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