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  1. SuperGlue

    My long sims4 weight gain story

    All but the last picture is broken. This is what I see.
  2. SuperGlue

    RIP tumblr

    This is a good article on what is happening and it brings in the EU trying to burn down the internet too. Read this. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20181204/11584641162/tumblrs-new-no-sex-rules-show-problems-fosta-eu-copyright-directive-one-easy-move.shtml
  3. Take some time and read this. It's very in-depth. https://highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/everything-you-know-about-obesity-is-wrong/
  4. SuperGlue


    I want to go to that diner.
  5. SuperGlue

    how do girls want to be talked to?

    Your thinking is completely ass-backwards. Girls don't want to be talked to. Have a conversation instead, just like you would with any other human being you're not attracted to. Whether or not you can keep their interest is up to the chemistry between you two. One thing to try and get a conversation going better is to ask about the other person. Most people like to talk about themselves. I've used this method in my business and it really helps. No reason why it won't work in a potential relationship.
  6. SuperGlue

    fat backsides and bellies

    Is that @mollycoddles's Alice after she finally gets her scooter? https://mcoddles.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=%2F&edit=0&q=alice
  7. SuperGlue

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Seems a new site is in the works . . . .
  8. SuperGlue

    I miss Osaka: that is all

  9. SuperGlue

    Weekly Poll

    2 dozen donuts
  10. SuperGlue

    The Girl From the Gym

    I like the story but the text is too tight and doesn't read right. A little like you did in the 3rd installment reads a lot better. It reminded me of a writer I follow, he gives some good advice. All his books are a fun read and fast paced - kinda like your style. Anyway here is just one blog post of his about writing for an audio book. Good stuff for text writing too. Search for some of his other advice columns. You will improve. http://monsterhunternation.com/2017/01/18/ask-correia-17-writing-for-the-ear-tweaking-your-writing-to-work-better-in-audiobook-form/
  11. SuperGlue

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Yeah I see it today. Glad it was just a hiccup.
  12. SuperGlue

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Anyone know what happened to her Instagram page? Moved or ban-hammered?
  13. SuperGlue

    Talking about chubby girls in literature

    If anybody is into sci-fi check out Jack Chalker. Most of his books have fat girls in them. Don't remember the series but one heroine got kinda possessed and her brain went on autopilot for a while. She got really fat and stayed that way to the end of the story.
  14. SuperGlue

    w-oo-t's Vander House

    Ran across this oddity. Sharing. http://w-oo-t.deviantart.com/art/Vander-House-pt1-343598916
  15. SuperGlue

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Man, I was just about to post this!!!!!! Fuckin' fantastic
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