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  1. Idk who "they" is, but assuming they are current pictures, that is not her.
  2. Either that's someone who resembles her or those are very old pics...
  3. There's a sub-forum here for pictures of chubby men that I think you would absolutely love.
  4. Geez her tits have really grown
  5. Oh they're real. And they're fantastic.
  6. Some before/afters for anyone interested...
  7. Is that good for the baby to wear that tight of an outfit...?
  8. And to further blow your mind, I bet she's still wearing Spanx in those pics.......
  9. Reezy23

    Demi Lovato

    hahahahahahahahaha nice username too.
  10. Reezy23

    Serena Williams

    That AND it's not like you're going to be dating them so shut up and enjoy the view.
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