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  1. She is becoming a big beautiful beachball, and I am here for it!
  2. More baby-faced metal these days, I'd say. Wouldn't she look adorable if she got to be the size of Ohashi Michiko or Taederi Erpiyo from BigAngel?
  3. びっくえんじぇる on Twitter: "びっくえんじぇる公式YouTube更新🎀 テレビを持っていないミチ子🫢 オフはどう過ごしているのか…? 家での様子を覗いてみましょう👀✨ 【職業デブアイドル】仕事終わりのリアルなナイトルーティンお見せします! https://t.co/vig4PmjCfu https://t.co/qmK2QSkcA0" / Twitter Translation: Big Angel Official YouTube Update🎀 Michiko who doesn't have a TV 🤫 How are you spending your time off? Let's take a look a what's going on at home👀✨✨ [Occupation fat idol] I will show you a real routine after work!
  4. Eating with a friend at The Standard Bakers restaurant in Tochigi Prefecture: びっくえんじぇる on Twitter: "びっくえんじぇる2ndCHBIGLIFE更新🪥 おデブだらけの運動会景品にて、 歯を白くしてきました〜😁✨✨ ピュアリオ歯科様、ありがとうございました🥹 ホワイトニングしてきたのでレポします!(ホーム&オフィス) https://t.co/dosbB8n76n https://t.co/R2tAgWJYHG" / Twitter Translation: Big Angel 2nd CHBIGLIFE update At the athletic meet prize full of fat, I whitened my teeth~😁✨ ✨ Thank you, Purerio Dentistry I've been whitening, so I'm going to report it! (Home & Office)
  5. Nadia Aboulhosn on Instagram: “This month 🧿”
  6. A S H L E Y G R A H A M on Instagram: “Beyoncé doesn’t wear moisturizer on stage and neither do I (because my @revlon illuminance skin caring foundation is both skincare and…”
  7. A S H L E Y G R A H A M on Instagram: “dm for yodeling lessons” A S H L E Y G R A H A M on Instagram: “cowboy hat was a paid actor 🤠🤠” A S H L E Y G R A H A M on Instagram: “confidence isn’t given, it’s learned”
  8. Hosanna 🏳️‍🌈 on Instagram: “Petit avant-goût de ce qui arrivera, d’un shoot avec @charlottedlch 💕” Hosanna 🏳️‍🌈 on Instagram: “Petit haul de mes derniers achats de seconde main 💕” Hosanna 🏳️‍🌈 on Instagram: “Et j’ai oublié de préciser mais c’est hyper confortable 🤎 Ps: je vous mets un lien dans ma bio pour trouver les pièces Yitty 🫶 @yitty…” Hosanna 🏳️‍🌈 on Instagram: “Le soleil me manque 🥲 Vivement l’été”
  9. びっくえんじぇる on Twitter: "びっくえんじぇるYouTubeサブチャンネル BIGLIFE更新しました🎂 2022年のえりぴよ生誕配信直前、  ミチ子の貴重な飾り付けの様子です🌼 喜んでくれるかなぁと準備する時間も良いですね💓 えりぴよ誕生日にミチ子が飾りつけしたの♪ https://t.co/ifUzCIOKWR https://t.co/bcQXZG3fU1" / Twitter Translation: Big Angel YouTube sub-channel BIGLIFE updated Just before the 2022 Eripiyo birthday distribution, It is a state of valuable decoration of Michiko It's good to have time to prepare to see if you'll be happy 💓 Michiko decorated Eripiyo's birthday
  10. Vivienne Rose on Instagram: “If today was my last day, I'd have no regrets! Holi festival Houston, Halloween in San Antonio, exploring the world- Las Vegas meeting…”
  11. The definition of SSBBW starts at 350 lbs., and Mayara is already past that point so she is an SSBBW.
  12. Desdinova

    Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek Pinault on Instagram: “Magic was in the air last night in #Miami at the premiere of #MagicMikesLastDance! Don’t miss the joy of it on #ValentinesDay…”
  13. Unfortunately, Michiko and Eri seem to be trying to lose weight, as evidenced in this video. They usually do this before going back out on tour and end up gaining it back. びっくえんじぇる on Twitter: "びっくえんじぇる公式YouTube更新🌟 巷で話題のダイエット&美容法、 16時間断食にミチ子が挑戦🐷❤️‍🔥 まずは3日間ですが、、結果はいかに⁉️ 【16時間断食】好きなものを食べても痩せるって本当!? https://t.co/y0Pw2fb2ZL https://t.co/NqrP6uidBZ" / Twitter Translation: Popular diet & beauty method,🐷 Michiko's 16-hour fasting challenge First of all, it is 3 days, but how is the result ⁉️ [16-hour fasting] It's true that you can lose weight even if you eat what you like! ?
  14. Shawna on Instagram: “Stretchy black pants and a cute top. My WFH uniform. Finally showing off my @luhshawnay x @shoptunnelvision World Domination crop top. I…” preview of her latest video on Clips4Sale: SSBBW Sasha | Clips4Sale
  15. Some flashback photos posted recently to Instagram of Bryce directing a Season 2 episode of The Mandalorian: Bryce Dallas Howard on Instagram: “Reunited. And it feels SO GOOD! It’s an honor to have been invited back to direct on the new season of #TheMandalorian — there’s nothing…”
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