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  1. No goals yet! Haha I guess my main goal is to meet a feeder who I vibe well with IRL and lives nearby. And is cute and fun.
  2. This dress has seen some shit lol (thanks Egonstwinkie on ** for making the B&A! ❤️)
  3. Sorry I’ve been so busy y’all! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy ❤️
  4. I’m glad I’m in the right place! I really enjoy sharing with y’all wahhhh where are you in my life 😭😭 big breakfasts in bed are the best Thanks for making these!! So flattered! Maybe somedayyy when I’m not getting crushed as much at work. This pandemic is throwing everything off 😫 Ahhh thank you ❤️❤️
  5. DEAL. ooooofff I feel like a balloon of fat today. Belly rub donations much appreciated ❤️
  6. I know right?? breakfast was kind of messy but ugggh seeing my belly covered in flakes of pastry is 🥵🥵🥵
  7. Feeling so chubby this morning. Ahhhh it’s so weird to wake up to this belly and automatically get horny
  8. I have!! It’s so cheap and good. I really like their cheeseburgers and shakes. 40 lbs total, so about 10 more since December
  9. I can’t believe how big I’ve gotten in the past year. And the pounds keep piling on.
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