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  1. You are beautiful and really wish i could help stuff you and make you fatter😍

  2. Morning y’all! Was just feeling soft and chubby so I thought I would share
  3. I know I didn’t answer when you asked but the answer is probably ice cream hahaha. Just letting my appetite do it’s thing ❤️ haha she actually told me I should get some shapewear lol. Also she recommended I “eat less” after the holidays. 186 when I checked last week! I would be surprised if I was a little heavier now. Oh wow...umm, a lot lol. Not yet! But I think people are too polite to ask from bama I’m getting there! ❤️
  4. Ummm yes please! Well if anyone out there lives in central North Carolina hit me up ❤️
  5. Wow I’m so pudgy today. All that holiday gorging is definitely filling me out.
  6. Oooo yeah, I get really winded when taking stairs now. Which is really hot because feeling my body jiggle while being out of breath is like...so hot. Also I’m having lots more difficulty fitting into clothes, especially getting pants over my ass. Haha I find myself out of breath sometimes after struggling to get on a pair of jeans.
  7. Hmmm not really sure how to post a video here but I uploaded one to Vimeo. The password is curvage
  8. I’ve gained 30 lbs or so over the last 10 months. I loooove the way it feels. Hope y’all enjoy the before and after! ❤️
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