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  1. really? I'm sorry that never happened to me when I used it in the past :O https://we.tl/t-N1iiuJcczb
  2. Just wanted to report, that it still keeps on happening to me, but you finally saw it yourself already I'm gonna post this anyway, it might help with debugging after all: direct link to comment of an affected thread screencapture: https://www.file-upload.net/download-13577338/2019_04_19_17_23_40.mp4.html (I'm kinda sad, that I had to use an external service for a video, that's smaller than most images, but I can see why. before compressing it, it was 30mb in size, constant bitrate ^^) @S77 pls tell me when you have watched it, so I can delete it then ps: the url address bar was blacked out by chrome automatically since it was a private tab.
  3. hey, so the new lazy loading of images is annoying. it resets my scrolling position while scrolling up to a position that is lower than it was before (while images are loaded in...) also: clicking on images makes them 100% (width and height) instead of fitting the container's width. I can't zoom out as far as I want to, meaning I can only watch the full image at once when it's a very small preview pls improve this thank you
  4. "Damn Mickey, I knew your stomach was cavernous, but this takes the cake!" :D love the new part. looking forward to her struggling to squeeze that cake in.
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