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  1. It's the mod linked below, but I only link it to give credits where credits are due. You need my personally modified sliders for BBW range and I can't post zip-files here. Whoever wants my modified mod, can dm me and to get them via discord. Then just put the unzipped content into your modules folder and don't forget to activate it in the launcher! You don't need the link or download anything else. https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2134 below some screenshots of my weight and build sliders...
  2. i vote for the "fitness-goddess" 👍
  3. Also with just slight modifications the game allows significant size changes. The developer clearly had a knack for bbw.
  4. I'll just leave these here...
  5. Hey @Batman76 Would you like to give me some prompts for the next part? I'd like that to get things going, I have too many concurring ideas myself^^
  6. I always find her pics slightly distorted (fish eye lens,...) I bet these pics would be eye candy with or without....
  7. Alara is added as a second character in the first post now... btw rolling two d100 and one d6 maximum in a row... ...did the math and the chance is 1:60000 ...thats as likely as a Straight Flush ...or less than 0.0017% ...or ~99,99% not going to happen
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