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  1. http://www.naturalmodelsla.com/portfolios/katie-brown 54' - 50' - 66' or metric: 137 - 127 - 168 👌
  2. imho this is developing into one of your best stories 👌 A while back it was your story "Epic" that gave me the final push to consider writing weight gain stories too. This one would do the same trick: Love the descriptions and the dynamic between them and the imagination of that soft jiggling Yennefer looking all cute exerting herself is priceless!
  3. 1b, 2d, 3b, 4c = pear shaped, chubby, medium height, disliking the weight gain but gaining very easily
  4. Wow, didn't see this result coming... ...will do my best to have it that way, but there will still be weight contrast moments in it, cause that's my thing! 😄 Chapter 8 The Scarlet Meadows were fertile Land, in fact so lush and fertile, that fruit and crops were abundant. The abundance was so significant that even the wildlife grew fat. The meat from any game here was so fat, that it's consume was an attack on the waistline. The people of Rhodes were all obese until a few generations ago a few families with a strong genetic anomaly settled here. This anomaly was a very inefficient digestion, so they had struggled all their lives to afford the awful amount of food needed to nourish them - that was until they arrived in Rhodes. Now, a few generations later, this anomaly brought balance to the waistlines of the town's people. The people of Rhodes were big eaters, almost entirely resistant to weight gain - and those who were not, were driven out by the local cuisine that just became richer and richer in calories with every year. However the remaining people of Rhodes somehow lacked all belligerence. No son or daughter of Rhodes had what it takes to uphold the law against the many forms of predation from outside. So Rhodes always needed outsiders as their sheriffs ever since. Not many sheriffs lasted long against the cascade of calories. The last sheriff however seemed to be disciplined enough to withstand all temptations, but it wasn't long until he revealed his nature as a tyrant who exploited the sheepish peacefulness of the Rhodes people. It needed endless secret, wordy meetings and seven attempts to gather enough resolve to drive that sheriff out of town. The town's councilmen then secretly decided that a skinny outsider sheriff can never be trusted again. A fat sherrif would be better than another disciplined tyrant and any future sheriff should be forced gently, but also unrelently, to adopt the local norms - especially when it comes to eating. ... The year Cass and Lara arrived, there was also an overpopulation of deer and even more so of boars. The butcher's storage was already beyond capacity. Necessity breeds and Ludwig, the butcher's eldest son came up with a new culinary idea. He combined a lot of fried ground mead with bread, mayonaise, pickles and tomatoes and called it "Hamburger". To make it popular they announced the "First Annual Rhodes Hamburger Eating Contest" with the naughty prize of a coupon for an all inclusive stay in the local 'parlor house' - and all inclusive REALLY meant all inclusive. It polarized many wifes and husbands gainst the butcher when their spouses unexpectedly jumped at the chance that would take place soon. --------------------- After weighing herself, Lara was core shocked, to say the least. She managed to not eat anything for the rest of the day and regretted it the next morning... "Lara... I mean Miss Portbridge, wake up" whispered Cass and gently jolted Laras hips. The softness of Lara's new curves sent chills down Cass' spine. "Oh my, she is all jiggly." She was so fascinated, she didn't notice Lara woke up and immediately went for the bowl of dough that Cass had planned to somehow elaborately impose on Lara. It wasn't until the munching noises reached her brain, that she realised, no hidden persuasion was needed to tempt Lara. She was obviously ravenous enough to throw any diet over board. Lara moaned in relief while munching and panicking in alteration. "Ugh... soo soo hungry... I earned a little cheat snack... frack, a giant bowl of dough is now a snack... ugh soo good" "My deputy has to accept the effects of the tonics she carelessly drinks." commented Cass. She waited until Lara emptied the bowl, but when she luciously touched Lara's belly, she startled the younger deputy enough to make her jump up from the bed completely naked. "What the... what... was... why did you...are you... sheriff are you...?" Lara stuttered haywire. "Well..." Cass sighed and shrugged "Guess there is no beating around the bush. Yes, I am into girls Lara... and your growing, jiggling shape fascinates me somehow. I want to touch you... god I can't fight the temptation any longer" she yelled and pounced at the frozen and confused naked Lara, massaging and pinching her soft curves until Lara slipped away. Cass noticed how much stronger she was than Lara and could have easily not let go of her, but she didn't cross at least that line. "I... I dunno what to say... jeez! You're even stranger than I thought and that's something! I-" "La-... I mean Ms. Por-" "Shhh! Cut me that formal bajingo, you touched, JIGGLED way too fat, and waaaaay too private parts just SECONDS ago and you don't even deny any of it and you enjoyed it way too much to boss me now... and... and... jeez, why did I like it? Any of it?" "La-..." "No no no no no, don't you dare answering that, you... you shameless... devil... what the heck!" yelled the completely confused Lara, grabbed her blanket and stormed off the office half naked. She nearly tripped twice, since she was still unused to her weight, but otherwise darted out surprisingly swift.
  5. Give me a hint, on which road should I take Cassandra? Please vote in the poll!
  6. Well, in the game you drink a weight gain tonic and a few seconds later you fall unconscious and awake after a black screen with the instant full effect... of course the "maximum weight" is a bit more restricted in a AAA-game^^
  7. Unrelated to the story, but this is my player character in Red Dead Online...
  8. Chapter 7 Lara woke up and finally with a clear enough mind. The last thing she remembered was sitting at a poker table eating stew and didn't know days had passed since. First she felt just generally heavy, then she noticed her belly. It was round, even though she was lying on her back. Lara pinched it in disbelief and her finger sank several inches deep into softness. She tried to grab it, but the fat roll formed more than a handful. Her hands went south and found nothing but soft curves. Lara felt like covered under a thick layer of flab that she didn't yet accept as part of herself. Then she felt her butt: it was huge and supple like dough, followed by even wider thighs like trunks, but jiggly. Slowly she realized this was no fever dream, she was no longer chubby, she got fat - like really fat. "WAAAAAAAAH! What happened to me? What happened? Oh... oh god... I- I'm dreaming... this is all me..." "Lara, Lara, easy, calm down" Cass tried to comfort Lara "it's all good, we cared for you after you were assaulted." "Assaulted? What? What happened to me? Is all this fat real?" "It's allright, you took that potent weight gain tonic before you came to us, do you remember? You were half asleep for days, but the conscious half was really hungry and like screaming at me for food - plus you had started that bet with old Pete, the baker. He had told me and everyone you WANT to get fat and he brought that bowl full of dough everyday, not to mention all the other stuff they brought... You practically begged me to keep it coming, now don't blame me just because you don't remember!" "Wh- What day is it? What did you do to me, Cass?" "It's monday morning and it's still Ms. Harrington for you, remember? Yes, maybe I should have denied the half-conscious you a few cream cakes, stews and bowls of very buttery dough... but jeez! I saved your life and I mean all that food you invited, it had to go somewhere!" Lara's head was still spinning. She was confused, but Cass was right to some point. Lara had a vaguely suspicious feeling about her boss, but she couldn't name it. "I'm sorry. I can't remember all that and am shocked. I mean... What the hell!" she apologised and grabbed into her new fat rolls again "how much do I weigh?" "We could carefully walk over to the doctor and check?" Cass answered quickly "Yeah, please let's do that... urgh... slowly... still hurts and... I feel soo heavy..." -------------- Cass tried to support Lara as good as possible and immediately felt her weight, too. She realized that none of the available clothes would still fit Lara and just wrapped two blankets around her. "Getting your clothes on would be too painful, here, just take these blankets. Folks will understand, they know it all happened in line of duty..." "Thanks, Ca-, I mean Ms. Harrington" Leaning heavily on Cassandra and slowly putting one foot before another Lara waddled over to the doctor. The doc wasn't home, but Cass had the keys. While she helped her fattened deputy, she thought about all the extra calories she had stuffed Lara with. Lara wasn't actually begging for it - most of the time - but she had in fact gobbled everything, including a daily bowl of buttery dough. Well, she remembered how more than a few slices of cake, chunks of butter and bowls of stew had to be crammed gently into Laras mouth with a spoon, too. She felt both, extremely guilty and turned on, about how many calories she had managed to feed Lara within the last 4 days. "The scale is over there" said Cass eagerly awaiting to see the results in numbers. Lara stepped onto the sturdy metal scale. The pointer jumped to 100, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 470 and then swinged back... until it rested at 392 pounds Cass and Lara both had goosebumps for different reasons. "I'm sooo on a diet!" cursed Lara and suddenly felt insecure "Well, good luck!" said Cass predatory. While feeding Lara she had trained hard for the last several days and ate disciplined. She wanted to see her own results, too and stepped on the scale as well. "Oh look, 216, I lost 5 pounds and you can do it, too!" she said and smiled at Lara "Probably... just remember to keep all those calories away from me!"
  9. Chapter 6 The next day was a wednesday and Lara woke up early again. She slipped into her lended clothes to notice how softly her new thickness filled it out. She never filled out her clothes before and liked the feeling. She felt desirable and strong, but couldn't really remember what Martinez said about the duration, just that he said something about two weeks. So she decided to stuff herself for a few more days and headed for another doughy breakfast. Peter was working already on the usual batches, but had prepared another bowl filled to the top with overbuttered croissant dough. "Girl, you ain't skinny no longer!" said old Pete watching Laras hips sway into his workshop. "Ha! Thank you. That tonic is working, right?! But I'm sure I will drop most of the new weight as soon as my appetite normalizes. I tried to get a bit curvier several times and never managed to make any pounds stick. So I got to make sure, that if the tonic's effect ends early, I have 'nough spare pounds to drop and still make a few stick." "So you sayin you want to get FAT?" Peter asked curiously "No, not want to, but I'll be as scrawny as before in no time, if I don't." Peter chuckled "You know what they say about playing with fire... I tell every apprentice: Eat from your dough and you'll end up doughy. Anyways, here, as promised: extra butter, extra full". He winked at her and then handed Lara the big mixing bowl. "I'm naturally skinny, being a bit doughy *munch* sounds nice for a change. Tell you *munch* the pounds *munch* will melt away, don't worry!" "Excuse an old baker for staying skeptical... but a bet a is a bet!" he said in his mellow smoky voice "You stay skeptical all you want, old baker *munch*, but I bet I can eat one of these bowls everyday for this week and the next and the pounds *munch* will all melt away within a few month" Peter chuckled again "Alright future roly poly, you get your fill of dough. But what's in it for me, what do I win except a wierd experience when you end up as predicted?" "Don't know, Pete, no idea... my friendship maybe?" she said and fluttered her eyelashes. "Ha! So making you fat will earn me your friendship? You're crazy, girl! Still, the bet is on..." he said while kneading the next dough. ... Before Lara went back to the sheriffs office, she went for a stroll round the town and ended up in the saloon playing poker with 4 locals and a cash-strapped high roller that just came to town. The bartender had asked the deputy to keep an eye on him and somehow Lara ended up joining the round. "So, what's it to be?" asked the high roller. "...I'm all in" said Roger the carpenter. "I'm out." said Lara, folded her cards and focussed on another portion of stew. It was very good and she savoured every spoon. She completely blinded out the other players until they were screaming with agression. "Cheater! You miserable tramp! I'm gonna cut you in half like a plank" shouted Roger and drew a knife that was more a machete sized saw. Lara saw the high roller drawing his revolver. She immediately dropped her bowl and drew hers too but her physiognomy had changed enough to mess up her muscle memory and she basicly just grabbed her softening butt. When her hands found her gun a bit more to the right than she was used to it was already too late: shot were fired and Roger jumped the other player. The first shot hit Rogers knife that flew right over Laras head and darted into a wooden pole. The second shot hit the gun of the wandering poker player who dropped it aghast. Everyone else just ran out the backdoor, since no one knew where the shots came from. The shots were obviously an intervention and Lara felt strong and confident enough to draw her handcuffs and wrestle down the unarmed foreigner - but she wasn't. She might have more weight, but it was just added softness and the high roller was quite strong. Within moments cursing Lara ended up handcuffed instead and the gambler was already half way to the door. But Lara thought "This can't be my first appearance as deputy!" and tackled the gambler through the door. This time she just put all her newly added weight on him and it worked - at least for a moment "get off me, you fat bitch..." he yelled, punched her with all brute force he had in the side until he could throw her off, but it gave sheriff Cassandra Harrington enough time to appear with her Carcano Rifle point blank in the guy's face. "I dare you! Give me anything to justify pulling that trigger. Bite on the barrel and slooooowly stand up.... Good, now if you let that barrel go, we're back to square one. So you better focus.... Hell, stop scrunching the metal, fella! I swear I send you to the mines if you scrunch that barrel" She quickly checked on Lara who lied handcuffed and curled up to the side panting. "You alright, Lara? You're lucky I watched you through the scope, you know." "Ugh... I th-think he c-crushed a rib..." she wimpered Cass' unrational attachment shifted gears "ROGER! Bring me the doctor, NOW! ... and you, you like punching girls, eh? Well I like punching dicks..." she said, pulled the barrel out of his mouth and then rammed the stock furiously into his balls. He fell on his knees wimpering before he curled up and rolled to the side in agony, similar to Lara. ... The doctor diagnosed her on the street. "The good news is, I think it's 'just' a very bad contusion and some surface lacerations, but I stabilized it with a special bandage. The bad news is, deputy Portbridge is hereby confined to bed for at least a week and she will need painkillers and care." "Thanks, doc. I'll take care of Lara... and that misogynous bastard!" The gambler was put in the cell. Lara was brought to Cass bed and she would sleep on the floor for a few days until Roger had made a new bed for Lara as a penalty for his role in the matter. Cass gave Lara a little dose of morphine that made her relax. Lara wispered half asleep "So you watched me through the scope, what were you up to, Cass? I'm so hungry, please feed me something..." Cass battled the temptation for a small moment before desire won "I'm going to hell anyways..." she thought and fetched the easiest to eat items from the food that piled up in the office and started feeding her hungry dazed deputy.
  10. Chapter 5 The sheriff's office was basicly just one large room with a bed in one corner, a desk in another and a cell divided from the rest by iron bars. The cell had a bed, so it was Cass' version of preparing 'modest accomodations'. She bought new bed sheets and took a blanket from the carriage. She didn't know what kind of person her new deputy would be, so it had it's benefits to have him sleep in the cell - now, with the Lara-situation, Cass found it just increased the awkwardness of it all. When she came back from the woods after an hour, Lara was sleeping in the cell, snuggled into the blanket. In front of the cell was a mess of empty pots and bowls with mere traces of a buttery, creamy stew. Looks like Cass missed a big diner - patting her well cushioned midriff she didn't mind it and tried to sleep as well. When she woke up early in the morning at about 6, the whole office was tidied up and Lara was gone. After some searching, Cass found her in the bakery, not in the store, but the actual bakery. She was lying on her back on several flour bags and chatted with Peter, the baker while looking and sounding all exhausted. "Lara there you are, I thought you were gone." "You think I'm a strayed cat or something, sheriff?" snapped Lara with a satisfied smile. "What? No!" she snapped back with a snoot face and then turned to the baker "Peter, what did you give her to make my new deputy so jolly?" "Well she came here and knocked against the window at quarter to four, when I was starting to work and she was very hungry for breakfast and how important it was to her, since she was trying to gain a little weight. Gave me a lemon face, when I told her, that the bread rolls wouldn't be ready before at least an hour. But I had a mixing bowl full of croissant dough with too much butter and since she wanted to gain weight, I challenged her. If she would finish half the bowl within an hour - so I could add more flour and finish the recipe - she could come every day this week for a free breakfast. But you won't believe it, your deputy just finished the entire bowl. That was several pounds and most of it was butter. This girl will have no problems to get thicker!" "That's because of the weight gain tonic, my friend gave me before coming here. Didn't think it would work, but two days ago I could barely keep some soup in me. 'Was always skinny, so I got to use the effect of that tonic, guess it wasn't cheap and it could end any time." Lara said lying on her back and patted her tummy. Cassandra was almost disappointed to see it was as flat as yesterday again already. The baggy clothes would make it impossible to notice any weight gain soon. They fit Cassandra when she arrived in Rodes with about 140 pounds and looked just way too wide on Lara... wait, did they? The blouse looked oversized, but it looked like Lara was filling out the pants quite well. "She might be more bottom heavy than me, but no way - must be the light!" thought Cass, but when Lara stood up in selfinflicted torment, her butt was even softly stretching the pants and Laras thigh gap was almost gone. Cass gasped for breath and excused herself with haste "I got to check the... uh... stables. Thanks for... uh... giving my deputy a great breakfast, bye!" "Cassandra, wait! How about I join you and you introduce me to everyone?" Cass answered with a sigh and closed her eyes, to avoid herself from checking out Laras growing bottom half inappropriately. "Ok, I suppose we should do that." Lara thanked the baker again for his hospitality and arranged a similar breakfast for the next day. ... Cass introduced Lara to all shopkeepers and important people. Somehow Lara's intention to gain weight came up every time and led to a day long chain of feasts for Lara. Cass couldn't completely cheat her way out of it and ruined the first day of her diet. She was very displeased but she couldn't stop savoring to enable her deputy stuff herself silly. Soon she had noticed, that the pants were getting tight on Lara and managed to spill a coffee laced with brandy over Laras legs as soon as it had cooled down a bit. She cursed her clumsiness and made Lara change into a new pair of Cassandras wider pants. It was a revealing pair of leather pants, that were laced at the side to give Lara some comfortable room to grow. Lara gave her an oddish look when she viewed at the new kind of pants and Cass wondered if she overstepped a mark, but the feast had continued for the rest of the day. In the evening they were both lying stuffed on their beds. Cassandra was turned on all day and realised she had to pull herself together and bring some professional distance between them or it would end in an utter scandal. "Ugh, what have I done?" asked Cass "You might want to gain but I definately need to cut back, Lara. I'm serious, don't influence me like that or I need another deputy." "Cassandra, I need this job! The marshal is on my tail and will throw me out of service with joy!" "Well, then you better keep the calories away from me or we have a problem. I won't warn you a second time!" "Sure, I promise, but then why did you mention to everyone that I want to 'get a bit sturdier'?" "What? I didn't 'keep mentioning' it, I...!" she stumbled in her disciplining and felt like she couldn't let herself get caught red handed like that "Maybe we should go back to Ms. Harrington, Ms. Portbridge!" "Oh... alright, Ms Harrington then. Good night then, I guess" said Lara. She was confused, so she rolled over on her bed towards the wall. In the cell her tummy rumbled silently, but not silent enough for Cass not to notice.
  11. Chapter 4 Two month ago somewhere far off in New Austin in the vicinity of Fort Mercier: "Do your potions also work on mexicans?" "They worked on Roger, when he was starving - and Roger is an opossum. Does that answer your question, Mr. ...? "Martinez, Miss Davenport, soy Martinez, es me appelido!" answered the man in rusty spanish. He mostly used but a few chunks of the language to proudly show his roots. "So, Mr. Martinez, you have the potent tonic in the phalanges of your forelegs, but you look too healthy for it. I made it for elderly and gravely ill patients who can barely eat at all. It increases your digestion speed by 580%, your demand to eat by a similar amount and the caloric value of your intake by 428.6% on average - though the first two parameters are decreasing over the course of 8 weeks, while the third parameter is strongest towards the end of it's duration. In your words: te hará demasiado gordo - it will make you way too fat, Mr. Martinez. Take the normal weight gain tonic and drink a third of the bottle every 6 weeks until you feel right." "You are smart like a zorro, but I am a potent man, Miss. Martinez can handle all your... potions" said the recovering soldier with a dirty lustful grin "I take both!" "No you're not. It has very rare ingredients. On second thought, it's not for sale!" "I want the potent one!" "I see the complaints already coming. No thanks, the price of 150$ is for someone who needs it. I know your type, you will apply it wrong and end up too fat for service or even worse: you could give it to someone eating normally and make him a complete butterball. Here, take the normal one for free and leave!" Without a word of agreement, Martinez took the normal tonic. Stubborn as he was, he sneaked into her camp later that night and 'bought' the potent tonic for 200$ he put into the wooden case, while Ms. Davenport slept. ----------------------------- "I can't believe you're munching on your third full sized cake, Lara! How can you still be hungry?" "I f- *munch* feel pretty stuffed b- *munch* but it tastes just s- *munch munch* soo good" "Well you're really saving my ass here, Lara. These cream cakes were about to turn bad. I would have had to eat them myself today somehow and you already heard the fuss these people make if they ever saw me throwing away any of their nice food. Hell, they'd probably let the mayor rip the badge off my chest the same day." "You should thank Martinez for that, then." "Who is Martinez?" "Well, he gave me some hunger tonic thing yesterday." "A hunger tonic? A tonic that actually works?" Cass said with a shiver in her voice as she couldn't ignore getting wet any longer. "Righ? *munchmunchmunch* Didn ever expectit *munch* would work or I wouldn't have drank the whole bottle! *munchmunch* But it will probably not last long, I guess. By the way *pant* The empty bottle is still in my satchel, if you wanna see it. I'm not lieing!" Cass went to her satchal and checked the bottle. 'Potent Weight Gain Tonic'? She checked the label on the backside. It was dirty and washed out. Must have been through some rivers and rainy days. But in the sunlight at the window she could barely decipher: 'Duration about 8 weeks. Warning: Made for the ill who can barely eat, do not apply when eating half or even normal amounts.' "God, I couldn't eat another bite!" said Lara finishing off the last slice of the third full sized cream cake and laid back in her chair massaging her belly moaning. Cass stared from the bottle to stuffed Lara and back. This was like her wet dreams, she nearly climaxed and could barely hold back explicit moans herself. "I- I'll be... right back!" Cass said and kept thinking while she ran to the little forest closeby in the south east. "Well, she sure ain't eating half or normal amounts. Gotta keep it that way! Oh dear, imagine that face going with a much curvier body..."
  12. she was a few month ago... also being underweight isn't "fit" in my book - but that's semantics... more importantly being compared to @flyer33 I take as a compliment
  13. Chapter 3 "You... are my new... deputy?" Cassandra wondered after half a minute of awkward silence "ok, follow me..." she continued and strut away. Lara wasn't anything she had imagined after reading the telegram. Cass head was spinning, but she didn't want her new deputy to notice, so she had to keep going. Among other things she found Lara filthy and she wanted her to shower and checked up by the doc. Unconsciously she wanted to see the body matched to Laras gorgeous, enchanting face. She couldn't stop recalling the picture of Lara licking the cream sauce off her lips, such behaviour triggered something in Cass. She was triggered by Lara being sillily famished. "Calm it, Cass - you have to work with her!" she repeated in mind. "You can shower at the doctor. He is sort of friendly. Clean yourself and let him do a checkup! You can come over to our office when he's through with you." "Thanks, will do!" Lara answered ... Cassandra had collected some fresh clothes from her thinnest times and waited in front of the door to the examination room to eavesdrop a bit "... so, a little under 5'5", but 86 pounds is not healthy, young lady! I'll see our baker and the saloon cook to provide you with some filling meals for the near future. Cassandra needs more than a half-weight deputy, she really needs one. I want her less stressed out, so-" "I'm fine, doc!" Cassandra said bursting into the room to interrupt where the wordy doc directed the conversation "I take it, my new deputy is fin- eeeh oh, sorry I didnt know you were still undressed." Cassandra chimed with a flash of red in her face. Lara was really slim, but somehow managed to look underweight and curvy at the same time. She couldn't stop herself from fully checking her out. "Cass, you are staring at your deputy. So to even the embarassment let's talk about you a bit: You wanted me to help you lose some pounds, but you missed your weighing day again. Now since you're already here, step on that scale, so I can see if it's working!" the doc said calmly "Cassandra Harrington!" "Yeah, doc?" "You're still staring!" "No, I was just in deep thoughts, I..." "Yeah, weigh yourself and then work in your underweight but otherwise perfectly healthy new deputy." Cassandra felt caught red-handed and just followed the doctor to the scale after handing Lara new clothes without saying anything or even looking at her again. The clothes were long and very baggy on Lara, but it was ok. "218, interesting - I'm starting to think this is a hereditary diffrence bewtween you and the people of Lemoyne and especially the Meadows. I guess the amount we eat is a bit too much for outsiders - sadly, you gotta cut back even more, Cass." "Two hundred WHAT? Oh no, this must be the clothes, doc!" she said and started undressing "No no, i already deducted a few pounds of clothes, stop undressing, Cass - whats coming over you, woman?! Light my shack, did you even listen to the rest?" he said watching her undressing. Cass was top heavy. Her belly was round and soft and shared most of the gain together with her boobs. Her legs and arms still showed some toned muscles. It was just belly and boobs that made Cassandra really chubby. "Check again! Doc! Check again!" "Well, so it's actually 221. And now stop being wierd and... Cass!" the doctor said while she looked like about to panic. "Frack maners - I no longer eat all they bring me. They gotta accept it!" "But it's our tradition to provide for the sheriff of our town! The sheriff is the figure head of a town!" "Then I'll throw it all in the trash bin!" "Christ forbid you throw the lords blessings into the trash, Cassandra!" "Doc, I'm getting FAT!" "Yeah well maybe just let your deputy eat it for a while, she needs it. And now pull yourself together before your deputy thinks we're all completely nuts!" he said decisively with the authority of a seasoned academic "Don't worry Miss Portbridge, the sheriff is only crazy on days whose name ends with Y, but let me assure you, she is the best shot of all Lemoyne and a GREAT SHERIFF, right?" Lara didn't know what to say. ... They left the doctor's house and Cassandra cleared her throat "Well that was that. Since you know my worst now, you can call me Cassandra." "Yeah that was that. I'm Lara." "But the doc was right, you got to help me out and eat all that stuff they bring me. Actually that's my first order as your boss: You eat the stuff they bring for both of us. I don't want to see any of it, but if anyone asks, you tell them I enjoy their hospitality. God, I let myself go. I was fitter than you just a few month ago. Better be careful and start working out with me, right from the start! " "Well ok, I guess I can take a few extra snacks off your menu. And working out together sounds great!" said Lara and smiled. Cassandra confused her a lot but all in all she seemed nicer than the last people she worked with.
  14. The "Naturalist" vendor Harriet Davenport sells them...
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