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  1. Part XVII-1 (too short to call it a full part, but I wanted it out - so read now, or wait for the rest of this part coming soon) In her hands she clutched the scroll that was brought by an imperial messenger this morning. Five days had passed since the scandalous incident in Ulverlake. Five days of starving out the madness from the now overweight and crazy female members of the elven tribe. But Angela de’Gaines was restless herself since the cream of asparagus soup that secretly harbored the one-and-a-half remaining doses of Reginas potion today. Once more she unrolled the letter. Once more she battled with the urges it sparked inside her. This time she finally read through it and for one last time her inner battle was yet undecided… [Angela de’Gaines rolls Willpower: 81 - fail] … the next time she unrolled the scroll, she could no longer hold back her secret desires while re-reading the letter: “The world is drifting into madness, but at least it’s my kind of madness – so who am I to judge? Also, it would be inappropriate to damage Gainessa’s reputation to never underdeliver when the Red Empress herself is ‘looking forward’ to meet my ‘considerable elven court jester’ after ‘abundant eating exercises’… “Oak! Send word to the kitchen to prepare every recipe with cream or butter for a grand banquet tonight served to our foreign guests in the east wing - calculate for... let's say... a hundred hungry knights. Also I want that huge barrel of the terribly sweet Arynthinnian port wine opened and brought to them!” ~~~ Two days earlier letters were written at the capital. One time after another, the writer writes and screws it up into a ball to throw the papers into all corners of the room. On edge and overcome by a sudden inexplicable urge to drive the recipient into some undeterred measures, the final letter came out sharper than usual… „To our most respected Lady Angela de’Gaines of Gainessa, duchess of our Empires Province Ulmaxia: The crown awaits your provinces annual report and demands your envoy to be accompanied by your considerable elven court jester, recently reported to weigh nearly a ton. The crown welcomes your visionary endeavor and needs you to redouble your weight increasing efforts towards the elf to bring her into the most competitive shape possible for a truly giant eating competition. Imperial servants will arrive in about two weeks to pick them up for aerial transportation and we advise you to use the time for abundant eating exercises as the Empress herself is looking forward to welcoming your elf accordingly wider and even more ravenous than reported. Important imperial matters rely on your undivided devotion. Gainessa shall be recompensed with tax abatements of 100 imperial gold coins for every pound your elf weighs over the reported, estimated current weight of 2000 pounds, to be weighed on her arrival at the capital. With the intent to emphasize the importance, we also want to add that it will imply severe repercussions, should your elf fail to win the competition. At the behest of Theona, Empress of the 101 Kingdoms: Sycathrill, steward of the throne”
  2. Not everyone elses gain was tame: don't forget -> Elyna <- 😇 btw. a new chapter is coming soon and it will lead directly into my crossover chapter with batman76's Aurora and Red Empress...
  3. some stills from the Ann Summers Christmas clip EDIT: didn't realise the stills several posts above, well i leave them here anyways, now
  4. so it's a double-De thread now
  5. Part XVI While they freed Elyna from the cage of shame the people of Ulverlake kept bringing buttery food or just plain sticks of butter. The elves of her tribe drove them off until the magistrate ruled (with a little inspiration from Francine), that the debt was settled but Elyna would still have to eat everything offered immediately until she has left the town - unless the other... he stopped as if he waited for further orders and then suddenly continued: unless any other female elf wants to help her. Soon they were crowded between even more food than before. Several times the elves were pushed and flooded away from Elyna. First it was gentle offerings but soon all female elves from Elynas tribe were forcefed from all sides and even after five hours they didn't make it half way out. In their close-by mansion Francine filled a water bag with heavy cream and spiked it with most of Regina's formula. She sipped a good bit from the bag to taste test and hit by a sudden urge she topped it off by casting a Fast-Digestion-Spell onto its content and headed for the crowd to fight her way through - which was easier than she remembered now that she was skinny as a rail. She avoided Elyna as she would be the only one recognising her new skinny appearance. So she let all the other young, grown up female elves drink from it and made sure Elara had some gulps extra and then asked her to give the last gulps to her sister. While Elyna was just barely mobile at the beginning of this, her supernatural metabolism was kicked even more into overdrive to change that and Darlena somehow came up with some new divine magic that would transfer a pound from the women of Ulverlake to the female elves everytime the women fed one of them. After another hour the bulk of Elynas still comparably small upper body weighed so heavy, that she had to move on all fours to relief her strained back. But bottom heavy as she was, her legs were so immensely fat, that her belly had little space and was packed tightly against the ground, but also pushed against her arms and breasts to conquer some room. And her giant butt throned on her back like two oversized balloons filled with heavy, jiggling jello. The size adjustment enchantments on her clothes reached their capacity and seams ripped. Those who saw and heard it pointed fingers, started laughing and continued to feed her with a second wind. Soon she was completely naked. Even though something was screaming deep inside her, muffled and imprisoned by an alchemical formula - Elyna could not resist greedily devouring every treat offered and enjoyed even those forced into her. The other young female elves also lost control and started feeding each other and enjoying more calories than they would usually consume in months. So their clothes one after another followed Elynas on the ground or into the hands of the ecstatic crowd. At that point the male elves were separated by the crowd that was more and more indiffrent towards them and they could only hear their female kin trapped in that feeding madness. They tried to reach them but some even got knocked out by elbows and limbs around them in the frenzy. They desperately tried to stop the feeding for the rest of the day but the people of Ulverlake showed unnatural persistence... It was after sunset when torch lights appeared on the main road and the horn of Ulmaxia was blown in an enchanted ear-deafening loudness that still rattled doors and windows on the other side of Ulverlake. And it wasn't just blown, it was sounded for a minutes long blow. While the knights of Captain Oak had their ears silenced by the duchess and communicated in sign language the people in Ulverlake were trembled and forced to push both hands on their ears. When the horn blow ended, the voice of Angela de'Gaines was carried over the whole town: "My dear subjects, this occurence is over! Go back to your homes and spend the rest of this day in prayers to our goddess. Anyone caught on the streets before sunrise will be imprisoned until their hair turns white. Shoo! Shoo!" The citizens woke up from Voluptuas calling, scattered and ran to their homes with mixed feelings. ~~~ The male part of the tribe was found first and arrested by the knights. When Captain Oak laid eyes onto Elyna, he raised his helmets ventail in disbelief "By Voluptua..." then he noticed the good dozen of chubby elf girls lying around her like stranded fishes but grinning like sugar-rushed christmas elfs and among them was Elara sporting a start of the same bottom heavy fatness like her twin... "Bring all elves to the castle and put them under custody in the old east wing... also find my two mislead daughters! I have a hunch, they must be behind all this!" Captain Oak divided his knights into search parties, starting at the de'Gaines Mansion where many evidence was collected, but Francine and Darlena escaped his search. Searching the private hotsprings in the vicinity didn't come to their minds - for good reasons they were more or less a family secret. [The elven girls gained between fifty and a hundred pounds, Elara gained 101 lbs (50+1d100) and Elyna gained another 398 (50+5d100) pounds bringing her to 2687 lbs] ~~~ New character: Elara Adansonia, female elf, age equivalent to a 21 y.o. human Knight, Lv. 1 Feats: Mental: SWEET TOOTH, MUST GET THIN Physical: NATURAL ATHLETE, THUNDER THIGHS, BADONKADONK Atrributes: Athletics 90 Constitution 85 Intelligence 40 Willpower 80 Charisma for normies: 90 Height: 1.62m (~5'4") initial weight: 95lbs (16FP) current weight: 196lbs (34FP) pounds per FatPoint: 5.75 preferences: straight, Reginas potion prevents any worries about her own weight for now
  6. finally working on the next part... stay tuned
  7. I like these contrasts as well...
  8. cool, finally someone else following my idea of crossovers
  9. It's a busy week, but as a teaser I have a short... Intermezzo II "And nobody knows who he was? How could he infiltrate the castle?" asked the duchess "He didn't... we found Lady Helena in the village tavern... downstairs... and multiple people mentioned her consent with a certain stranger regarding certain steps... and I don't mean no stairs" answered the distressed guard captain Oak. "Enough! Nobody mentions anything about Lipo-Vampires! Any rumors reaching my ears I will write down and pin on your balding head with a nail! Isn't that outrageous elf punishment enough, how am I to explain whats going on in Ulmaxia after this? Nobody may know about Helenas condition... make every last ear picking up about it disappear in the dungeon - be it wrench or knight - nobody may know... nobody..." Behind them on a large couch an even duller Helena moaned with lust and played with her new fat rolls and growing tits spilling out of her clothes. The now a little anxious guard captain mustered her and then the duchess again until Angela de'Gaines relieved him "...except you and the family of course." "Oh, and don't forget to tell these elven peasants that I want a new pledge, since they took Elyna back - with interest. Didn't she have a twin sister? So Captain Oak, bring me the fatty elves sister - I have one more daughter to slim down..."
  10. Some story hooks I planted in my stories that you could pick up (in addition to batman76's prompts)... Regina goes feeder! The feeding session with Elyna made something click in Regina and she decides to find and join the secret feeding cult near Ulverlake that rebels against the strict anti-fat policy of Ulmaxia and the surrounding duchies. The cult pays bandits to bring them women to feed and drop them massively fattened somewhere to be found again. And there Regina could indulge in a secret second life, where her "talents" are finally appreciated. The cult values her talents, but also gets more and more demanding towards her. They want her to secretly fatten up important people of the Ulmaxian society (pick one: the female magistrate of Ulverlake, the daughter of the magistrate, the tournament contestants,...) Regina gets hired by the magistrate! The magistrate wants to make a deterring example of the "fat witch elf" Elyna. Through some underwold contacts he reaches out to Regina to make sure a certain elf is secretly manipulated to devour despicable amounts. That way he wants to make sure nobody sympathises with gluttony - but Regina makes it look like a weirdly tempting joy. (Reginas work would explain the crazy 833 lbs Elyna gained from a 11d100) Regina asks Francine for a favor! Regina already joined the feeding cult from choice #1 and they want her to get hired in the Ulverlake Temple Infirmary, so she asks Francine to get her the job. There the cult wants her to secretly fatten up the patients so everyone leaves the hospital "extra healthy".
  11. maxis192

    Gina Carano

    I got Disney+ for free recently and started with the Mandalorian, when I heard Werner Herzog would play the bad guy... then in the credits after the first episode I noticed my favourite actor from Game of Thrones was the one under the Helmet and that Jon Favreau is producer and then some (I really liked the first Iron Man movie) now I just watched the first episode with an unusually thick Cara Dune and I am finally completely hyped... the show is really lovely.
  12. Let's see how much her tribe can make her lose before a certain empress cites her to court...
  13. The results of the last poll were really close... maybe I will let the dice decide somehow...
  14. Part XV (a bit shorter, but ongoing at least 🙂) Francine woke up in Ulverlake's Temple Infirmary. "Francine woke up! Father Willhelm come fast!... oh Francine, thank the goddess you are alive!" shouted Darlena, shortly after Francine had opened her eyes. "Ja, Darlena! Quiet it down! Your tzister will be good, but hier are wors casez than your tzister!" shouted the old wiry man rigorously from another room in some foreign accent. [Francine rolls constitution to resist becoming a PICKY EATER with a FAST METABOLISM just like Darlena: 59 - fail, her appetite is transferred onto Elyna, too. Her body is also calibrated to be skinny.] [While unconscious the clerics were not able to feed her anything and Francine lost another 4 pounds: 91 lbs] "Ugghh... my head hurts so bad, little sis. And I feel a little hungry. What has happened and how long was I gone?" "You were unconscious for 4 days, Fran! But the high cleric himself healed you and 'cleansed you from sin', as he called it." "Days? Four Days? What has happened to me? I feel like... wow I am just as skinny as you, why...?" "We hoped you could tell us what happened. People found you with Elyna and another man, lying in the mud close to the town. They have accused Elyna of attempt murder, malicious witchcraft and rogue obesity! They didn't even know who you were until I came searching for you. Mom sent a letter yesterday. It seems, she was so mad about this scandalous escapade that she nearly came to kill the both of you. She contented herself with commending the magistrate for putting Elyna into the cage of shame on the market square. And since he has ordered every citizen to attend how obesity turns everyone into a monstrosity eventually - even skinny elves. And It seems Elyna just can't stop eating Ulverlakes entire surplus of butter." Butter was scorned in Ulmaxia and the neighboring duchies, for you could only eat such small amounts without getting fat yourself. Most people didn't consume any butter at all. So, butter was cheap and abundant here, even though a lot was used for making export products like Ulmaxias famous cookies and 'Buttered White-Sugar-Chocolate' that was nearly as fattening as Elysian Chocolate, just without the benefits. ...And as the magistrate had ordered, this abundance of butter was now publicly fed to Elyna in the "Cage Of Shame", that was otherwise used for the annual week long fat shaming of the towns fattest citizens - which were usually a bit over 200 pounds, not counting the heavy but muscular people. It had an integrated scale to weigh the 'fat' humans confined in it. Now it was "the nefarious ways of elven obesity" that was put on display here and everyone was ordered to fuel and witness it. Elyna filled the entire cage from the start and her weight caused many jaws to drop in disbelief. Darlena showed her sister the Ulverlake Newspaper that consisted of one single page, usually offered once per week. The "Superfat Witch Elf " was on the "front page" three days ago in the morning and the magistrate had condemned her obesity a crime. "A woman of her short height shouldn't ever weigh more than 200 pounds, she will be weighed and sued for her excess pounds in imperial gold coins and her nefarious ways will be put on public display until that sum is payed to the town office, that shall use it for fat prevention purposes" quoted the newspaper. "Oh dear, I don't remember what happened, but we better make a deposition - on the other hand, well, maybe don't be hasty. I should assess her situation... for an hour or two" said Francine with a grin on her slimmed face, but she was so aroused from the situation she saw on the town square, that hours turned into days and Elynas fat rolls started squeezing through the cage bars while half of the town used her as well deserving disposal for all the unwanted butter from skimming their milk uncompromisingly. It turned out Darlena was inexplicably turned on by it just as much as Francine. [Francine rolls willpower to manage her hornyness: 68 - failure!] [Darlena also rolls willpower to manage her hornyness: 96 - fascinating... also failure!] While keeping distance to Elyna and just enjoying the show, out of Elynas sight, Francine and her sister couldn't handle their hornyness. So they ordered the chubbiest two "companions" of Ulverlake to relieve their urges in a de'Gaines secondary residence. They couldn't find what their minds were set on, since there were not many chubby, and almost no fat young women in the duchy, but over the course of a week of getting fed with smuggled fattening "export-only" treats, the two girls got more than cash. They also got enchanted with some fat magic and definately too fat for the common taste of this town. The de'Gaines sisters on the other hand mostly forgot to eat themselves - despite their exhaustive endeavours. [Francine and Darlena roll constitution with advantage (since they both realise how bony they already are) against further weight loss of d7 pounds from barely eating for another 7 days: Francine 52, failure - Darlena 80, failure. Francine loses 4 lbs and is down to 87 pounds. Darlena loses 6 lbs and is down to 81] What the newspaper didn't write about, was the secretly ordered illegal spell to spike Elynas hunger massively for butter - just to assure a terrifying show. And they witnessed a truely insatiable woman who kept eating even in her sleep. Heads were shook and the disapproval of all signs of gluttony on anyone was secured for a long time... [Elyna rolls constitution to half the weight gain: 78 - fail] [Elyna gains 1d100 pounds per day in confinement, 11d100 = [98, 91, 91, 85, 82, 80, 72, 68, 64, 56, 46] = 833... wow... she is up to 2289 pounds] Elyna was enchanted into extasy, still high on Reginas potion and couldn't help but stuff her face with pure butter for nearly two weeks, while Francine and Darlena were idly standing by - well not completely idle, but in the end it was Elynas tribe that showed up with a chest of coins, that was the result of selling and scrapping everything the tribe could spare. It barely paid for Elynas current weight... When Elyna saw her father and her brother inciting the guards to release her, she finally dropped the butter and felt queasy, but when she noticed the taunting and repraochful look in her twin sister Elara's eyes, an awful panic crept into Elyna. As her twin sisters body put Elynas incredibly ballooned but not yet entirely shapeless thighs and ass on full display, her father Ravyno groaned in dismay... "Oooh! Ooooooooh! Oooooh Elyna, what have they done to you, what have you done! Oooooh by the forefathers and the first elves! We get you out of there, my Elyna. Everything will be alright!" Elyna was truely trapped and caught red, or better: buttery handed, with nowhere to hide. So with every move of them towards her, Elynas heart skipped a beat in panic and embarrassment, while the front side of the cage was carefully detached...
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