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  1. faparoleman


    Looks like she's returned, at least in some capacity... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/68633/sweet-adeline-s-clip-store
  2. My God...could she possibly be any softer and sexier? Almost unbelievable!
  3. 7 pages of good stuff here: vintage-erotica-forum.com/t890-candye-kane.html
  4. Hello Curvage Faithful, and all who have been around this community for some time, I remember a story, maybe 15 or so years ago--don't recall exactly how it starts or where I first read it--but I believe it went along the lines of a guy meets a girl on a singles cruise...she was a feedee/gainer, who had been in a busted relationship, had lost a lot of weight afterward, and was on the cruise, "looking". He was on the cruise, also "looking". They meet, and talk/discover each other, and the rest of the cruise is all about her eating and him feeding her. Lots of detail about the volume of her eating, especially numerous desserts, and some details about her growth on this extended cruise, him massaging her belly after meals, etc. I believe the story then went into their relationship after the cruise, and some further details about her eating and gaining. Does anyone remember this? Thanks for any help or links anyone may have!
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