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  1. I just ate half a dozen hot dogs and a big ass amount of fries. I'm working my way up the curvy ladder

  2. You seem like the literal perfect girl for being the "Your angel or your devil". Plus if you love mythology then I'm right ❀
  3. I love seeing all the pretty chubby girls because it gives me confidence in my own body. But I wish I was as confident as them to be a curvage model :(

  4. I wonder if more models well swing by to this thread like TayTay did. I would love that wink wink
  5. I do too. I've been trying to find old videos of her but that one is favorite❀
  6. You are doing gods work my friend. I normally don't like movies but that postal clip took me by surprise and I loved it. I'll look into those other models.❀
  7. Ahhhhh, yes yes yes the stuckage queen herself has grace me with her presence!!! 😍
  8. Actually good to know heeheehee This chubby lesbian is always down for a little big someone πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚
  9. Hey sorry for not seeing this sooner but thats great!!! You are the best ❀
  10. Title says it all. Anyone know good stuff involving big girls squeezing themselves into tight spots? Bonus points if they get stuck ❀
  11. FluffyNChubby


    Any of them like Indian?
  12. Any idea who it could be???
  13. Title says it all. Anyone know of any good BBWs that are like a couple that makes content together? Either a real life couple or just for show. I'm just a chubby lesbian looking for representation guys πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. FluffyNChubby


    Got any pics???
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