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  1. Found the issue. Seems there was extra stuff on the browser in the way. CCleaner got rid of it and now it's fine.
  2. Seems embedded media isn't working at all. YouTube videos show up as black rectangles. Is this a result of lazy load?
  3. This seems pretty sufficient enough because it's kinda like "wha?"
  4. Is her personal info on everything in yellow?
  5. Not wanting people that are coming here illegaly doesn't make Trump racist. If you're not coming here legally, you don't belong here period.
  6. That looks bigger (and better) than a potbelly.
  7. I'd say it's a fat chance.
  8. I don't necropost without providing content.
  9. Might as well rename the restaurant Porker.
  10. You're part of the problem.
  11. No one likes anyone spamming. That's not helpful. Your gifs are another issue.
  12. I still see you reply to dozens of threads and make dozens of new ones. Can't you just let someone else do the talking?
  13. You really don't see how your posts are excessive? I've seen you fill up just about an entire page of replies. That's excessive.
  14. Yep, that was the problem indeed. Had the same issue myself until I noticed that there was an indication that the Facebook button wasn't going to work properly. It seems the two cannot function together even though they were fine previously.
  15. I figure users can just screencap the post and then crop out what isn't needed. Then it's all there and won't disappear if the post disappears, which is another issue.
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