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  1. I can think of three things, not sure which was first, that happened around the middle of high school that made me realise that my preferences weren't like most. We came back from summer break and one of the girls in my year had put on a noticeable amount of weight, mostly on her ass and thighs. My friends were like "gross", and I thought it was hot. We had a substitute teacher for math for a week who was quite plump and had a huge ass. Again, I thought it was hot when my friends didn't. There was a new girl who started in the year above me, and she was properly fat and super bottom heavy. Again, hot.
  2. They're of this stock model https://www.123rf.com/photo_52769745_overweight-middle-aged-woman-at-the-sea-naked-overweight-woman-sits-at-waters-edge.html?fromid=eEE0Q0p2RUtmTjVwczJWdEhhOXRLUT09
  3. When you're in your 20s "I love a fat girl with a slim face". When you're in your 30s "Jawline? pfft. Double chin FTW!"
  4. thatguest

    Nicki Minaj

    I honestly don't think so. I mean the woman has some amazing curves for sure but I don't think her hips or legs are particularly big or huge.
  5. thatguest

    Nicki Minaj

    You know you've been on Curvage for too long when you look at these photos and think to yourself "her ass isn't that big at all".
  6. thatguest

    Amber Nova

    I hear you mate. It's super hot when a girl's thighs go over her knees like that.
  7. By no means a deal breaker, but all things remaining equal I do prefer short, say 5'4ish
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