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  1. It might not be too helpful, but at the end of the day the only person you need to make happy is yourself. The opinions of others simply doesn't matter. Easier said than done I Know. I still struggle with it.
  2. Epic inner thigh roll and fat hang over the back of the knees. Oh to be able to see the non-photoshopped cellulite version.
  3. Your chubby face is one of the highlights of your gain IMHO. It's adorable!
  4. thatguest

    Amber Nova

    Great photo, but gosh how much better are her less shopped pics that show off her epic cellulite.
  5. Does anyone else wonder if not that many people are into straight fat guys? So much of the resources and support out there seems to be geared towards fat women and fat gay guys, especially when it comes to gaining. Or do you think it's just that straight, male, and fat is so common that that need for support hasn't been seen to be there? As a guy who started gaining just over a year ago and has the ups and downs and anxieties that I'm sure all gainers have, I'm really noticing the dearth of resources. Also, I completely acknowledge the more general privilege in most aspects of life that I have as a straight male.
  6. "You know what I like, I think you look great now, but have always found you beautiful no matter your size. As long as you're happy that's all that matters." Say this, and leave her to make her own decisions. It's her body, her choice.
  7. At the rate you have been gaining I see this being your future. An uncannily similar body shape. 🤩
  8. At the start of a new part of your journey, where they'll gradually disappear under a combined thigh/knee roll. 😎
  9. Fat starting to engulf your knees and thighs almost rubbing all the way down to them. Awesome!
  10. What a breathtaking comparison. Your thighs are noticeably thicker, and the shape of your ass is changing as the perkiness gives way to saddlebags on the sides.
  11. Seconding what others are saying about the changes in your face. I know it's something you've been self conscious about but damn, the fuller face suits you so much. I think you should embrace it rather than try and hide it with angles in a lot of your photos. I'm sure everyone else agrees.
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