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  1. That was due to the website's spam protection being strictly adjusted atm. That's nothing to worry about, it sometimes happens that I need to approve my own posts. The whole complex of messages regarding the demand was split from the thread. Your message was an answer to the demand post and wouldn't make much sense without the inital post you're reffering to, thus the removal. Thank you for your contributions.
  2. @jpark786 The posts in question have been restored and can be accessed here: Feel free to discuss the topic there. The posts had been removed from the original thread because they had been reported for their lack of relevance. Thank you.
    As Elton John used to sing: I'm a simple man - I see boobs, I press like. This clip actually has plenty of boobs, two to be precise. That might not sound much, but boy, they are all over the place. I almost get the feeling that the girl who likes to eat loves her boobs as much as I do...almost... @AGirlWhoLikesToEat: You didn't pop a button in quite some time. Your boobs look like they're yearning for a shirt to rip, don't you think?
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