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  1. I just hid the posts from the last hours to cool things down. In case you are wondering what the fuck happened: @Candii_Kayn needs a hiatus and that's what she gets. You may want to discuss about what happened, but here's a friendly reminder to behave like the decent human beings that you are. Always remember that this thread is not about you, your hurt feelings, your massive ego or your dick, this thread is about Candii, so stick to the point without being disrespectful.
  2. Questo è solo un amichevole promemoria per giocare in modo corretto e rispettare gli altri utenti in ogni momento. Per favore, comportati da adulti, grazie mille!
  3. Avataг

    Casey Batchelor

    She's pregnant again: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9219319/Pregnant-Casey-Bachelor-debuts-blossoming-baby-bump.html
  4. No one's up for some "Your mum"-jokes? What is wrong with Curvage crowd?

    1. Gaelic Steve

      Gaelic Steve

      4. That’s the number of times I had to hear him say it before I caught up 😂

  6. Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems that @Curvage Casey, I mean her notifications, are too fat, I mean too many for our servers. Whatever, we are on it
  7. Could it be we're thinking of the same...? https://youtu.be/NpP3rrNoEqo
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