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  1. I was thinking exactly that!
  2. 1. Boobs. 2. Boobs. 3. Boobs. 4. Slow weight gain from very thin to BBW. 5. Boobs. 6. Button pops. 7. Boobs. 8. Outgrown clothes. 9. Boobs. 10. Talk about the stuff mentioned above. 11. Boobs.
  3. Rest assured that our a-hole mod has absolutely no relation to Colonel Sanders, right @KFD...?
  4. Avataг


    Also: Please excuse the bad quality. The pics really seem to be taken with a potato.
  5. I still don't get it... there's a user on Curvage (A) who 'stole' pics of another person (B) and posted them here on Curvage. A was then contacted by B and requested A to take the pics down? And then A contacted you for help? And you contacted Curvage staff via this thread? And want us to do what exactly?
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