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  1. Avataг

    Kelly Brook

  2. You have a long list of blocked users. You may just as well block all users and only allow some to view your content.
  3. Did you ever think of blocking all users?
  4. Damn, @S77, even with your screenshot, it took me ages to find where that setting is. It's under "topics", no wonder I didn't get this was where one can block others from watching one's content. How about renaming the feature from "topics" to "blocked users"? @maltesefalcon: I'm sorry I gave you the wrong information and hope that your question has been answered by S77's interference
  5. There's the ignore function: https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/ignore/ No, members can't exclude other members from reading their posts. The board staff has no interest in hindering especially you from viewing some threads. Maybe you want to PM me the member's name and links to said threads so we can further investigate the problem?
  6. Avataг

    Kelly Brook

    Sorry for the ones we already had, but a) the quality is nice and b) I was too lazy to sort out the new ones. But hey, can there ever be enough Kelly?
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