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  1. You've asked us who was stronger? Can Em upset the massive presence of Rach? First we start off light with a "little" arm wrestling, as we flop our big bodies onto the bed and begin with a small test of strength. Then we see if we can withstand the full weight and momentum of each other. Rach pins em to the bed using her body to hold her down as she blows and tickles Em's flabby tummy, challenging her to move her hefty body off. We see Rach's true strength as Em feabily attempts to pin her down, once she knocks her over. But Em is no match for Rach's strength. After some giggles, Rach has a bright idea. The girls have a belly battle; smacking their bellies to try and knock each other over. including a sumo bump. Our fat moving and wobbling around is so hypnotic and looks so soft, that you want to be the next to be pinned by us.


  2. Here we have a selection of our favourite stills from our latest clip. We ventured out in our tight denim shorts to squash Rach's husband in the back of his Ford Focus. Let's just say it was a much tighter squeeze than last year! We tried sitting in the drivers seat too, considering how slim and short Rach's husband actually is, it wasn't very accommodating for two larger ladies such as us. Outdoor frolicking in the sunshine was so fun.


  3. This time last year, Em and Rach tried to fit into the back of the Ford Focus. This year they're around 50lbs fatter.They try their luck in the driver's seat, a place neither of them have been in a long time. Without adjusting the seat, the girls try to squeeze every flabby inch of their massive bodies into such a small space. The steering wheel digs into their giant bellies. Rach struggles to even get in after the seat is adjusted to move all the way back.While passersby stare at these plump princesses, Rach and Em decide once again to shove themselves in the back seat and see if Rach's husband can handle all the soft, pillowy fat that engulfs him.Afterwards, they get a little sneaky public belly play in. We should find more small spaces to squeeze into.


  4. You've been begging us to come and squash you, but an insignificant being like you isn't really prepared to be used as a chair and play thing for your goddesses. While you're all helpless we unleash our massive bodies on you. First Em settles in by just sitting her full weight on your lap. After we lay you back onto the bed and Rach unleashes her big belly onto your face. After that it becomes a free for all. The girls use all the assets at their disposal. A barrage of belly flops, breast smothering and butt drops come at you repeatedly as you get smothered in our delicious, soft fat. All the while the girls crack jokes at your expense. You definitetly got what you came for and some. Always remember to love and adore your goddesses. Come and show your appreciation.


  5. Stepmum roleplay: Em has always struggled to accept her new stepmum Rachael, especially since they are exactly the same age! Rach can't help but notice Em has gained more than just a couple of extra pounds in the time she's been away at uni, so armed with snacks she tries to find a polite way to tell her. Finding some common ground Em asks Rach's advice and opinion on her gains. As the girls compare their bodies are they secretly admiring each other's curves?


  6. Here we have a special treat for you all. The greediest farm animals you are likely to see. Old Macdonald had his work cut out with these two animals and their ever growing appetites. He piled their trough high with ice cream, cake, cookies and cream and the girls devoured the lot like the gluttonous creatures they are.


  7. In this clip Rach and Em overindulge in two whole tubs of ice cream and a whole pack of wafer cones each. Competing to see who can eat them all first. They also sample some gifts they were sent in the form of California Reaper peanuts and pork scratchings, can these fatties handle the heat though?


  8. Clip coming soon. Who's excited?? 🐄🐖


  9. In this clip Em kneels before Rach, treating her like the beautiful goddess she truly is. Em lovingly caresses every wobbling inch of Rach's flabby gut. Dripping oil over her curves and massaging beneath every delicious roll. Em sweetly asks permission before holding Rach's overhang and is visibly shocked by the sheer weight of it before continuing to massage Rach's oil slick skin.


  10. New BELLY WORSHIP CLIP coming tomorrow!




  11. In this clip Em rams her fat face and growing body full of pizza and chicken wings. Devouring every single slice of a large pizza and a bottle of fizzy pop, like the gluttonous girl she has become. Overindulgence comes naturally to this piggy, coupled with her lack of self control around food there is no wonder she is rapidly gaining pounds and inches. She can't resist rubbing and jiggling her bloated, full belly.


  12. In this clip Rach stuffs her face in public while enjoying time with her family. During her recent vacation she enjoyed many of the wonderful and fattening treats that Cornwall had to offer a growing girl, but one of her favourites is the traditional cream tea ❤️. Fresh scones lathered with jam and piled high with clotted cream mmmmm how could a fatty resist, No wonder Rach has noticed those vacation gains since her return.


  13. In this clip the girls don matching crop tops while they happily chat about food and snacks. They rub their ever growing bellies, each trying to out burp the other. Em and Rach laugh, guzzle down a lot of fizzy pop, try some snacks and enjoy their fatness, the real question however is whose burps are the loudest??


  14. Rach and Em in all their sexy, fat gloriousness just for you! A selection of pictures of the girls, looking hot as fuck! In one lot they've squeezed their gigantic ass's into skin tight dresses, showcasing all of those voluptuous curves in just the right, figure hugging, way 🤤 There's also a fair few of Em looking fantastically round after attempting to eat a 1kg bag of M&M's, her already huge belly balloons to the point she has to undo her body suit and free her lardy rolls.


  15. This is not the person in the pictures. The person in the pictures is part of fatsaturdays her name is Rach and whoever is running this profile is impersonating her. 

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