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  1. Happy new years eve curvage! 

    We wanna bring in the new year with a bang so our hottest, best selling clips are now available for 3.99 including our newest one.


    Be safe and indulge 😉🥵



  2. The girls treat each other by feeding each other cream donuts. Even when they lose some cream, they don't let it go to waste by licking it off each others big greedy bodies, before giving each other belly rubs and jiggles.



    Yule log eating competition dropping soon.

    Guess who won??🎄🎄





  4. Em and Rach are getting into the spirit of the season and enjoying their countdown to Christmas. They decide to go head to head in a yule log eating competition. Cramming the chocolatey treat into their mouths at a rapid pace. They gobble up messy mouthful after messy mouthful until their bulging bellies can take no more and both girls collapse back for a well earned break and some belly rubs. The real question here is who came out on top this time, did Rach devour her festive snack the quickest, or was Em victorious? Place your bets now 🤣


  5. NEW BLOAT AND MASSIVE BURPS! Em downs whole mentos and chugs fizzy cherry pop, causing her already huge gut to swell even more! There's only a couple of ways for all that gas to escape and escape it does! The girls burp and bellyrub their way through this video deliciously!


  6. Add labels While we were working on new content for you guys today we got so hungry. After a kind gesture from a special friend we tucked into bacon bumpers, just what we needed 😋


  7. Thank you to everyone who has already purchased our newest clip. This one was so fun to make ❤


  8. The girls got asked to try and sumo wrestle each other. We attempt to knock our giant blubbery bodies around the ring and outside the boundry to proclaim victory. But it takes so much effort to push that much fat out of the way; jiggling and wobbling around. It's so tiring trying to move these hefty frames around, that we can only wrestle for a few minutes before becoming exhausted.


  9. We received a gift of nylon tights, which we're trying on for all of you. It's been ages since Rach was able to wear some. Watch the girls wiggle delicately into these massive stretchy nylon tights that fit oh so perfectly and snuggly over the girls' fat wobbly bodies. Em even manages to pull hers up over her luscious hanging breasts.


  10. Daddy's girls would do anything to please him. They enter a competition to see who can be better at fulfilling Daddy's fantasy. First the girls see who can funnel their chocolate milk the fastest. Then Daddy gives girls some ice cream to see who will scrape and devour it first. The girls only want to please him and find out what the prize will be


  11. When we heard that the double big mac was back at Mcdonalds we couldn't resist placing an order. We devour our doubles just chatting and enjoying a tasty snack for two Mcpiggies!


  12. This week: The girls just got back from London and are having a smoke while they talk about how hard the trip has been on their big fat bodies and how much fun they had in a fat loving space, Everyone came to talk to Daddy's girls and look at their massive volumptious bodies. The girls are waiting on Daddy to come and fatten them up. Next week the girls funnel and stuff for Daddy, in a competition.


  13. After meeting up with sweetaspeachesss in London, we browsed all of the food apps to find something to satisfy 3 little cows. We finally decided and stuffed our fat faces in bed with delicious chicken and waffles, chatting and drumming on our big, fat bellies before lazing on the bed together.


  14. After a long hard day of laying around, I got a major case of the munchies. So I sat my huge ass in front of the fridge and began eating everything. Including all the stuff that's supposed to be for my families lunches. Oooops! The best part is, I stuff myself so much, that when I get up I break yet ANOTHER kitchen chair. Being fat is hard.


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