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  1. We're so ready for this!! We can't wait to share our fat girl adventures with you all ❤️
  2. We are so ready for our pool shoot today!!  we're going to jump in together and hope that there's actually still some water left in the pool for us to wallow in 🤣

    Thank you to everyone who has purchased our clips recently, we're using our profits to stuff whilst on our travels. We're thinking a huge drive thru order for the journey home. We have some awesome new clips up, so take a look if you also want to help us grow this weekend...❤️❤️


  3. So I suddenly noticed today how much my ass has grown in the last few months. Back when me and Rach started Fatsaturdays I didn't think it was possible for my arse to grow much bigger, let alone at the rate it has! If you watch my new video, and of course if you've been paying attention to me gaining, you'll notice that I have also developed brand new super cute back rolls too😍😍 I'd love to hear your opinion xx.
  4. Em JIGGLES and WIGGLES that HUGE ASS and her CURVY HIPS demonstrating just how much WIDER she has GROWN. Those SEE THROUGH LEGGINGS sure don't leave much to the imagination either!


  5. I abandon my squad for a delicious late night treat of waffles, ice cream and milkshake, my belly is nicely satisfied and I can't help but touch and enjoy its soft, doughiness!


  6. Enjoying a super lazy and stuffed Sunday! What are you all up to?

  8. This clip has a bit of EVERYTHING. Watch Rach and Em JIGGLE, BOUNCE, SLAP and GRAB their MASSIVE GROWING BELLIES! All while talking about IMMOBILITY, BELLY BUTTON PLAY, SQUASHING, SCISSORING, SEX and future plans! Two GENUINE girls just having a good time TOGETHER.


  9. So here we are Curvage!! We want to hear all about what you want to see us do next?? We actually have some awesome fat girl adventures lined up, which of course we will be sharing with you all!! Come tell us exactly what you want......
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