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  1. Wow, I am late to this party but you are wonderful. Looking forward to how this month goes.
  2. The height (or perhaps the girth) of beauty
  3. Welcome to the show! What kind of artists do you like?
  4. Same, though I don't think they should have come back from their decision to retire from touring. I got to see them on the farewell tour a few years back and I was satisfied for the most part.
  5. Yaaaaaas. Dio. I just bought my ticket to see his upcoming documentary in the theater.
  6. I just started Hollow Knight on PS4 and have no idea what is going on. For PC, I started replaying Bioshock and am getting my ass kicked on Medium
  7. That points me in a good direction. I'm working on a video for the future and I need to talk about 3 French bands outside of Alcest and Gojira so I'll see how I feel about your suggestions.
  8. I though Alcest's "Spiritual Instinct" album was really good. Just because it pertains to some future content I am working on, do you have any other French metal bands to suggest?
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