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  1. Deonna’s releasing a calendar? Awesome!
  2. I mean, Misfits are a pretty popular band, so it was probably that, to be honest. I was just wondering.
  3. Why is Allie Kat taking a photo with him?
  4. Eh, I’d rather see WWE put more of a spotlight on Liv Morgan, to be honest.
  5. She didn’t look chubby. She just wore an outfit to make herself look thicker than she actually is.
  6. Liv is the perfect woman. She’s amazing.
  7. I thought her name was Allie Kat?
  8. Is she feuding with Chelsea Green in-ring, or is this just a Twitter feud?
  9. Alexa Bliss looks kinda thick here.
  10. Awesome! We can see her wrist!
  11. My dog when I have to leave the house for five minutes.
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