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  1. Tedthebellboy

    Kether Donohue

    Hey everyone. Sorry I can't post screenshots at this time. But she's on TBS' The Guest Book (season 2 ep 1) and she looks big. You can get the episodes on the app. It's a good show and has Carly Jibson in it who is very fat.
  2. Tedthebellboy

    Stuffing Videos with a Story

    Please do not post any videos here. I'm just looking for answers, not to mooch. But I was wondering what everyone thought the best stuffing video with a story in it was. So many of them are just women eating cause, that's it. I like a little bit of justification for their binging. It doesn't need to be a rich, in-depth plot, but a bit of story always helps. Let me know which ones you love. Thanks.
  3. Tedthebellboy

    Shannon Purser (Barb from Stranger Things)

    She's currently on Riverdale. They're dressing her like a teacher from the 40s and it's tough to really see her. You get a few good shots of her legs and face. Plus there's book where she's described a the "big girl". According to IMDb she's credited for 4 episodes so maybe there'll be something.
  4. Tedthebellboy

    Vanessa Bayer

    Here's a few more. She's definitely gotten a bit chubbier. Unfortunately she's on that cusp of celebrity where there arent too many pictures of here not from the show. But she's also on that cusp of celebrity where she won't be hounded for her gain and we might end up with something great.
  5. Hey all, There was a Youtuber who was named something like Layla. She was big on chugging and burping and I believe she was British. Her first video was her chugging Diet Pepsi and she was beautiful. Really great burps. Anyways, she disappeared. Or maybe she rebranded (wishful thinking). Either way, I lost all of her vids. Anyone have any ideas where she went? Or did anyone save anything? Thanks all!
  6. Tedthebellboy

    Need help identifying two posts here!

    Wow! Thanks so much! That's been driving me insane for a while. I really appreciate it!!
  7. Tedthebellboy

    Need help identifying two posts here!

    Hey all! I know that both of these girls were on this site, but for the life of me I cannot remember what their titles were. Can anyone help? Thanks so much in advance.
  8. Tedthebellboy

    Kathy Ireland/Backfire

    Hey! I remember there was a stuffing scene in a terrible movie "Backfire". this was up a while ago but YouTube took it down. Just wondering if anyone had another copy of it. Thanks!
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