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  1. I found this Chinese series called "Chinese Paladin 5 (仙剑云之凡)". In it, one of the characters gets fat periodically, not entirely sure why though since I don't know any mandarin, however, just from the little searching I did it appears to be related to a stone that saved her after an accident she had as a child? It seems to happen periodically throughout the series so this is just one example it happening. Nonetheless, Enjoy.
  2. I found this on YT. Its a little confusing for me since I don't speak Arabic but from what the title is in English (How to get fat in 3 days) and basic context clues, it seems like what happens in the video is a woman stuffs herself and gets fat(?) in an attempt (at least from what i gather) to dissuade her flirty boss. Again, I don't speak the language so this for the most part is a shot in the dark. Nonetheless, I think its pretty great if it is a weight gain despite it being a completely different actor.
  3. Found this by chance on a gif site of all places.
  4. Was going through a playlist on YT and found this. For a little context (or at least as much as I could gather from translating a few summaries. Around the halfway point, one of the characters has a nightmare about how life would be where he lives if he didn't exist. In the nightmare one of the characters named "Babel" (girl in the yellow dress shown earlier in the episode) marries another some other character and apparently gets fat.
  5. Here's a long overdue update this topic. Sara is showing no signs of shedding that pregnancy weight!
  6. Most of what I find has either already been posted or not worth posting with the occasional new clip here and there.. Although I do have a few videos containing things that have been previously posted on here that were either low quality, deleted, or incomplete that I plan on sharing as soon as I confirm the status of the original posts. I'm really trying not to repost something unless I have a good reason to. That being said, here's something I found a few weeks ago which I completely forgot about. I've never heard of this TV show but this particular episode is set in a circus which features a 'fat lady' act. I could be wrong but I do believe the actress is wearing some padding. In my opinion its just alright but I figure someone might like this so I'll post it. The best scene starts at 13:50. Also I should mention that one of the running gags of the show is that Beverly (Main character's ex-wife, also the person pursuing him the entire time) has "lost 75 pounds" since Johnny got out of prison. I cant be bothered to go through the whole series on the off chance there's a flashback scene where she's fat but if someone else does then be my guest.
  7. I dont have one written down but I keep a mental note of all the stuff I've acquired over the years. I also try to keep note of the things posted on here but its difficult since theres years of content on this topic. I hope the things i've uploaded today arent repeats.
  8. While searching for a specific clip from In living Color I came across these two sketches with alright fat suits. They're not the best but at least it's something.
  9. You can watch it for free on tubitv: https://tubitv.com/movies/342057/muffin-top-a-love-story
  10. BattleJapan

    Female wrestlers

    Thank you for posting her, I think I just found my new favorite wrester. 😍
  11. This picture is from September of 2010. Clearly she's still pretty big. She's also 18 in this pic. So unless these "fans" were somehow following her as a some teenage bodybuilder (which I highly doubt) these claims just aren't true.
  12. That's definitely not true. This pics are circa 2014. She's always been a big girl.
  13. BattleJapan

    Female wrestlers

    If anyone is interested, Blair Alexis as and OF page now.
  14. Seeing this thread on the first page reminded me that I had one of her latest series (royalties) sitting on my hard drive for some time now. Here's some screens from just about every epiosde (10 in total) Sadly, she's wears dresses for the majority of the series so we never get anything too revealing. One thing that caught me off gaurd is how many sex scenes she has in it. You dont really see actors her size have sex scenes so it was pretty refreshing. Okay, that last one's a bit much. But I had to. 😂 Finally, here's a bonus actress that shows up in one scene. I though she was pretty cute so i figured I'd post her as well.
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