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  1. I spent all day stuffing my fat belly. All I want to do before I pass out is add a little bit more fat to my body. Even though I'm so full, I'm craving a giant glass of chocolate whole milk. I rub my belly while I fill it up even more, my limits long since passed earlier in the day. My belly gets heavy and sloshy with my milk, and I rub it, feeling sexy and sleepy and STUFFED. Do you want me to drink even more?


  2. After eating a huge breakfast, I continued my day of gluttony as soon as I felt a little bit hungry. I wasn't starving, but I knew my huge gut was ready to have more shoved inside of it. I cooked up some delicious jalepeno poppers, a quesadilla, and a lot of rice. They all taste so good, I start eating them happily. After only a little while, I start to feel full again, my gluttony catching up with me. Despite this, I continue to eat more food, rubbing my belly and burping to make room inside. It's so hard to keep eating when I'm this stuffed, but I want to push myself, make myself fatter, increase my capacity for how much greasy food I can fit in my gut. I rub my belly and lament my fullness, but I still shove more bites in, getting even more full. At the end I can't eat another bite, so I chug some water to stretch my stomach. I'm so big I can barely move.


  3. I woke up in the morning feeling absolutely insatiable. I just want to spend all day sitting on my ass and stuffing my fat belly even fatter. I start off my day of gluttony by cooking myself two MASSIVE, fatty breakfast burritos. They're so good, when I start eating them I'm moaning at the delicious taste. As I eat more, my belly starts to get more full and I have to rub it to feel better. The second burrito is harder to eat, and I have to force myself to keep eating it, reminding myself that this is what it takes to get fat. I eat BOTH of them, and then chug the leftover drinks that I have, leaving me a fat couch potato, stuffed and immobile. I can't help thinking about what I'll eat next though....


  4. Black Friday Sale!!: Buy and review ANY of my videos and get one of your choosing free!!!! Ends at midnight tonight!

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (8).gif

  5. Good evening everyone!!! Anyone who buys and reviews one of my new clips gets to see how stuffed I got tonight!❤


  6. In this video I talk to you about how out of shape I've been feeling recently! The weather just got cold and I have been staying inside, lazing around and eating instead of working outside. I have been feeling winded more from simple activities. I play with my belly, showing you all the fat piling up on me from my laziness and gluttony. I tell you about how I want to eat a lot during the holidays, and I talk about how my body looks.


  7. Buy one of my new videos and message me for a free vid of your choice ❤


  8. I am so starving, I can't help eating my dinner extremely fast! I inhale my tacos in as fast as possible, grease dripping down and coating my lips in shiny fat. I chug my soda, burping greedily. What would be filling for someone else barely satisfies my huge, fat belly, and I lament about wanting to be fed more. I play with my fat belly which begs to be touched, rubbing it as it gets rounder and rounder.


  9. Just girls being fat❤1012011898_ezgif.com-gif-maker(4).thumb.gif.7b84e57993f988368a92470a35929dd1.gif



  10. Another pic dump....! I have been able to convince my partner to appear in more content lately so...That's hot ❤ Lately I have been eating a little extra everyday, and I think it's starting to show. I also keep getting mega cravings for greasy fast food that I am NOT denying.
  11. Obsessed with how hot we are

    2020-11-20 (13).png

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      That you two are! 😮 

  12. HOT new video out tonight!!! Oh my gosh we got so turned on getting stuffed and feeding each other.


  13. Join my partner and I in our first mutual belly stuffing video! Her name is Jules, and she is so so fat and sexy and nice enough to make a video with me. We were so hungry at the end of the day, so we went out and bought some chicken sandwiches, fries, and soda to fill our bellies up with. The food is so good and greasy, especially slathered in thick ranch. We eat while we rub our fat bellies. There’s so many fries, we start to feed each other some so that we can finish them. The fizzy soda keeps making us burp. As we get more full, we start rubbing each other’s bellies, feeling sexy and fat and full. Don’t you want us to eat even more and keep getting fatter?


  14. In this video I eat giant chocolate rolls and huge cups of whole milk in some really tight overalls! I just got myself a treat from the grocery store because I've been feeling so hungry lately. I need to eat just a little more at the end of the night to fill up my fat belly. I eat and chug until I'm so stuffed I need to unbutton my clothes and rub my aching belly. At the end you see a POV shot looking down at my full, round belly.


  15. HELLO I have a sudden need for emergency cash, so ALL MY VIDEOS ARE 50% TODAY ONLY!! PLEASE HELP SUPPORT A SEXY FAT BABE!!!!! 






































































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