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  1. Come check out my brand new inflation video! I haven't inflated in 6+ months, and I forgot how good it feels🤤


  2. I haven't inflated my belly in so many months, and I've gained quite a bit of weight since then! With my new, huge belly, I use my air pump to inflate myself. My belly has gotten so big, and I can fit more air inside me than ever before. My belly is the biggest that I've ever seen it! Watch as I get bigger and bigger, squirming while my belly gets huge and I can feel myself getting so full of air I feel like I'm going to pop!


  3. Happy Valentine's Day!!❤️ Come celebrate with me and spoil me by buying my short and sweet little Valentine's video!


    2020-02-14 (1).png

    2020-02-14 (2).png

    2020-02-14 (3).png

    2020-02-14 (4).png

    2020-02-14 (5).png

    2020-02-14 (6).png

    2020-02-14 (7).png


  4. Happy Valentine's Day! I am so happy to spend this day as a cute, plump, happy housewife. I decided to make myself some cupcakes today to celebrate! I have 20 rich, delicious chocolate cupcakes, and I hope I can eat them all by the end of the night. Come watch me shove a couple in my mouth while I talk to you and play with my huge, fat belly!! Don't you want to celebrate with me?


  5. I have been so in love with my beautiful fat body lately... I’m sure I’ll only get more beautiful the bigger I get

    Every video you buy feeds my growing belly a little bit more... don’t you want to make me bigger?









  6. I just uploaded two brand new videos! I talk a lot in the videos while I wear a tiny shirt and play with my big belly. Come get to know me better!🐷

    2020-02-01 (8).png


    2020-02-01 (10).png

  7. All of my clothes have been getting so small recently! My belly pops out of the bottom of every one of them. What am I supposed to do? I try on a tight white button up shirt, one that I have had since I was much skinnier. When I put it on this time, it is really tight! All this new fat will barely let me button the buttons. I talk about how fat I've gotten, and muse about how little time I'll be able to get this shirt on without the buttons popping! Come check out my big, round, stretchmark-covered belly!


  8. Feeling big and comfy tonight. I love how soft I am. Can’t wait to make some more videos tomorrow:) drop me some content requests!




  9. Come see how fat I am now at 250lbs!!! I am excited to keep growing!


  10. Hello guys! just posted some SUPER HOT new stuff! 😍

    I seriously ate more pizza in one sitting than I ever have... I am turning into such a fat girl.🐷

    See me gorge myself for over 30 minutes:

    Or see my before and after belly my feast:

    Support me as I do my best getting extremely fat!!🥰🥰🥰

    ezgif.com-optimize (2).gif


    2020-01-24 (2).png

  11. Short before and after taken from my pizza and soda stuffing video. None of the eating, just the super full tummy! I rub my stomach that I am about to stuff full of pizza, and then I show you how amazingly big I've gotten from stuffing myself! At the end, I dance with my full belly, jiggling and showing off for you.


  12. I am so hungry! I want to get something to eat, but I'm upset about having to spend the money. I begged my feeder to get me a pizza, and they surprised me by buying me two, and some soda! I'm so happy and hungry that I dig in, stuffing my face with the tasty pizza and bubbly Sprite. I can feel my round belly getting tighter where it hangs down into my lap. I'm getting so full I feel my stretchmarks get tight over my roundness. I manage to finish 1.5 pizzas and half the Sprite before I can't fit any more into myself. I struggle to stand up, but I really want to show you just how big I got. I rub and jiggle my incredibly taut tummy in your face, letting you see how big and fat I've gotten from eating so much food. Bonus stuffed belly dancing at the end with lots of jiggles!


  13. I absolutely love my big belly. What about you?😍

    2020-01-09 (1).png

    2020-01-09 (2).png


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