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  1. lovemfat

    jenna p

    Yes some douche bag found her personal info and contacted her. Said she can’t trust this site and left!
  2. lovemfat

    Feedee tumblr couple

    Is this the one you are looking for??? http://fa-chublove.tumblr.com
  3. lovemfat

    Kitten Woods

    Her name on youtube was kitty wood. Have not seen anything from her since those videos in February.
  4. lovemfat

    Anna Semenovich

    In case your wondering what was said under the video her is the translation: Anna Semenovich is 34 years, and it still has not married and did not even reveal who her chosen one. The singer stated that intends to "povybirat′ a husband." Meanwhile, doctors say that the singer's health at risk. According to doctors, S. looks at 10 years older than his biological age and need urgent help.
  5. lovemfat

    Who is this?

    Her name is Crysta used to model for that site that shall not be named. She got pregnant and never returned. Always wondered what happened to her.