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  1. I’m currently getting messages every time I change page on the we tried that then lock me out requesting a new email address abs to verify that I’m not a robot. this is really frustrating please can someone help me remove it I also have an old address but not allowed to use this as it is associated with an old account....help!!!??
  2. Can I post topless pics in here as I’ve just received some and blimey she looks chubby
  3. I’ve asked if she had any old pictures from skinnier days but I’m afraid she doesn’t!! I have however sponsored a dominoes stuffing and she sent me this...those poor trousers!!
  4. I’ll try and get more picture later today! I know she has been pigging out
  5. A friend of mine has always been skinny and even told she was medically under weight by the doctor growing up. she has had enough and now nearing 40 wants to finally gain weight and shake of the ‘skinny’ label. she has told me I can help as I came clean that I loved the idea of fattening her up. she’s going for it and a friend described her as looking pregnant yesterday...this didn’t phase her dang said she didn’t care prefers g it to the label of skinny! watch this space and I will update often. would love to hear you words of encouragement and I’ll pass theM on
  6. She’s gorgeous can’t wait to see the gain!!
  7. She’s told me she wants a nice soft big belly “and heaving tits”!!!!
  8. Is going to take pictures of what she eats throughout the day I’ll update to show you...please send words of encouragment and a morph would be insane and spur her on I’m sure!
  9. Considering she couldn’t pinch even a mm of fat before in first pic she’s definitely gaining
  10. Few more updates...words of encouragement would really help! I’ve told her I’ll make her fat and she agreed she wants to. Let’s give her encouragement!!!
  11. Yes she is wants to get to a uk size 12 is currently only an 8...I’m providing as much food as I can and encouraging her challenging to eat certain things...she’s had 2 donuts and a ** of cream for breakfast this morning so far!
  12. She’s sent a few more pictures this morning having downed a 250ml ** of double cream 🐷
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