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  1. Well .... see .... you look like that because YOU ARE! Self control left you a loooooong time ago, didn't it fatty! The overfed blob is all that remains. And that overfed blob? It's going to get BIGGER, and FATTER, and MORE OVERFED. And you know why? Because it's what you want! All the fat, you want it all. Stuffing, gorging, chugging, constantly filling yourself with thousands of fattening calories. It's all driven by that insatiable lust to be so, sooooo fat! Get it, piggy. Get it all! Leave nothing behind! 😍
  2. That blinding gluttony had to pay off, baby. I mean just look! So much more beautiful piggy to be had right there! 😍
  3. Film anything that makes you happy. Whatever it is, just let it be something that makes you smile again.
    Another great set of photos from Kat. More great outfits showing as much of her sexy plumpness as Curvage will allow her to get away with from all angles. And another great cameo from @RosieMarieFeedee
  4. Yes yes yes piggy. Hopefully by the time you read this you have already stuffed yourself so full you're having trouble lifting even your phone. If not, well then - you have work to do, don't you! ❤️
  5. Good night piggy. While I wish you a good night's sleep may your hunger drive you out of bed early for a debilitatingly huge morning fridge raid followed by a dozen donuts on the way to the work. 💗
  6. Another summit of sexy fatness. Although clearly the tiny little @jennifersbody needed the stuffing the most (I mean look at her - she's virtually not even there), I trust you and @MissSugarPlumpFairy got your fair share too?
  7. Hehe. Well what I can I say. We inspire each other! I'm glad you liked it sweety and I'm very glad it flicks a switch in you. We are blessed with how you much you share of yourself on here so If I can brighten your day a little, well that's just gravy. Hmmmmm gravy... Where can we go with that I wonder....... 💗
  8. Casey dozed in her favorite and most comfortable position - propped up on a bunch of pillows, one hand resting on her expansive belly. The morning's stuffings were taking their toll on her and she needed a little time to recover. Still - as always - she slept with a contented smile on her face despite the painfully full belly. Her feeder sat on a nearby comfortable chair with his sketch pad open, capturing another image of this ever growing beautiful piggy for his collection. He loved drawing her in this position. His sketch pad had become something of an historic documentation of her growth. Every few weeks he would produce another drawing of his fattening princess. Flipping back through the pad, you could clearly see the progression - the growing belly, the thickening thighs, the expanding bust and widening neck. He smiled as he completed the picture just in time to see Casey start to stir. He knew she would be hungry on waking and wasn't going to disappoint her. Disappearing into the kitchen he quickly mixed up another massive shake. Back into the room, Casey's eyes locked onto the full jug of fattening goodness heading her way and smiled broadly. "Funnel or straight from the jug, piggy?" "Funnel!" "Good piggy." Accordingly the funnel was loaded up, Casey took it in her mouth and in no time another 4000 calories had disappeared into her gut to make more fat for the piggy. "Now then, sweet fat piggy, we're going out for dinner. I've picked out some clothes I'd like you to wear on the table over there. Go ahead and get dressed and we'll be on our way." With that he left Casey to get dressed. When Casey saw what he wanted her to wear she felt a shiver go through her body. These were clothes she'd bought 6 months ago. She knew they were going to be tight - if they fit at all! Casey wiggled what used to be a knee length skirt over her thighs. Only now with the extra width of those thighs it finished comfortably above the knee. It 'just' fit around her big belly, but she knew as soon as she sat down and started eating it was going to have to go under her belly or split wide open. Then there was the top. She really wasn't sure about this. It only just covered her belly when she first bought it. Now, if she wasn't constantly pulling it down, her belly would be exposed with the slightest of movements. Fully dressed, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her first thought was that she looked like an overstuffed sausage ready to burst! Everything was tight, everywhere. And sure enough, as soon as she moved the skirt rode up her thighs and her shirt slipped above her belly. She was definitely going to be on display tonight. She was nervous at the thought, but her already dampening panties told the world she was also incredibly turned on! Casey's feeder smiled with approval as she walked out of the bedroom. "Perfect! You look like the perfect greedy feedee food slut you are, piggy!" He grabbed her and kissed her hard, feeling her fat bloated body through her tight outfit. He slipped his hand below her skirt and felt her panties - wet to the touch! He played with her pussy a little. As Casey's breathing started to get a little deeper and the soft moans were escaping her throat, he stopped! Casey moaned in disappointment. She knew she shouldn't be surprised - he always liked to have her on the edge. Grabbing two bags of chips and a big bottle of soda for Casey to have along the way, they headed for his car. Casey let the tight shirt ride up as she sat in the car and stuffed chips by the handful, taking occasional big slugs from the bottle of soda. People driving past could see the fat piggy stuffing herself with abandon. What they thought of her, she did not care. She was in her world - happy to be filling herself at every opportunity.
  9. Poor baby - you'd better keep your energy up. Plenty of liquids - I recommend heavy cream, melted Ice cream, whole milk and a protein powder - you know, for nutrition! 😉
  10. Bullseye baby. Nothing sexier in this world than confidence! ❤️
  11. Casey's feeder left her to her own devices for a short period while he ran some errands. Casey had a feeling that today her feeder had big plans for her so in her mind she was thinking this would be an opportunity for a little down time to let herself build up some room for the massive stuffings she was sure were coming later that day. At war with that thought though was her feedee side, constantly telling her "more, more, MORE!" When in doubt, Casey always went with what she knew - which is why when her feeder came back he found her finishing off two packs of mac & cheese with extra cream. "Ah, such a good feedee. But will you be able to eat all of these donuts now piggy?" he said as he produced a box of a dozen of Casey favorites. Casey's face was a mix of excitement and trepidation. She knew she was full, and she knew she was going to be in pain if she ate all 12 donuts on top of 2 packs of mac & cheese, not to mention the huge breakfast she started her day with. Yet at the same time, she wanted those donuts. She always wanted more. And when in doubt... Casey dropped to her knees as her feeder pulled up a chair in front of her. One by one her fed her all 12. Between bites he reached down and massaged her belly, helping more and more of those carbs settle in that ever expanding gut. Casey felt herself grow more and more aroused as her belly stretched to accept what was being stuffed into it. Her feeder gradually massaged lower and lower, reaching down to her fupa. Casey moaned - in arousal or pain he wasn't sure - but he wasn't stopping. He wanted to give Casey another orgasm as she stuffed. The rubbing and massaging got more intense. Casey's rocking was a sure sign she was getting closer and closer to cumming. He held off a little as she plowed through those donuts. Finally as she was on the last one he reached all the way under to Casey's pussy and felt just how drenched she was. It didn't take much - some short strumming of her clit turned Casey into a writhing, shuddering mess - cumming so hard she blacked out for a second. "Time for a little nap I think, sweet piggy." her feeder said as he helped her up.
  12. Soft light streams into the bedroom as day breaks. Casey starts to stir. Her feeder has been relentless lately and Casey has been feeling it. She cannot remember a time in the past month where she hasn't felt completely full and she loves it. As Casey rubs her hands over her distended fat belly and smells the aroma of hot bacon coming from the kitchen, she closes her eyes and casts her mind back to yesterday. Ah, yesterday. Her feeder really tested her limits yesterday. The day started with Casey finding her wrists bound to the bed frame. Somehow her feeder had managed to bind her without waking her. He'd become very good at that - but of course it could also have something to do with her being a massive food coma from the night before. As she opened here eyes and her world came into focus, the first thing she noticed was the funnel in his hands. She could see it was loaded with something, and she knew it was going to be heavy. "What's in that?" she asked. "No questions, piggy." he replied as he places the end of the funnel in her mouth. "Ready?" he asks. Casey nodded and the valve was released. Thick, rich, creamy, syrupy, and very, very heavy. Those thoughts registered in the Casey's head as she sucked down the fattening concoction. She managed to finish the entire full funnel without stopping. "4000 calories to start your day, piggy." her feeder said as he unlocked the handcuffs. "Now, as soon as you feel like you can move, come to the kitchen. But don't take too long - we wouldn't want breakfast to get cold, would we!" Casey let her first bulk calorie intake for the day settle for a few minutes and then, on the second attempt, managed to sit herself up and slip off the bed. Just in her loose top and thong panties she waddled into the the kitchen to see a massive stack of pancakes waiting for her along with a big tub of butter and a full bottle of maple syrup. Sitting herself down, Casey started tucking into more fattening calories - under the watchful eye of her feeder. She was already full, but then she always was lately. Slowly and methodically she took down one pancake after the other. She could feel all the greasy, syrup laden carbs sliding down her throat. The occasionally sipped from a tall frosty glass of sugary orange juice to help wash it down. She rocked her chair as she ate. The rocking motion did wonderful things to her fupa, as well as helping all that food settle. She listened to the chair groan in protest as she rocked herself closer and closer to orgasm as her feeder stood over her smiling. A big funnel, a massive breakfast and one orgasm down so far, Casey wondered what else her feeder had in store for her today. -----------------------------------
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