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    Boobs bellies and butts, my 3 deadly b's

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  1. Jinchuriki

    Who is she ?

    That is Goodgirlgrows my guy, hands down one of the best out there!
  2. Go ahead! The same thing happened to me.
  3. Smokin the night away...


  4. Dealing with a break up isn't fun alone, really wish I had someone to cuddle up to tonight...

  5. Girl friend broke up with me because we're to different and for being a feeder... 

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Sorry to hear. :( 

  6. Well ya boy single after 9 months, could really use a feedee to stuff to get my mind off of it...😔

  7. Would you say you have grown since the last time you posted?
  8. I think we would all love to see you keep gaining like this until you reach 300lbs!😍
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