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    I enjoy meeting and talking with new people, food, cooking, eating, music, baking😉

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  1. Hope everyone is being safe. I feel like i have slept and snacked so much! I'm getting bored and wish it was nicer out so i could enjoy myself more. What's your guys' favorite  snacks ??

  2. What is some of the content you guys like seeing the most ? I want to start posting things but i want to make sure that it is appropriate and wanted. 🖤 

  3. Im bored just chilling at my house. Probably  going to isolate to my bed room soon and need someone to talk too. Message me if you would like some company :)

  4. I'm new to this site! Hey everyone :)

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    2. Brattybabe963


      Thank you 💕

    3. LoveCurves8377


      Welcome , I hope you enjoy this website and you show us how much a hungry piggy you are .

    4. BloatedBarbie


      Hello welcome to curvage ☺️ 💓

    5. regbill



      Welcome to Curvage!:)

    6. Brattybabe963


      Thank you 🥰🥰

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