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(8/8 Vore Day Sale) Cruel Giantess Mass Tiny Feast & Torment
Me and @Vore-acious torment a LOT of tiny men - squishing in cleavage, belly button, teeth crunching, squashing under our fat asses before we gulp them down. We know how to enjoy a meal of LOTS of tinies in the meanest way possible 💞💞

Please review after downloading - I read them all!! 🥰💞
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Check In With Cheeky BBW Kaylee Graves
Let's check in on my progress and admire my sexy curves while I wear this tiny pair of panties. Wait, they're just an XL ??! I can't believe they still fit my juicy ass after all these years! I doubt I'd be able to fit into a new pair of the same ones, since these have stretched out soooo much from wearing them.

Let's pull out the scale together and see if I've gained any weight recently 🥰 I bet you'll be keeping track of the numbers every time I step on it, right?

I sure can feel my soft belly rolls getting bigger. Did you notice them, or were you too busy staring at my cute reactions and all these jiggles?



Filmed back at the end of July of 2020, this clip is from my archives! Can you guess how much bigger I am now?? I'll be uploading more weigh-in's from my archives in the future, so keep track for me ok?!
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Watch me inflate my belly in my first time stuffing vid🥵✨️
First time stuffing! I inflate like a ball! Belly rubs & jiggles 😝

PHAT burger & Milkshake while i try to down a coke too 🥵🙈

HELP! I'm STUCK again + Dance Ft: LaurenLush & Kawaii Piggy
Kayla is left alone in the hotel and decides to find @LaurenLush's snacks by going through her luggage! 

To Kayla's surprise there is still some sprinkles left ! Kayla takes the sprinkles and dances around the room until she hears Lauren Lush & @kawaiipiggy come back!. 

Kayla does not know where to hide so she finds the first small crevice she can find, but when she realizes she's too fat to hide there she can't seem to get out before they find her! 

Kayla's massively large ass gets her stuck in a perdicament. ! Kayla then hides the food under her big thighs hoping Lauren does not see! 

Lauren Lush & Kawaii piggy try getting baby oil to help loosen the stockage and shove there hands behind her butt to shove her out! 

After the relief Lauren catches her with the snacks ! 

How will Lauren respond ? how will Kawaii piggy be able to help Kayla get unstuck? can Kayla being such a fat food thief keep everyone everyone happy! 

Find out ❤️ and see ! 

Leave a review for a sexy surprise on Curvage ❤️ 

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Hello from Australia! Come say hi :P
Come talk to me! I'm especially bored 😅

❤️ So I had an interesting custom video request….<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ I woke up thinking “I’m pregnant” 🤰 🤰🤰<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ Tons of GROANING and grunting<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ Talk about bursting, exploding, and popping
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Kaylee Graves' Deep Navel Exploration
Plump, curvy, jiggly, delicious.... I know you can't resist my big beautiful belly!
Of course it's cute as a button, but more importantly, it's incredibly sexy!

Let's explore my belly button with my fingers and see how deep it goes. Do you think all this squishy goodness will make them disappear entirely?
OH! You've got something else in mind, other than my fingers? You naughty boy!

It feels so good when you've filled up my belly button to the brim with a sticky puddle...



Filmed back in July of 2020, this clip is from my archives! Can you guess how much bigger I am now??
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Fired From Hooters for Outgrowing the Uniform
[[role play, pov, wg denial, belly play]]

Kelli is your favorite Hooters waitress; she’s nice to you, she flirts with you, and not to mention you’ve been watching her pack on the pounds over the past couple months. Every time you come in, you see her uniform straining more and more, and you can’t help but admire every single new pound on display.

However today is different; rather than coming to greet you, you see Kelli is visibly upset. You ask her what’s wrong and it turns out she’s been fired from Hooters. It’s obvious as to why, but you’re polite and ask anyways. She tells you her manager said it’s due to her recent weight gain, but she completely denies that she’s gained any weight at all.

As you comfort her, she begins to realize and accept that she’s fattened up quite a bit. You eventually tell her you think she looks great with the added weight—even better than before! You can tell she’s really happy to hear this (and maybe even a little turned on) so you decide to just go for it and invite her back to your place


#07 Funnel Stuffing: 2 LITER Icecream + 1/2 KG Cake Mix + More Calories!


24 HOUR INTRO SALE: FROM $ 15.95 TO ONLY $ 9.95!



You help me getting better (and bigger haha) by leaving a review/comment on this video!


To leave a review you have to click on the stars...

I want to thank everyone who is downloading my videos for their support! 💖
Without you I couldn't start and do this weight gain journey.

With each download I can buy more food.
More food = more fat = more weight 😁!


I am already looking forward to my next weigh in video because I can feel my body getting heavier with each day! 😊


Big Kiss 💋



P.S. I found this old photos of me:


Brown Bikini Belly Play
Hey hey hey !  Check out my ✨ first ✨ video as a curvage model. Come with me and be mesmerised by me playing with my chubby empty belly. Just waiting to be stuffed. Enjoy 😉 

If you liked it please leave a review it really helps me. Love ya Blue x 😘
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Chugging Shakes and Belly Rub
In this video I try a weight gain shakes through a funnel again for the first time in months. I would love to get back into it to help me reach my goal. This video includes belly rubs, burping and moaning from the pain of my swollen belly. It hurt but felt good too. 😉

Part 1 Weight Gain Compilation!! 105 to 200 lbs
Part 1 of my weight gain compilation with weights and months I reached those goals 💜 I chose a mix of video clips (most of them never seen on curvage!) that show my gain with full body angles, belly focused, ass, and face. Watch me grow! Lots of belly jiggling, stomach sounds too ☺️ 

please leave a review after downloading - I read them all!!

Picnic Date makes me Obese Ft. Enchantress
@Enchantress surprises Kayla with a picnic ! but Kayla has no idea how far of a plan she truly had. There is a major feast, cookies, whole chicken, macaroni salad, salami, drinks, and more!  Kayla keeps eating with enchantresses encouragement and ends up getting extremely huge ! So big Kayla can barely get up and needs help walking back! 

if you love weight gain, fat chat, two sexy girls, stuffings, bloating YOU WILL LOVE THIS ❤️ 


SPF 350


Lauren is on vacation and wants to make sure that she doesn’t burn!

The air bnb she is staying at has a enormous stash of sunscreens when she comes across one named “SPF 350”…..

Intrigued by the FULL POWER of this protectant she decides to take it with her!

While on the beach, Lauren remembers the sunscreen and slathers it all over her already chubby body… but something is very different….

As the day progresses she feels as if her clothes are becoming tighter and tighter and tighter….

Parading in her little suit and practically becoming a beached whale, it’s clear to see LAUREN IS NOW 350 POUNDS!

When Lauren looks down she is horrified at the discovery that the sunscreen instantly turned her into such a porker!!!!


How could a sunscreen called 350 magically make Lauren the same weight?! 


OVERFED! ft. Kaybearcutie95 & TheLilDumplin
Lauren has been lacking motivation on stuffings when @Kaybearcutie95 slaps her out of it and into motivation mode! 

While comparing their red lingerie that is the EXACT SAME SIZE, Kayla explained just where Lauren needs to fill out. And the solution? STUFFINGS!

Kayla starts with stuffing Lauren with delicious, finger licking wings while pumping her up about the new gains she will be receiving if she just followed Kayla’s lead!

While grabbing and carressing Laurens fat, Kayla starts getting hungry and turned on herself too.

Lauren begged to stop, as her lingerie pushed its limits of holding her in when Kayla tells Lauren she needs to keep eating her bag of chips to hit her goals…. Just when she felt as if she was going to fail from being too full someone arrived for BIGGER MOTIVATION….


@TheDumplin ARRIVES! 
Hands full of dessert she shows Lauren and Kayla what it truly takes to become an SSBBW! 
of course, this part gets a lil messy and VERY sexy.

Fried Food Stuffing
What’s this piggy favorite food? Anything fried! Watch @_precious_kitten devour soda after soda, fry after fry, and a dozen mozzarella sticks! She stuffs her face until her belly bloats then wiggles and jiggles her growing body. Throw in the occasional burp, and you have the perfect stuffing! 
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Bikini Bloat & Burp w/ GoodGirlGrow
Me and @goodgirlgrow get bloated and burpy off of kombucha together and touch each other’s bellies ☺️✨ it’s super carbonated, my stomach gets gurgly and noisy before I burp a couple big ones! GGG gets lots of cute deep burps immediately.

if you enjoyed this clip, please leave a review after downloading! I read all of them & appreciate it so much 💜

I am so fit! (Weight Gain Denial)
This clip is for my friends who are into weight gain denial. 

“So you think I gained weight? I don’t think I have… at most maybe 5 pounds maybe!” 

“I think I can do all the old fitness activities I used to do, no problem.” 

In this clip Zoey touches her toes, runs in place, does some jumping jacks, sneaks a cookie in, and tries out the dreaded rowing machine…

She is in complete denial and think she looks skinny and is just as fit has she has always been. You have no problem trying to correct her and she is sassy right back to you. 

In the end… she thinks you might be right… maybe she did gain a little bit more than a little… and that she might actually like it… 

(please note she is in sports bra and leggings for majority of the clip, and doesn’t get into shorts until the last bit of the clip on the rowing machine) 

Coworker called me fat 🥰
😫 SHE CALLED ME FAT 😫<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;"><br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ Watch me brag about my coworker calling me fat<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ Wearing pigtail braids 🥹🎀<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ Newest and most bloated gut <br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ I pop out of my tight shorts 😭<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ Fat belly rolls in your face 😉<br style="color:#242529;font-size:16px;padding:0px;">❤️ I talk about how swollen and fat I look

Time to go UP a size (or two) !! Jean shorts try on!!
So I ordered a new pair of super cute jean shorts for a trip I have coming up! I ordered my normal size 20. Watch this clip to see exactly how I react to how they fit me, or better yet, how they DONT fit me 😅 

my belly is literally overflowing! I do everything I can to squeeze into these shorts! 

Bunny’s Favorite: Hot Wings
Bunny is so greedy and hungry that she ordered 30 wings for the first time! As she starts inhaling and sucking every bone dry, she breathes heavier and heavier slowing down and leaning back causing her belly to pop out. After struggling to eat in the end, she finishes about 20 wings and is completely out of breath. 

10 minutes of my chuggin and getting sooo gassy. I couldn’t help it in, they were so loud😩😆 ( this also comes with 25 pictures)

Eating a giant bowl of cereal and jiggling my tummy
I decided on eating cereal I hope u guys like it as much as I did. Tell me in the comments how much weight u think I gained eating 😉💗
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#04 4000 Calorie Chocolate Cake Stuffing! + Burping, Tight Clothes and Much More!

INTRO SALE! - FIRST 24 HOURS: FROM $ 14.95 to ONLY $ 8.95!


You help me getting better (and bigger haha) by leaving a review/comment on this video!


To leave a review you have to click on the stars...

I want to thank everyone who is downloading my videos for their support! 💖
Without you I couldn't start and do this weight gain journey.

With each download I can buy more food.
More food = more fat = more weight 😁!


I am already looking forward to my next weigh in video because I can feel my body getting heavier with each day! 😊


Big Kiss 💋



P.S. I found this old photos of me:


OH FUDGE! Ft Lauren Lush
Kayla and Lauren Lush team up again for a sexy new video ❤️ 

they share fudge pops & share eachother ❤️ this video gets super hott! So be prepared ! 

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