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Teaser: Switching Diets

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I'm back! Me and the gf are doing pretty good. Here's a short chapter to show that I'm still working. Will definitely post a follow-up here soon.

Chapter One

“Hey!” I beamed at the smartphone camera staring blankly at me and my new opponent. “I’m Stacey!”

               “And I’m Jesse,” my opponent leaned his head over my shoulder with a jerk of his bearded head.

               “And today we got something really special for you guys… ehh…” I spaced out, staring at everyone in the room for help. “Help me out guys. What are we doing?”

               Jesse shrugged, no doubt amused at my befuddlement.

               “Tiff? Paula? Help me-uh!” I whined. “I suck at talking!”

               My friends, both petite little Asians who’d helped me train and cut for a bodybuilding contest for the last few months, snickered at each other until Tiff mercifully turned the phone away from me and onto herself.

               “What’s up guys?” Tiff waved her whole arm and swung the phone into a wide panoramic of the whole room. “Welcome to the Two Best Friends Lift channel!” (at this point, Paula made a face at the camera) “And today we’re going to begin filming for the Total Diet Switch Challenge… Paula? You got anything to tell us?”

               “So!” Paula clapped her hands excitedly and bounced on her toes (nearly making her five and a half feet tall). “Behind me we got my boyfriend Jesse – wanna wave Jesse?”

               “Nah bro,” Jesse waved anyway.

               “And then we got my client – Tiff’s bestie BFF – Stacey! You’ve seen her before – right Stacey?”

               “A little? I dunno.”

               “So here’s the deal!” Tiff said excitedly. “Jesse is a professional powerlifter and Stacey just got second place in a bodybuilding contest. Both track their caloric intake and measure their macros after every meal. They are about to switch diets for this challenge, and the rules are simple: each must match the caloric intake of the other from before the challenge. Whoever fails or quits first is the loser – and the winner gets all the profit off this upload as well as two tickets to an all-round trip on a cruise liner!”

               “I mean,” Paula shrugged happily. “The stakes just could not be higher on this. My boyfriend better win this, or how am I supposed to get on that cruise liner?”

               “You hear that Jesse?” Tiff called. “Your girlfriend’s gonna break up with you if you lose!”

               “Tell her I’ll sit on her face!” Jesse grinned as his girlfriend squealed and hid behind Tiff.

               “So let’s get started!” Tiff continued talking to the camera. “We’re going to add some stats to help you guys out. On the left side of the screen you’ll the total calories Jesse still has to eat to qualify for the day, while on the right you’ll see Stacey’s – and as an added bonus, we’re going to do weigh-ins after every meal, the results of which will be just below the calorie counts.

               “Stacey did well cutting for her bodybuilding contest, and with a height of 5’6’’ measures at exactly 109 pounds. Jesse, however, stands at a whopping 6’2 and 212 pounds.”

               “I will sit on your face,” Jesse smirked at Paula, who eased herself behind him and cupped his beard in one hand while she rubbed his shaven head.

               “Now here’s where the real challenge begins,” Tiff grinned. “Starting now, Stacey will be eating like Jesse and Jesse will start eating like Stacey.”

               “Easy day,” I nodded confidently. “Jesse doesn’t even know how hungry I am. Cutting for four months does things to a girl.”

               “You sure ‘bout that?” Jesse winked at me.

               “You can’t go without a six-pack a day!” I taunted back. “I’ve seen how you eat! I got this.”

               “It is what it is,” Tiff smiled knowingly at the camera. “Jesse will have to eat between 1,400 and 1,500 calories a day, and Stacey will have to eat between 4,900 and 5,000 calories.”

               I blinked. “Wait, what?”

               “Oh hell naw,” Jesse shook his head.

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17 hours ago, cane4kaa said:

Good story

So far so good 👌

11 hours ago, Cult-Lit said:

The madlad actually did it! Excited to see this one develop :D

I might take forever to get these done, but no one's ever accused me of doing a rush-job!

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Chapter Two

               Two hours later, I was striding through the mall, desperately scheming on how exactly I was going to nearly triple my diet. The fact that Paula was just behind me talking into her phone camera and recording my every step was less than helpful.

               “It’s eleven in the morning,” Paula skipped happily to my side to get my side profile in view. “And Stacey has exactly thirteen hours left to consume at least 4,900 calories! To put that into perspective, she needs to average 376 calories per hour to reach her goal – and that’s assuming she doesn’t take any naps in the meantime!”

               “Paula?” I shot her a crooked smile. “Why are you documenting with me instead of your boyfriend?”

               “Cause Tiff says she doesn’t want me to help Jeffrey cheat,” Paula rolled her eyes and fluttered her eyelash extensions.”

               “Any idea where they went?”

               “Uh… I’ll check when I’m not recording. So what are you thinking, Stacey? You worried you won’t make it yet? I’ve never seen you eat more than a snack.”

               I only smiled wider. Yes, it was true that I was worried, and the fact that I was about to gorge myself on 5,000 calories a day meant that I –

               “You worried about getting fat?” Paula grinned mischievously. “Ready to lose your abs?”

               Fuck! Paula was playing dirty! She knew that my perfectly-cut physique meant the world to me, but I couldn’t let her see that. I knew she was trying to make me quit so she could book that cruise with her boyfriend, and I would not let her have the satisfaction of making me doubt myself. Once I set myself a goal, there was no turning back! Besides, Jesse would probably quit in a few days…

               So I laughed at the ceiling and turned towards the food court. “Girl, it’s bulking season! You have no idea how hungry I am!”

               “Tough words from a girl who hasn’t eaten yet!”

               “I got a plan, okay? I’m going to start with…” hold on. Panda Express? Or Charlies Subs? Both had big servings, but what would be easier to eat? “I’m going to start with Burger King!” I said suddenly.

               “Wow, bold move!” Paula smirked as I edged into line. “When’s the last time you had fast food?”

               “Exactly,” I smirked back, doing my best to act as if it had been my plan all along. “I’ve been looking forward to this for months.” I was actually low-key scared. Fast food? What was wrong with me? Why did I blurt-out Burger King? Was it too late for me to leave the line…? But no… not with Paula watching…

               “You sure your body can handle the greasy food? I don’t think you’ve got what it takes.”

               Instead of answering, I approached the counter and faced a pudgy woman waiting for my order.

               “Hi, how are you?”

               “How can I take your order?” she asked, nail extensions resting on her keyboard.

               “Hey, so I would like a whopper combo with – not so close Paula, jeez! With fries and a sprite… please.”

               “What size would you like?” she asked as her nails clacked.

               “Large,” I stated flatly. “Definitely large. Oh, and also add a chocolate shake.”


               “Yes…” I bit my lip. Hopefully Paula perceived it as hunger rather than stage fright.

               “Alright, your total is…”


               It took over an hour for me to finish the combo. As hungry as I was, my stomach wasn’t used to stretching any bigger than the size of a grapefruit, and the innermost notch on my belt wasn’t used to being strained either. Still, Paula’s annoying jabs at my confidence only made me try harder.

               “Stacey has just finished a large whopper combo, totalling an astounding 1,616 calories,” Paula beamed as she sat across from me, angling her phone to get a good view of me finishing my last few fries. “Once she’s done, she moves on to the chocolate shake and another 761 calories. That will put her at 2,377 calories, and nearly halfway to her goal.”

               Holy shit, was I really eating that much? No wonder my stomach was feeling so tight… and I was about to eat even more.

               “So how do you feel, Stacey?” Paula smiled. “Feeling full?”

               Before answering, I confidently stuffed the remaining two fries into my mouth. “I was wondering about you. Haven’t seen you eat anything at all.”

               “Please,” Paula waved her hand dismissively. “I don’t eat fast food. Maybe if we go somewhere nice, I’ll order a salad or something.”

               “Then let’s go,” I smirked and stood up, ignoring the tightness on the front of my jeans.

               “What… now? You can’t possibly still be hungry…”

               “I –” a burp escaped my lips before I could mask it. “I am. There’s plenty of room in here,” I patted my still-relatively-flat stomach. “Any suggestions?”

               “Maybe finish the shake before suggesting round two?”

               I laughed. “Not a - hic – chance. I’m winning this contest. Let’s go, sister.”


               Our next stop, of course, was Cheesecake Factory. No other place could pack so many calories into such little treats.

               “You can’t be serious,” Paula laughed nervously.

               “Didn’t you say you would eat somewhere fancy?” I smiled.

               “Yeah, but I’m just saying… you’re still hungry?”

               I was stuffed. My abs were stretched taught to contain a food baby that wasn’t going away any time soon. Could I force myself to eat more? Maybe if I made room by unzipping my jeans… but there was no way I was doing that in front of Paula.

               “We don’t have to eat right away,” I smiled. “Let’s order some slices and eat them at home. What kind of cheesecake would you like? I’m going to get Mango Key Lime… sir? I’d like to order takeout…”

               As I made my order, Paula set to work documenting my binge.

               “Stacey has committed her very soul to this contest. Right after that fast food binge, we are making a stop at Cheesecake Factory to get a slice of Mango Key Lime, which stands at a whopping 1,280 calories per slice. With the chocolate shake long gone and that fast food digesting, she is about to reach 3,687 calories for the… Stacey? What are you doing?”

               “What’s it look like?” I grinned as I saw the look of shock on her face. “I’m buying the whole cake.”

               “There’s no way you can finish all that!”

               “Sure I can,” I lifted the bag containing my prize and turned to leave. “It’ll just take a few days. Got to get those calories in somehow. You sure you don’t want one?”

               “I’m good.”

               “I’ll share a slice or two with you when we get home.”


               Back at the apartment, we found Tiff and Jesse watching Netflix together. Stacey rushed into her boyfriend’s meaty arms like a rabbit, kicking her legs back as if it had been weeks since they’d seen each other rather than half a day. With the four of us reunited again, we opted to play MarioKart to pass the time.

               “What’s that you’re drinking, Jesse?” I smirked at the mug by the powerlifter’s side. “Sneaking beer into your diet?”

               “Nah, I maxed out,” Jesse kept his eyes glued to the screen. “Just coffee. No more calories for me. How ‘bout you?”

               I huffed slowly as I leaned back on the sofa and stared at the half-eaten pizza on the table. I’d changed into my tracksuit as soon as I’d gotten home, but I barely felt any less stuffed. Honestly, it was a shock that no one could see the food-baby I was developing. Thank god for loose clothing!

               “I dunno… how much have I got left, Paula?”

               “450 calories!” she said smartly.

               “Oh come on,” I groaned as I shifted in my seat. “There’s no way its that high.”

               “452 to be exact!”

               “Fuck,” I eased myself up and leaned my elbows onto my knees. “Last place again… can we play Mario Party next?”

               “Champion, baby!” Jesse shook his fist. “I get to pick the next game.”

               “Mario Party?” I asked hopefully, adjusting my track bottoms over the bulge of my taught little gut.

               “Yea bruh.”

               “Nice…” I stretched my arms and yawned – only to quickly bring my arms down to protect the thin sliver of skin that had exposed itself for an instant. “Paula! Are you filming that? Quit it!”

               “I can cut that part out later,” Paula shrugged.

               “Shit… where’s the coke? I’m gonna chug it and get this over with…”

               Naturally, Paula began filming in earnest. “Tiff! Tiff, she’s going for it!”

               “Yeah, girl!” Tiff cheered encouragingly. “You got this!”

               And so, with everyone watching as Jesse switched the games on the console, I stood myself by the coffee table, grabbed a half-full jug of coke, and twisted the cap off. The thing hissed like a snake between my fingers, warning me of the discomfort I was about to suffer. Between all the extra attention and my already-stuffed middle, I was beyond caring. Tiff and Paula’s channel averaged half a million views an upload, and I could easily be looking at an extra few hundred dollars a day if I won this. Soon I would be relaxing between a hot tub and open bar on a tropical cruise to nowhere, and I wouldn’t have to worry about cameras in my face anymore.

               I began to chug. The coke was slightly flat, but that just made it easier to guzzle. Each gulp fizzed all the way down my throat, splashing deep inside my innards and sloshing against the food within. The gas was building up; I felt the lingerie strapped against my tummy bulge stretch ever so slightly.

               “If Stacey can finish this chug,” Paula narrated. “She will be finished eating for the day at about 4,940 calories. With a sustaining diet averaging 1,500 calories, she will be eating well over 3,500 extra calories a day. At this rate, she can expect to gain a whole pound a day.”

               I swallowed the last gulp and released a defiant belch like a howling wolf. “What that, Paula? You still think I’m going to get fat?”

               “You’re getting fat,” Paula tittered. “Wanna show us the foodbaby?”

               I didn’t, but everyone needed to think I wasn’t anywhere close to backing down – which I wasn’t. Regardless, I lifted my track jacket and revealed my taught midsection.

               “See these abs?” I slapped it and gave it a rub. “There’s a reason I – urp – have these. Now that I’m fuelled with 5,000 calories, you’re about to see me working-out more and getting stronger than ever.”

               “For real, though,” Jesse got back on the couch, the Mario Party logo flashing on the TV screen. “Carbs are the key to success. All of the carbs.”

               “Also,” I winked at Paula. “I’m gonna whoop your ass at this game.”

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Not gonna lie, I can definitely understand the pain. I just hope she doesn’t actually try to exercise after doing that. Cheeseburgers and pull-ups are not a good combo. 

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12 hours ago, Mr.Grignard said:

Not gonna lie, I can definitely understand the pain. I just hope she doesn’t actually try to exercise after doing that. Cheeseburgers and pull-ups are not a good combo. 

I made this mistake just two days ago. I had to run extra slow

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Ugh... what a week 😖 got a quick update for you.

Chapter Three

               “That was some pretty intense numbers, Tiff,” Paula snarked theatrically at her partner.

               “You said it, Paula,” the girl chuckled. “Three pounds down and no sign of giving-up. Jesse’s a champ.”

               “Feed me food!” Jesse whined from the next room.

               It was enough to make Tiff cringe as Paula laughed at her, but instead of jabbing with a cheap one-liner, Paula turned her attention back to her phone’s camera and beamed wide.

               “We are now on day seven of the diet switching challenge!” she told the invisible audience. “And our contestants show no signs of giving-up! These are trained athletes, and even if the diet changes their life, they will stick to it for victory. It’s official: we’re in this for the long-haul. But who will give up first? We might soon find out… Stacey! It’s time to weigh in!”

               I stared down Paula, the most annoying life-narrator I’d ever had. “Relax, girl. I’m not giving up,” I grinned slyly. “Really, if it means denying you a tropical cruise, there’s nothing that can stop me.”

               “So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you weighed.”

               It was something we did after every meal, so I was used to it. Still, seeing Paula bend down to get her phone close to the scale’s reading was just as irritating as it was the first time she’d done it.

               “Seven pounds,” Paula said triumphantly as if I were her price cow. “Seven-point-two pounds gained in seven days! I’m guessing it’s not all muscle, is it Stacey?”

               “No,” I blushed as I stepped off the stupid scale. “Not quite.”

               “Didn’t you say you were gonna train harder?”

               “Actually, I am,” I replied defiantly, hands on my hips. “I’ve been hitting higher maxes on deadlifts, squats, and bench.”

               “Fuck yeah,” Jesse smiled as he strode back in the room, popping gum into his mouth. “That’s what you do!”

               I smiled, but inside I was cringing. Eating 4,900 calories was a titanic struggle, especially for someone small like me. Even with my vegetarian weight-gain shake every morning, I needed three feasts every day to reach my quota, plus numerous uncounted snacks. It was enough to make my trim little waist feel like a balloon at all times. A balloon that never quite deflated and was slowly getting bigger…

               “So what’s some things you’ve noticed about your body in the last week?”

               “I feel pretty good,” I nodded thoughtfully. “Ever since I started, I feel totally energetic. Like, I have all this energy out of nowhere and it has a really positive effect on my time at the gym.”

               “What else?”

               “I guess, now that I think about it, my face tends to get flustered a lot more, and I also noticed that my feet feel pretty swollen. On the plus side, I don’t get as sore from workouts because of all the carbs I’m taking in. Yeah…”

               What I didn’t mention was what Paula was probably trying to get me to admit: I was noticeably softer. I felt it in all my jeans now; a snug fit that traced its way from knee to hip. As I walked, the skin of my ass cheeks brushed against their constraining fabric in ways they hadn’t before. The tone in my arms was smoothing-out and I had small rolls on the sides of my bra. Worst of all was the pressure on the front of my jeans. At this rate, I’d have to unbutton them in a couple days, and unzip them by next week.

               “So all things considered, you feel pretty good?”

               “Hell yes,” I cracked a smile. “What’s hard about eating all day?”

               “Aren’t you worried about how fat your getting?”

               Bitch! Paula was going to pay for this bullshit, starting with losing her chance at that cruise!

               “Girl, take a look at this fat ass and tell me you aren’t jealous!” I twisted around and gave it a stinging smack. “When this is over, you’re gonna have to kiss it. Getting fat was never so fun!”

               Tiff laughed, no doubt triggered by Paula’s face as her lips pursed in frustration. I laughed with her and tried not to think how my once perfectly-toned ass had jiggled against my fingers for the first time.

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2 hours ago, Mr.Grignard said:

I dabble... wait why?

Ehh... thinking about commissioning some

Also, I posted the story and it's literally more than twice as long as what's on here

happy workout GIF by HelloGiggles

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On 3/2/2021 at 4:20 AM, >_< 0_0 said:

Update: the story will be finished tonight! I will upload it to the store for $1.99 🪙 The finished content will be twice as long as what’s already posted here!

Also, anyone good at drawing?

Don't you have a KoFi/Patr_eon? I'd prefer just subscribing than paying for a single story

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1 hour ago, richman92 said:

Don't you have a KoFi/Patr_eon? I'd prefer just subscribing than paying for a single story

I don’t at the moment... having one feels dishonorable to me because I don’t upload consistently. It’s cheaper to buy them individually, I think.

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