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Hello! I've been a user here for over a decade I think. I recently started selling my stories on Kindle but I have also been uploading all of those stories to this site and have received some highly appreciated feedback from a lot of other users. But, even though I have no problem with continuing to upload my stories here for free, unfortunately that has led to an issue. The problem that I would like to bring up with you today has to do with this e-mail that I received from KDP. I've shaved it down to the important parts for you.



During our review, we found that the following book(s) contains content for which you may not hold the necessary rights. Some or all of the content within your book(s) is freely available on the web. We need you to confirm your publishing rights before the book is made available on Amazon.

Selective Side-Effects Pt. 1: A BBW SSBBW Short Story by Writer, Shaq (AUTHOR) (ID: 34752009)

We need to confirm one of the following:
• You are the copyright owner of the content that is freely available on the web
• The content found on the web is in the public domain

In order to publish the book(s), please take the appropriate action below within 5 days:

Option 1:
Provide documentation and/or verification showing you hold publishing rights. Acceptable documentation may include:

• A signed copy of the agreement between you and the author(s) or website owner(s)
• An email from the domain of the web address where the content is found stating that they do not object to your use of the content
• If the website where the content is found includes email contact information, an email from the address listed on the website stating that they do not object to your use of the content

• If the author of the content has an official website, an email from the address listed on the author’s official website indicating that they do not object to your edition


I think that options two and three would be the most viable. Is it okay to request such an e-mail? More importantly, am I going about this request the correct way? I wan't sure. 

This is the story in question. I'm a bit confused as to how copyright works, but I hope that I still own the story even though I've posted it here for others. It actually hurts a lot because it is my most popular, bestselling story and its Part 1 of 4 so I can't market the other chapters either.

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I expect @S77 and/or other folks who can speak for Curvage on this issue will have no problem providing helpful confirmation that Curvage asserts no ownership claim to your original stories posted here and, relatedly, has no objection to you marketing your original stories elsewhere.

If that's not the case then I think the issue may become a point of concern for a lot of people who post original stories and other creative works here at Curvage.

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We would of course be happy to affirm that we take no ownership over your written work.

as an alternate solution curvage is working on expanding the clip store to have a store for authors to sell stories and other written work. 

One story is already being sold in the store and there seems to be a good amount of interest here.

So there are certainly some options for you

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14 minutes ago, Chickenshack said:

This is all very good to hear :) I will contact KDP about what specific kind of affirmation that they want. I am also more than open to selling short stories and taking commissions on here as well.

Feel free to start up a PM with me and I will be able to help with both things.

Thank you :)

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