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5 hours ago, Batman76 said:

I plan on ivy bring in denial well after she's to big to physically stand up. And yeah, that's an in on wonder woman. I'm going to let this spread out after a couple more chapters...

Wonder Woman?

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1 hour ago, Batman76 said:

Oh yes, I do love making fit Amazons get soft and thick...

Nothing better than making the greatest warriors wide and wobbly!

Also, I was wondering something--will we see any heroes or villains that haven't been/played minor roles in your previous stories? Ladies like Vixen, Hawkgirl, or others that don't get nearly enough love.

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37 minutes ago, CyrilFiggus said:

Nothing better than making the greatest warriors wide and wobbly!

Also, I was wondering something--will we see any heroes or villains that haven't been/played minor roles in your previous stories? Ladies like Vixen, Hawkgirl, or others that don't get nearly enough love.

Yes, to a degree in both of those two at least cameo wise. I've got firm plans for Lois lane, Artemis and several others. I might expand more the more comic I read during the shut down

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6 hours ago, Batman76 said:

Oh yes, I do love making fit Amazons get soft and thick...

Now that's something I can get behind, I wonder if all the Amazons will gain the chub or just Wonder Woman and Artemis.

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Oh god this is getting so long.


Chapter 5: Mother Knows Best


Atop the art museum, Cassandra found herself nodding along with Catwoman's suddenly kind words, surprised at herself.


It wasn't that Catwoman had been a criminal supervillain, Batgirl herself had been an involuntary assassin. But that Selina, through harsh words and sharper body language, radiated disdain, judgement and superiority. She was manipulative and selfish, enough to seemingly wrap Batman himself around her sharp nailed fingers. She might actually love Cass' adopted father, her body language and the occasional scream leaving the sound tight bedroom suggested it, but to Cassandra's view, Selina loved him like a possession and viewed Batgirl and her adopted siblings as distractions best removed.


But despite knowing a hundred different ways to break free of Catwoman's hug, the lethal vigilante let all of her steely muscles relax. Being raised by an abusive assassin without language had left Cass with more than just a speech impediment and a lot of scars, she was incredibly affection starved. And Selina's hug was so warm, so open, so comforting that the surprised Batgirl found her eyes moistening inside her mask, overcome with soppy emotion.


The shapely breasts pressing into her face didn't hurt either.


"There there, baby," Selina purred, "Momma's here. Let's get you home, put some breakfast into you and get you to bed. Do you want to hold my hand on the way back?"


Batgirl, terror of Gotham's underworld and the most dangerous person on earth without a meta-gene, found herself nodding. Hand in hand, Selina lead off the side of the museum via a fire escape and down to the parked Rolls Royce. Before she knew it, Cassandra was back in her room and changing into leggings and a crop top next to a snoring Stephanie. The quiet girl was nervous, something was certainly up with Catwoman, but all the motherly affection was overwhelming her to the point that she only spent a minute or two staring at Stephanie's considerable food baby before silently padding down stairs.


The manor was massive but downstairs Cass' sensitive nose picked up the smell of food frying. She followed it to one of the manor's many kitchens, entering to find a smorgashboard of fried breakfast food sizzling on three different stoves. Selina was even then flipping flap jacks with expert skill, piling a tall stack of fluffy pancakes onto a plate. She'd changed from her skin tight Catwoman suit, but not into something comfortable like Batgirl had. Instead Selina was wearing one of her stylish black dresses under an apron, a set of high heels and even pearls!


"Almost ready, but you can start on the pancakes sweety!" Selina said cheerfully, eyes widening in shock as she took the girl in, "Oh no no no, this won't do! Just look at your stomach girl!"


"My stomach?" she asked, looking down as Selina hurried over.


Cassandra might be increasingly obsessed with feminine softness but she was proud of her hard earned musculature. A perfectionist by nature she wanted to be as strong as possible. Batgirl might only weigh 130lbs but every ounce of it was rippling muscle, which was reflected best by her intimidating eight pack. Selina gently touched the steely abs, seemingly afraid she might injure the tough girl who owned them.


"Oh you're even thinner than I thought, you poor thing! Its a wonder you can even stand up you look so weak!" Selina cooed, hurrying Batgirl over to a chair, "I hope you can forgive me for letting you get so thin!"


In moments there was a large plate piled with greasy breakfast food in front of Cassandra: biscuits and gravy, toast and jam, sausage links, sausage patties, bacon, fried eggs, cinnamon rolls, hashbrowns, a stack of pancakes topped with syrup and butter and three waffles groaning under fruit topping and whipped cream. Batgirl was a big eater, her active life style and muscles needing the calories, but this would be a big meal even for her. Especially considering how Selina was sitting down enough more and more food on platters.


"Dig in dear, please you look like you'll blow away!" Selina smiled, filling up a plate of her own with artery clogging, thigh thickening fare and putting an entire cinnamon roll into her own mouth.


The younger woman was still confused. Catwoman was immensely vain yet now she was filling up a plate with whole food groups she'd refused to previously touch. What was going on? Even if she ate herself sick there was enough breakfast for three people here!


"Oh, I know what's happening here, momma can tell what her baby girl wants" Selina said, sugary frosting on her grinning lips, "alright, but just this once. You're getting to be a big girl after all and you'll have to feed yourself once your new baby brother or sister gets here."


"What?" Cass managed before Selina filled a fork with sausage and hashbrowns.


"Open the tunnel, here comes the choo-choo!" Catwoman smiled, gently plunging the fork into Batgirl's open mouth.


Cass' eyes closed, the food was surprisingly delicious. When had Selina learned to cook so well? She chewed and swallowed, opening her mouth again with a smile to receive more food and yet more. Bite by bite her plate emptied and soon her stomach began to feel full, the rippling muscle almost bulging. She found herself breathing harder than she would after a five mile run in mid summer.


"I hope its satisfactory my dear little Cassie, I'm sorry that there was so little time to make it, tomorrow I'll have a lot more ready for you," Selina promised, "now let me polish off my plate and I'll get you some another helping!"




Stephanie Brown woke up on an extremely comfy bed to a sunrise beaming through the window.


"Yawn, oh my god this bed is so soft. Wait a minute this isn't my bed and this isn't my apartment," the purple loving chatter box said to herself, "I'm at the manor, why am I at the manor? Okay this isn't Tim's room, Tim's out of town all week. Which is a shame as I'd really enjoy getting laid...and oh god why did I say that out loud?"


Fortunately there was no one to hear her, the blonde vigilante being completely alone. It took a second for the fuzz of sleep to wear off and her to recognize the Bruce Lee and Ballet posters of Cass' room. She stood up and stretched, her body feeling stiff and awkward.


"Okay, must have had a girl's night with my bestie. My quiet, too serious, all muscled on the outside and silly on the inside besty who needs to lighten up and maybe have a nice little drunk make out session or two with me and," Steph began, seeing the stacks of pizza boxes from the night before at the same time she noticed her considerably bloated stomach, "really needs to stop helping me pig out. I've put on like five pounds since the school year started and my costume's already getting tight and I'm never gonna get abs if I keep this up. Unlike her I don't have a billionaire step-dad so I can't sleep until noon and work out all day, I've gotta balance vigilantism with being a college student and oh shit I've got Dr. Gordon's class at 8:45 and it takes an hour to get from the manor to college when the traffic isn't bad and she doesn't take the excuse of "I was fighting crime all night" just because she could do it when she was in college but she's like a genius and..."


Trailing run on sentences and almost tripping over a whipped cream canister, Stephanie hurried into Cassandra's attached bathroom which was nearly the size of her entire apartment. She got a good look at herself in the mirror upon starting the shower, eyes bulging to see the size of her food baby.


"Oof, maybe skip having a breakfast bar, girl. You look like you found the freshman 15 overnight," the 19 year old winced, "really wearing skinny jeans over last night was a bad idea. You haven't had a bloat this bad since you found out you were lactose intolerant."


Stephanie traced the unhappy bulge while the shower warmed up, feeling the bloat gurgle. It looked so strange to have a bulging gut on her otherwise skinny body. If she sucked in she looked normal, a skinny bean pole with small B cups and slim muscles, but if she stuck it out the bulge extended enough to make her t shirt ride up past her belly button!


"Better be careful Spoiler," the blonde warned herself, pulling off her clothes and laying them aside, revealing her long, mostly slim body with its lean runner's muscles and girl next door curves, "You're gonna have a tummy like this for real if you don't watch it! Not that there's anything wrong with being a little chubby of course but I wanna keep my fat girl genetics in check until I hit thirty if I can."


The shower's blasts of steaming hot water felt incredibly good, especially on her swollen stomach. It was comfortable, relaxing and sensual for the blonde chatterbox, making her not talk for several minutes. Fortunately it also helped her bloating go down quite a bit so a few minutes later she was able to just get her size 2 skinny jeans closed without popping the button. Her belly was still visibly distended but she stole one of Cassandra's jackets, what were friends for otherwise right?, and hurried down stairs. She was almost at the door when she smelled coffee, the tired teen almost physically dragged towards the nearest kitchen by the scent.


"Can't fall asleep in class or driving in can I?" she asked herself, "just going to grab a cup and go and what the hell is going on here? Cass, are you okay?"


Cassandra was collapsed in a chair at the kitchen table, muscular arms hanging off the sides. A ring of grease was around her lips and low moan emitting from her mouth. Her enviably shredded midsection was far more bloated than Stephanie's temporary bulge, a set of food twins that had pushed Batgirl's leggings down and her shirt up. Cass' belly button had popped out and in her slumped position it was even with the surface of the table. Her eyes were rolled back into her head...and for some reason her nipples were visibly erect through her shirt.


She looked kinda cute really.


"Steph...run...," Batgirl moaned, before a hand suddenly rested on Stephanie's shoulder.


"Oh Stephanie dear I had no idea that you'd stayed the night!" a soft, motherly voice cooed, "You must think I'm a terrible hostess, please sit down and have a bite, those jeans are falling off of you!"


Stephanie almost recognized the voice, turning around slowly her hand bumped into a bulging stomach and she was eye to eye with who it was attached to: Selina Kyle.


"C-catwoman?" Stephanie managed, at a loss for words for once in her life.


Steph wasn't on unfamiliar terms with Selina. Catwoman had helped her out a bit at the start of her not-always so super vigilante career and while Selina had been on the opposite side of the law Stephanie preferred to be, she did admire the world's greatest thief. Steph might be able to kick butt, but she was a sweet girl and a people pleaser at heart who wore her emotions on her sleeve. Catwoman though, was cold and manipulative and sexy and badass, Steph might not want to be her but could sure as heck admire someone able to wrap Batman around her finger. And having a fitter body in her 30s than Steph could get at 19 didn't hurt the bicurious girl's admiration.


"Oh, call me Selina, please Stephanie. Those cape names are for the younger crowd," Selina smiled, leading Stephanie towards the table, setting a huge mug of creamy coffee in front of the blonde, "let's get you breakfast and you can talk to me all about your plans with my dear Timothy. I hope Robin is treating you like a lady!"


Steph was more than a little poleaxed by the sudden change in her once mentor. Catwoman was dolled up like a pinup of a 50s housewife, with heels and pearls, looking completely soft and domesticated.


And she had an immense food baby stretching out her sexy black dress to the very brim. She looked pregnant, her turgid gut stretching out far past her boobs. Steph realized she still had a hand on the dome, which was warm through the thin black fabric. So distracted was she, that Steph seemed to teleport into a chair, a plate of greasy breakfast fare.


"Plans?" the girl asked, as stunned as any 19 year old suddenly asked about plans with their significant other.


"Oh yes dear, you've been dating nearly two years. Has he put a ring on your finger yet? He better or he'll get a peace of my mind!" Selina smiled, "now get started eating while I get us some more food, we can't have a good conversation on just this little snack!"


Steph looked from the plate, which seemed large enough to put her straight into her period sweat pants, over to Selina trying to fit an apron's string around the sphere of her belly and over to her half conscious best friend.


"Cass, what's going on?" Stephanie whispered, trying to ignore the mouth watering aroma from her plate and the button already pinching into her stomach, "She's gone all June Cleaver on us!"


"Help me," Cass muttered, slumping ever lower in her chair, "can't...sit up..."


That put fear in her. Brown had seen her friend keep fighting after getting shot through the shoulder before, how full was she? Before Stephanie could say anything else, Catwoman sat a vast stack of waffles in front of her. Spoiler loved waffles, they were her favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner food, mouth watering golden waffers that were the main reason she'd never been able to get abs. She'd been skipping them lately in a vain effort to drop the five pounds she'd gained so mysteriously over the last few weeks and that made them smell extra delicious.


"Eat up sweety!" Selina cooed, sitting across from her and putting her own heavily laden plate down, "a girl as busy as you needs to stay well fed!"


"I'm, well I'm pretty full," Steph said, trying not to drool over the delicious waffles.


"Well then, dear, let's talk. How about a summer wedding for you two?" Catwoman smiled with a cheshire grin, through a mouthful of bacon, "you'll look so delightful in white!"


"Um," Stephanie panicked, going for the pile of waffles as fast as she could.


They tasted heavenly and the blonde was soon chowing down in earnest on the delicious waffles, ignoring the pressure at her waist until she had to finally had to undo her button.




An hour later and Selina was happily humming to herself as she scrubbed dishes clean, Cassandra and Stephanie having stumbled off in each other's arms.


The kitchen was already completely spotless, with no evidence of the great feast that had just occurred there. Even though she was having to stand sideways next to the sink due to her enormous food baby. Her spherical belly was so full of food that her knees were buckling under the weight and she'd had to undo the zipper to stop it from ripping off. Selina's feline instincts told her to go curl up in a sunbeam and nap but she figured that learning to do house work while heavily pregnant wold be good.


"After all I'm probably going to be spending the next decade pregnant," Selina cooed to herself, rubbing her stomach with slightly dishpanned hands, "no more running up buildings or sashaying around when I've got five or six little ones to watch after. And I'll never be able to parkour again with my big baby belly and my mommy hips having grown in nice and wide and what the living fuck is going on?"


The matronly haze around Catwoman's coldly manipulative mind faded away, her normal personality snapping back into control. She stumbled against the counter, barely believing that this gigantic ball attached to her waistline was her actual stomach. Calculations about how many days of exercising it would take to work this feast off shot through the thief's mind.


"What am I doing? I'd never eat like that!" the figure conscious Selina snapped, "what the hell is happening to me? I'm Catwoman, I don't feed my step daughter a big breakfast which a growing girl like her needs if she's going to get the cuddly figure a girl her age should have and what the fuck is wrong with me?"


Selina's heart was pounding with confusion and terror. Her very sense of self was teetering on the edge. What had caused this? Was she sick, insane? Was it...


'That jewel!" she hissed, pulling at her skirt to get to her stomach, wincing to see feel the fabric go over her tender skin and glaring when she saw the emerald gleaming on her popped belly button, catching the light as if it was glowing, "damn Amazon magical curses, how crazy was I to think I needed that sort of help? I better take off this stupid thing."


Her nimble fingers went to the piercing, easily plucking the gem out out. She held it up, glaring at the little rock and wishing all the pain and effort of her now more than necessary workouts into the emerald. In response the stone of Hera seemed to glow all the brighter.


"At least I got this out before anything permanent happened to me," Catwoman sighed, only for the little rock to glow painfully bright and then disappear in a flash of light.


Her stuffed stomach gave a gurgle before suddenly collapsing, shrinking in on itself to almost normal. A warm feeling suffused Selina's body from head to toe, like she'd fallen into a hot bath. Her bra grew tighter, artificial Cs transforming into very real Ds. The width of her thigh gap narrowed, soft new flesh almost touching. The muscle definition of her biceps and calves faded, a slight chubbiness forming on her limbs. Her stomach was no longer perfectly flat, a little ring of softness around the rim of her panties. Two cracks sounded, Selina's pelvis widened out by an inch and then her slim hips suddenly grew rounder with another layer of soft fat. Already snug panties grew incredibly tight, expanding buns gobbling them up.


Selina gaped down at herself, glaring at ten pounds of fat that had appeared on her body in impossible seconds.


"Fuck no, what did that do!? Fucking thing made me fat! It's gonna take weeks to lose this flab, God I can't even let Bruce see me until then! Fuck!" she hissed, only for her anger to suddenly dissipate, sneer turning into a passive smile on a suddenly blushing face, "Oh drat, look at me cursing again. Why I have to be a good role model, I better set up a swear jar, unless I start swearing in front of my b**s! Speaking of, I better get on conceiving them..."


She dried her hands and sashayed from the kitchen, heading towards the master bedroom at a sedate pace, feeling her nipples harden and vulva moisten. She felt immensely horny, horny as a school girl and knew she had to be ovulating mightily. The slightly softened Catwoman padded silently into the master bedroom, finding the scarred, muscular form of her husband still asleep as expected. Selina slid her stretched dress off, following it with her underwear and then pressed her lips to his.


Batman awoke with a start, twenty years of ninja training kicking in but relaxed when he saw the outline of his wife in front of him.


"Selina, what's wrong? Is there an emergency?" the tired vigilante asked, thoughts of costumed villains attacking his city going through his sleepy imagination, "has the Joker broken out of Arkham again?"


"No, the only emergency, love," Selina smiled, sliding into bed next to him, her soft curves pressing into his muscles, "is that I'm very ready for you to put a baby into me..."




"Cass, can you kill me?" Stephanie begged as the two stumbled back into Batgirl's room, arms over each other's shoulders, "I'd rather you do it than Dr. Gordon. Ugh, she won't take being too full as a reason to skip class."


"No," the technical pacifist moaned, "too full."


The two young vigilantes entered the bedroom significantly behind their food swollen stomachs, bellies dominating their normally svelte frames. Cass' tank top was pushed up to her breasts and her leggings were hanging off her her narrow hips. Steph fared no better: her jacket was undone, totally unzippable past the new bulge of her gut, and her unzipped jeans had fallen past her hips to reveal her butt.


The two flopped gently onto Cass' bed, exhaustion and over fullness dragging them towards sleep. Stephanie let out a little moan, fears of her fat girl genetics activating flitting through budding nightmares, while Cassandra smiled, feeling warm and safe and rather...aroused. She rolled over slightly, letting her own inflated belly press against Steph's. It shot a spark of comforting desire through the drowsy girl, making her picture her blonde friend growing from slender and fast to fat, heavy and slow...


Until a kick of indigestion made both of their eyes snap open at once.


"Oh god, where's the medicine cabinet in this place? I need pepto," Stephanie moaned, gently rubbing her enormous stomach, "I need pepto or I'm gonna die."


"Downstairs," Cass moaned, rubbing the dome of abs stretched over packed food.


"Ugh, that's way too far, its like five miles just to get too the stairs, I can barely walk," the blonde moaned, eyes going towards the nearby restroom, "hey, the shower felt pretty good earlier. Let's try that, you go first."


For a second the quiet girl was well, quiet, possibilities running through her mind, "Together."


By force of will Cass dragged herself up, pulling Stephanie after her into the bathroom. Batgirl started the shower while the blonde tried to talk.


"Hey girl, I love you like a sister and all but are you sure you wanna get all naked in the shower together like this?" Steph asked nervously, "Really two best girl friends start showering together and then people start thinking funny thoughts about them cause that could go somewhere and God but your chest is just jacked."


She watched her friend expose her small, muscular breasts, nipples fully erect and then slide down her leggings. The contrast between hard, lean limbs and growling, swollen stomach was extreme and strangely to Steph seemed extremely alluring.


"Coming?" her friend asked, stepping into the shower.


"Uh one sec," Steph breathed, pulling off her pants as the shower door steamed up, muttering to herself, "its not cheating on your boyfriend, you're just taking a naked shower with his hot sister. Not like anything is going to happen, is it? Maybe if I was a little bit tipsy but I'm not, am I? Its not like this is sexual at all, so its no problem at all to get into the shower with my cute friend."


She stepped into the shower, steam billowing outwards. The water was almost too hot to stand, but it felt perfect when it hit the pale skin of the blonde's bloated belly. She let out a soft sigh of relief, until she realized her stomach had bumped into Cass' own belly. Both stood with their backs to a wall, touching bellies being hit with the steamy water.


"There's a little more of us than normal, huh?" Steph asked nervously, before noticing that Cass was staring very intently at her chest, the pink nipples of her Steph's breasts hardening at the attention, "I've had a little growth spurt lately...do you want to touch them?"


The blonde couldn't believe she'd asked that, but the ex-assassin's scarred hands were immediately on Steph's chest. Cass cupped the breasts gently, barely putting pressure on them but making Spoiler's blue eyes close tight in arousal. Steph licked her lips, feeling her slim thighs tremble.


"You know, your mom must have put some bailey's into the coffee this morning because I'm feeling kinda tipsy," the chatterbox vigilante lied, "so uh, wanna make out?"




"Hey Red, I had a thought," Harley yelled from the couch of their shared apartment, pausing her latest video game and laying the controller onto a broad, pale thigh.


"Yes, Harley?" the top heavy botanist yelled from her lab/kitchen, an almost complete formula in front of her, "I'm in a tricky process here."


"You're working really hard on this weight gain formula to fatten up Selina and all those super heroines but, and bear with me here, what if they started gaining weight from other causes first? There's a lot of weird technology and magic out there and what if it was making people fat first? Wouldn't that have weird effects when they mixed? I mean, we got fat without your formula after all."


"First of all, I'm not fat, I'm just a little bloated," Ivy insisted, pulling her over tight shirt down over her stomach only for it to ride right back up, "and secondly that's entirely preposterous. What sort of world do you think this is?"


Harley shrugged, risking a glance at the ceiling, "Hey, I'm not the one writing it, weirdo."

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Sweet, matronly, motherly Catwoman was something I  ever knew I needed 🥰 and apparently Cassandra thinks the same way — she was no match for the power of cuddles! 

And that epic foreshadowing at the end! I thought this story would grow at a geometric rate... but my gut tells me it’s going to be exponential 😱

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Oh my god, June Cleaver Catwoman was hilarious, especially when she started switching back and forth between personas.  That's going to be a lot of fun as she grows bigger, I can already tell.

And chatterbox Steph was adorable!  I loved the chemistry between her and Cass, and I'm looking forward to where they go from here.

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7 hours ago, >_< 0_0 said:

Sweet, matronly, motherly Catwoman was something I  ever knew I needed 🥰 and apparently Cassandra thinks the same way — she was no match for the power of cuddles! 

And that epic foreshadowing at the end! I thought this story would grow at a geometric rate... but my gut tells me it’s going to be exponential 😱

Yes, I love having her whip saw between cold femme fatale and soft, nurturing mom on a dime. It'll surely make Cassandra double up her secret feeding routine too.


3 hours ago, CyrilFiggus said:

Oh my god, June Cleaver Catwoman was hilarious, especially when she started switching back and forth between personas.  That's going to be a lot of fun as she grows bigger, I can already tell.

And chatterbox Steph was adorable!  I loved the chemistry between her and Cass, and I'm looking forward to where they go from here.

Thanks! I always liked the contrast between them in the comics. Unfortunately DC was always too afraid to admit to the blatant chemistry there, even now when gay characters are less of a tabboo.


So now I get too.


3 hours ago, incredibad said:

Hark, fellow readers, and rejoice in the lamentation of our community writers!

From my wrist to your brains

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And the next one. There'll probably be a decline in my pacing as these are long and oh god my wrists. But the gain is spreading out from here, but with other causes that Ivy's hijinks will only complicate.

Chapter 6: Elsegains and Otherweights


Undisclosed Location in the Middle East:


Jason Todd had thought his life would stop getting weirder after he'd seen the Batmobile parked in a Gotham slum at age ten and decided, might as well steal the tires.


Then he'd thought his life would stop getting weirder after becoming the second Robin and gone through a crash course in hand to hand fighting, criminology and various sciences.


Then he'd thought his life would stop getting weirder after he'd been beaten to death with a crowbar and blown up.


After coming back to life in a lazarus pit, Jason had stopped putting any sort of expectations on just how weird things could get and became the quasi-supervillain but actually a superhero even if the rest of the cape community treated him like shit, Red Hood.


Which was why being inside a cursed Egyptian Pyramid and lighting a horde of rasping mummies up with 10mm incendiary rounds didn't even perturb him. Undead Pharaoh after Undead Pharaoh went down beneath the burst of his submachine guns, but bullets were finite and lurching mummies seemed to be a hot commodity in this tomb. Pulling fresh clips from his leather jacket, the tall young man turned towards his partner.


"How's lifting those gates going, Art?" he asked, trying and failing not to take a peak at her ass, its tank-armor hard cheeks clear to see, "Kind of running out of ammo here!"


"Would you like to take over, little man?" she grunted, pushing the next hundred ton block of granite into the ceiling to reveal yet another granite block barring their path, "if you could get a cell signal and beg your father for money for bull dozers we just might get through one of them before you die of old age."


Jason was a big guy, but Artemis was a brick shit house of an Amazon. She was nearly two meters tall, with a crimson pony tail almost the same length. Her body was an unreal collection of muscular curves, the sinews standing out on her jacked biceps and triceps as she heaved the building size stone into its resting place in the ceiling and the hard planes of her quads and calf muscles threatening to break through the black leather of her tight pants. She was breathing hard, heaving breasts threatening to break through the red bronze of her hour glass breast plate.


"By Ra, are you going to keep mummies off of me or jack off?" Artemis snarled at him over her shoulder.


"I told you before, Batman isn't my dad!" Jason snapped, turning back to machine gun more undead, "any more than Wonder Woman is your sister."


"Wonder Woman is my sister," the red head snapped, hurling another giant stone into the ceiling, "and you still wear a Bat symbol on your chest!"


"I absolutely do...," Jason tried to deny before remembering he still had a bat symbol on the armor he'd stolen, "...so out of irony! What's your excuse for the W under your cleavage!?"


"Its an Amazonian symbol, idiot!" she said, roaring to move the last block of stone.


"Well excuse me for not speaking ancient greek!" he shot back, his last bullets going into nowhere near the last mummy, the rest of the horde advancing on him with bony fingers.


"I told you I'm Egyptian!" she declared, jumping forwards with a magical battle axe taller than Jason and turning the surviving mummies into bones, bandages and dust with two swings.


"Hey, I was going to handle those!" Jason lied as she brushed mummy dust out of her cleavage.


"With what, you're pathetic erection?" she asked, leering down at him and pulling off his face concelling armored mask


"Whore," the Red Hood growled at her, pulling off his jacket


"Pussy," the Amazon growled back, unzipping her pants.


Jason's armor took most of the impact when she slammed him against the wall, their weapons left on the floor and their mouths locked together. After a moment he started undoing the straps on her armor, revealing brown nippled C cups bouncing above a sweat polished six pack. Jason had just enough time to think about how she tasted like salt and cinnamon before they got each other's pants fully off and he was inside her. The combination of violence and insults had made him rock hard and her sopping wet, their joining together was delayed only by her pulling a condom from his jacket and shoving it over his member. Jason felt his dick get squeezed by her spasming pussy, while the back of his skull was grated by the rough stone of the tomb. He started gently turning a nipple then with a high scream, Artemis fell onto her back, ripping her pants in her hurry to get her legs around his back.


"Legs too weak to stand up?" he managed to jib her, pulling his mouth off of a hard nipple, another perk of dating a girl taller than you by five inches.


"Tired of waiting for you to get into me!" she insulted him back, back arching with a scream as he got a hand to her clit, "you tiny ...dicked...gurgg....fuck yes...fuck me!"


Jason's body armor was a titanium laced kevlar weave, so when Artemis' thigh muscles clenched like the rest of her orgasming body his ribs were only bruised. He came on the downslope of her long orgasm, a long gasp that matched his breathing with hers, and slowly started passing out atop her. The vigilante/occasional criminal mastermind woke up on the stone floor, seeing his partner was wearing just an incongruous pair of modern panties and his leather jacket against the wall, lighting up one of his cigarettes.


"Not bad...for a boy," the sweaty Amazon rasped, taking a long draw and exhaling smoke through her nose, "I broke another pair of pants."


"I guess you're not bad for an old lady," he grunted, sliding the condom off and stuffing his deflated dick back into his pants, "I'll buy you more when we get to a country with a plus size store. Can I have a puff of that?"


"Fuck you," the uber fit but extra large woman sneered, "and no. You're mortal, they'll kill you. And begrudgingly I'd prefer to have you around for a while."


"Ha, you do like me," Jason laughed, immediately wincing as pain shot from his abused ribs, "oh fuck my sides."


"Like a well used dildo," the other anti-hero shrugged, putting the cigarette out on a hieroglyphic, "buying another one would be time consuming. Let's see if the relic I wanted is here."


She stood up, giving Jason an excellent view of her rather large, literally ripped enough to be bullet proof ass hanging out of her lacy thong, until she stepped from view. The two outlaws had been going through insult driven fuck sessions for several weeks now, but Jason had known it had meant something when she'd started wearing lingerie under her armor. She was bitter, sarcastic and unbearable but somehow all of that only made her hotter. He wondered if they were going to get married or if she was going to kill him with her thighs first.


Jason picked up his smgs and followed her, walking quickly under the stone blocks she'd put into the ceiling to find a small chamber full of the dusty remnants of barrels older than most religions. Artemis was bent over, hands on her knees examining something and giving him an even better view of her rather bountiful buns. The skin on them was flawless, but she had a patch of freckles right on the right cheek in the shape of an arrow that he couldn't take his eyes off. Smacking her ass was a terrible idea (Artemis' ass really was bullet proof hard and Jason wasn't sure if he could survive another love making session now) but deciding not to took up enough time Jason walked right into her.


Artemis gave a yelp of surprise, bumped into the stone plinth in front of her and just managed to grab an ancient cow horn carved with hierogrlyphics before it hit the ground. The Amazon turned around with a lightning quick scowl, grabbing him by the lapel and effortlessly lifting him off the ground.


"You almost made me break the sacred drinking horn of Tjenenet, goddess of beer and bounty!" the Egyptian Amazon scowled, "and I had to grab it before I even began to decipher if it was cursed!"


"Sorry, your ass was so big its gravitational pull pulled me right into you," he gasped, "I couldn't escape something with that sort of mass."


Her green eyes stared at him, before she dropped him in a heap, "Not a bad one, for once. I'm going to go get my armor before the sight of my glorious body causes you to do something else suicidal. You finish reading the plinth!"


The gorgeous fighter stomped off, muscular buttocks bouncing, leaving Jason alone with the plinth. It was covered in engraving, showing an immensely obese, nude woman drinking from the same horn Artemis had just left with. His hieroglyphics were rusty and the practice sessions he'd had with Artemis kept turning into fuck sessions, but the Red Hood got through them before very long.


"Alright, sure let the guy who doesn't speak ancient egyptian read the curse, its not like you didn't know what bending over like that was gonna do to me,"Jason muttered before reading, "'Whoever first drinks from the horn of Tjenenet without first praying thrice to the goddess of beer, shall take on her image as they drink. Their appetite for beer, bread and sex shall be endless. If they drink in blissful ignorance then after a year and a day, their thirst will quench, their hunger end and their loins cool. But if they are told then permanent shall the curse be!" Oh shit, well its a good thing that she doesn't have anything to drink out of that..."


The crime fighter left the treasure chamber at a trot, finding Artemis with her armor in one hand and the horn in the other. He opened his mouth to say something, only to realize she was guzzling from the engraved horn with the rapacity of a frat boy the night after mid terms. The Amazon pulled it from her mouth, giving a mighty belch and wiping foam from her lips.


"So, were you able to find any curse on there or not?" she said, speech slightly slurred.


"No, not at all," Jason lied, "how exactly did you get beer in there?"


"The horn makes its own beer, Jason, the beer of the Amazons of Bar-Mighdal, which would fry your brain in your skull just to drink. After a few years of drinking the piss you mortals call alcohol, it was either finding this or killing myself," she said, taking another long sip, her stolen jacket falling open to reveal that her perfectly muscled midsection had lost a little definition on the two lowest abs, her underwear tightening around rounding hips, "which I still might after being reduced to mating with you...you miserable...scrawny...rapscallion..."


Jason was distracted from his girlfriend's sudden slight weight gain by her starting to drool as she looked him up and down.


"Artemis, are you feeling alright...," Jason started to say, before his back was against the wall again, "because you're a little..."


"Flush with victory, which a pathetic mortal like you couldn't understand," the Amazon said, pushing his face into her breasts and taking another long drink, "now start sucking."


Jason tried to say something else, but the red head's breasts surged up a cup size and into his mouth. The gun toting vigilante looked up at Artemis drinking again, the first sign of a double chin forming, and knew it was going to be a very long year.




NYC, 3,000 feet and falling


Wind whipping her black hair back as she fell towards the pavement three thousand feet below, Lois Lane pressed a button on her watch and took a moment to check over her notes:


*Enter the building at 2:03 for scheduled interview with Social Media CEO over accusations he's head of a Krypton worshipping death cult.

*Begin interview at 2:13, all bull shit.

*Steal keybadge during interview at 2:19

*End interview pleasantly at 3:04

*Sneak into off limits area at 3:06

*Take incriminating photos at 3:09

*Steal incriminating files at 3:18

*Get caught at 3:19

*Hear supervillain speech and get thrown off of building as it starts to fly into the air as an impromptu space ship.


"Come on Smallville, you're getting slow in your middle age," Lois sighed as the pavement approached, noticing in the reflection of a building's windows that the wind was blowing up her white skirt past her hips, clearly showing the shape wear that had been necessary since turning thirty five and gaining the twenty pounds she'd kept meaning to lose for the last five years, "damn it, I'm going to die looking chubby."


She pushed the skirt down to cover herself just as her downward velocity rapidly slowed, a strong arm under her knees and behind her shoulders. Lois gave a relieved sigh and turned to her husband for a kiss, instead finding the slender form of her husband's older/younger cousin flying her upwards.


"Sorry Aunt Lois, Clark was on a league thing over Greenland," the blonde alien explained too fast while flying upwards, "and I was getting some home work done after picking Jon up from school and the homework is hard given how slow the computers are here, when I heard the signal go off and I had to change and couldn't find my top and then..."


"Okay, I'm going to stop you right there kid," Lois sighed, slightly annoyed at the close call and more annoyed at the total smoothness of the girl's face, "thanks for the rescue but no first names in the field, alright Supergirl?"


The rookie heroine's face fell at the mention, upward momentum petering out. "Oh crap. I'm sorry its just there's so much to remember. Nobody on Krypton had a secret identity right and I'm still adjusting to having Superpowers and..."


Lois let out another sigh. She wasn't, despite reputation, a total bitch, especially with the 19 year old that she and her husband had adopted who just wanted to do good.


"Supergirl, its fine, just don't do it again," Lois said, noticing with alarm both that the blonde girl was crying and that they were starting to sink back towards the ground, "and keep flying us up if you would!"


"I'm sorry Aunt Lois, its just the powers are new and they're hard to remember how they work and if I feel bad about myself they stop working and then I just completely freak out and Istarttalkingreallyfastandhaveapanicattackand," Kara began, the two of them freefalling again.


Denied her powers at 3,000 feet, Kara let out a scream. Lois let out another sigh, preemptively holding her skirt down as the two started falling past a skyscraper, reflections showing in the mirrored windows to her dissatisfaction. At nineteen, Kara was 5'6 and would probably weigh a hundred pounds soaking wet. Her blonde hair gleamed, her heart shaped face was completely smooth and she had no fat on her. Her size zero red skirt and blue top hung off of her, her stomach was concave as a soup bowl and the gap between her thighs was wide enough for Lois' aging prius to easily pass through. The ace reporter's language was mostly figurative...but none the less true and all the more annoying because Kara lived off fast food and ice cream, her appetite almost a parody of a teenager's.


Lois on the other hand?


"Being the damsel in distress isn't as fun when you're 40," Lois admitted to herself.


For a forty year old mom with a chaotic work schedule she still looked pretty good. You could still tell that Lane had run track and swam competitively through college. She was in a lot better shape than most other pullitzer prize winners she knew of. And she didn't even have to dye her hair to keep the gray out of the lustrous black...yet.


And that was about as comforting to Lois as when her plastic surgeon had said she only needed the minimal amount of botox.


Her narrow face might still be very pretty, but her lips were thinner than they'd been, she had some laugh lines under her make up and that botox might need to be topped off given the crows feet she was seeing around her purple eyes. The face wasn't her main concern though, it was everything below the neck that troubled her. While an independent, career minded woman who didn't give a rats ass what people thought of her, Lois did enjoy being attractive, fit and hot. Categories she was starting to well, grow out of. Her body had declared a battle of the bulge around her thirty five birth day and Lois was, after a long, grudging battle, about to admit defeat and be shipped off to a POW camp in Piggytown.


Lois' trademark white miniskirt and purple blazer had been size fours when she was in her twenties, but were now a size ten. A size ten that she was spanxed to the max to even fit into and in desperate need of replacement, given how she'd had to shoe horn herself into the skirt. The near abs she'd had in college and determinedly earned back after being pregnant had turned into a pinch-able little pot belly that hung over her pink panties, while her runners thighs had cuddled together four years ago and refused to be separated. Lois once coin bouncing ass had turned into a soft mom-butt and her B cups had turned into Ds right around the time someone had turned up the gravity and made them increasingly bra dependent.


It wasn't that she ate like a pig or anything, not really. It was just that Lois was busy juggling responsibilities for her hectic job and didn't always have time to cook healthily or work out, manageable at thirty but not at forty. Nor was she huge, but she had to guess she was around 160lbs, forty over her starting weight.


But unlike her elevation's trajectory, she had nowhere to go but up weight wise.


"Ugh, well if I'm gonna die at least I can have a cheat day," she sighed, pulling a snickers from her purse and opening it, "not like the diet ever helped."


Lois' downwards momentum stopped again, a thicker steely arm wrapping around her shoulders. Given the warm, relentless pressure pushing onto the left side of her face, threatening to drown her, the intrepid girl reporter didn't even need to see who'd grabbed her this time.


"Hello Karen," Lois said, elevating her voice over Kara, who was still screaming despite being held up in Power Girl's other arm.


"Hey Lois, fancy seeing you two here," the other blonde Kryptonian observed, sweeping them upwards, "sorry for the wait, I was in a business meeting that just would not end."


Kara noticed she wasn't falling anymore, opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around her older self, so ecstatic her powers flicked back on and she burst out of Power Girl's arms.


"Oh thank Rao," Kara said to her otherself, "I really didn't want to wind up on a New York side walk, but sorry you had to save me."


"Consider it a self save," the bigger blonde said, rocketing towards the space ship, "So Lois, your interview go so badly the guy decided to leave the planet?"


The family Lois Lane had married into was to say the least, complicated. There was her husband Clark, the world's biggest boy scout who was also Kal-El, Superman, last son of krypton and the world's greatest superhero sent to earth as a baby. Then there was Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, who Clark and Lois had kind of adopted, who was Clark's technically older cousin sent here on a much slower space ship. Then, even more complicatedly, there was Power Girl, Kara Zor-L, who was the same person but from another dimension that had crossed over with there's at some point but was older and just, bigger...and it was easier to call her Karen at Thanksgiving.


"Something like that, but there's a lot of innocent people on that ship who didn't sign up to go die in space," Lois said, hardly the weirdest thing she'd ever explained, "its powered by some weird kryptonite generator on the thirtieth floor, so be careful."


"Kryptonite?" Kara asked nervously, falling again before Karen caught her again.


"Pfft, just kryptonite. I'm immune to Kryptonite from this dimension," Power Girl laughed, the reverberations threatening to give Lois a black eye, "Leave that to the forty year olds, kid. You get in front of the ship and keep it from hitting orbit."


They were going by the same building again, but upwards. Giving Lois a good look at the woman carrying her, wearing a white leotard that showed a lot of leg and bore a tit window. She had the same brilliant blonde hair and smooth tan face as Kara, almost exactly the same despite Karen's claim of 40 being accurate, Kryptonian's frustratingly stopping aging around 25. At 5'8, Lois was pretty tall, but Karen was 6' before one counted in the high heels of her blue boots. Lois had been pretty fit, but Karen had the type of ripped but slender hour glass frame that was only achievable via photoshop. And her boobs were not only bigger than Lois' head but had clearly never gotten the memo about gravity despite probably being H cups.


Lois had to stop herself from frowning with a reminder that it'd give her more wrinkles.


Supergirl shot off to get in front of the slowly rising building, halting its momentum with her fists. Evidentially, whoever was flying it wasn't skilled enough at flying a high jacked skyscraper to avoid her somewhat clumsy trajectory. Power Girl's eyes glowed briefly red with heat vision, cutting a two woman sized hole in the side of the building at the 30th floor.


"She's getting the hang of it, right?" Karen shrugged, boob again bouncing against Lois' head, "you wanna split that snickers?"


Pushing down twenty year old memories of college experimentation, Lois shook her head, face bouncing against the giant breast.


"You take it, I'm on a diet when I'm not plunging to my death," Lois said, handing over the snickers to the flawless blonde who's obliques were grating into Lois' side.


"Oh thank God, I'm starving," Karen groaned, taking the chocolate and munching it as they landed inside the hi-jacked building, "my favorite pizza place only had two supremes left at lunch, can you believe that?"


"You had...two supreme pizza slices for lunch?" Lois asked her, focus taking off the hermetically sealed doors in front of her and how the high altitude breeze whipping through the hole Karen had cut seemed determined to push her skirt up.


The last time Lois had eaten pizza she had gone up a pant size seemingly over night. Every time she was in the same room with it she could feel her clothes getting tighter. And it had been her absolute favorite when she was younger, the greasier and meatier the better.


"Slices? No, two pizzas!" Karen exclaimed, "If it wasn't for the super powers I'd pass out on just two slices!"


If it wasn't for the super powers you'd weight five hundred pounds, Lois thought to herself, not completely unfairly as Karen walked by finishing the snickers. Power Girl's appetite was so large it might be described as an eating disorder on anyone else. The wind gracefully blew away Power Girl's short cape, showing off a perfect bubble butt hanging out of her costume's thong back. Karen might be family but Lois hated her right now, she'd used to love wearing thongs but the last time she'd gone to a beach she hadn't taken off her shorts.


Power Girl ripped off the hermetically sealed doors, the same ones Lois had had to open with a stolen pass minutes earlier, to reveal several tech nerds dressed in black robes around a spinning sphere of lead surrounded by computers.


"Alright losers, one chance to turn this thing around without bruises," the brawling Superheroine smirked, popping her knuckles and flexing her considerable biceps.


"Shoot the heretics who seek to stop our sacred journey!" the cult leader/ceo squawked, a nerdy looking guy with far too much app money and far too little sense.


The programmer cultists raised assault weapons and fired, Karen quickly jumping in front of Lois. The reporter was grateful and used to supers blocking bullets for her, but hated how she reflexively sucked in her gut to be safely inside the slim heroine's silhouette. A few hundred bullets bounced off Karen, flattened against her invulnerable skin, before the guns clicked empty.


"A few of them always get inside my boobs," Power Girl sighed, flicking spent bullets out from between her boobs with a tantalizing bounce, "it never fails. Alright, time for the arrests."


A white/red blur sped by and an eye blink later, Power Girl was floating above a dozen cultists wrapped in a steel railing.


"Mr. Zickberg, any comment on being stopped from shooting a skyscraper into orbit?" Lois asked the struggling ex-billionaire, pulling out her note pad.


"And tell me how to turn these engines off so we can land this building," Power Girl asked, hovering over the controls with a groan, "this has to be the worst designed control interface I've ever seen."


"Once begun, the journey cannot be stopped!" the lunatic yelled, "my journey to Krypton cannot be stopped!"


"What is it with CEOs being crazy?" Lois asked, taking down the quotes in her note book.


"I resent that," Power Girl, who's secret identity was the CEO of a successful green energy start up, said, "looks like I'm stopping this the old fashioned way. Better stay back, most Kryptonite is harmless to humans but there could be a spray."


Lois had barely done as suggested when the Kryptonian ripped open a hatch on the top of the swirling lead sphere over the power core. Instead of an expected green glow, a pulsing red light emerged. The core was a red crystal marked with strange glyphs, spinning on its own. Power Girl stumbled back, legs limp and body stumbling.


"Okay...that's...red Kryptonite...from my ...dimension," the blonde power house wheezed, falling to the floor.


"The power of the sphere of Rao! Saved from destruction on Krypton-2 by our actions!" the cult leader yelled, "Praise it!"


Lois managed to grab her weakened before Power Girl gave herself a concussion, a static shock of electricity shooting into her as the heavy, muscular woman almost toppled her. The brunette yelped at the sharp shock, worse than touching a door knob in wool socks in winter, but didn't drop the blonde who drooled and passed out.


"Alright, up to me to stop it," Lois growled, picking up a discarded assault rifle and a spare mag from the ground.


Lois might be a liberal reporter, but her father was a 4-Star general and she could hit the bulls eye at a hundred yards since she was six. With a few controlled bursts she shattered the crystal, which stopped spinning and glowing. For a second gravity turned off, but before Lois could hit the ceiling the building stopped falling, signifying that Supergirl had caught the landmark. She closed the hatch, cutting off the red glow and causing Karen to shoot right back off.


"Ugh, tell me if I've turned blue or grown antlers," Power Girl said, looking down at herself and feeling her temples, "red kryptonite can have weird side effects. But good job on stopping them strange reporter I don't know."


"Part of the 4th estate's duties, mysterious blonde heroine I also don't know" Lois said, tossing aside the empty rifle and shooting an enviable glare at the flex of Karen's abs, given her own belly was flabby enough she had to suck in continuously or have her spanx cut painfully into herself, "but you seem as normal as you ever do."


She saw that she'd dropped her notebook in the commotion, bending over thoughtlessly to get it and hearing a faint rip behind her as a long suffering seam gave way to the pressure of Lois' mom butt. Lois' facial cheeks went red immediately at the horrible embarrassment.


"Good to know," Power Girl said, looking away and stiffling a smirk while Lois tied her jacket about her middle, "now I've got to take these losers off to federal, pound me in the ass prison on a bunch of murder, terrorism and grand theft building issues. Kindly have Supergirl, if she stops by, to put that Kryptonite somewhere safe."


By the time that Power Girl had the crooks booked, Supergirl had the building back on its foundations and Lois had her copy of the events sent in, it was evening. Goodbyes were said and the members of the Superfamily split up, Kara flying Lois back to the farmhouse the Kent's inhabited near Metropolis.


"Its always fun to get to hang out with her," Kara said as the landscape shot by.


"Uhuh," Lois said, trying to keep her skirt down.


"Lois, do you ever think, I mean I know we're not the same species, but do you think that when I'm her age...," Supergirl dithered on asking.


"Yes Kara, I'm sure your boobs will be just as big as hers," Lois said, sure her own would be on the ground by then, "maybe if you eat more."


"That's right...hey can we get pizza?" the irrepressible girl asked.


Lois knew she didn't need pizza. She was 40 years old and the middle aged spread was knocking on her door with a battering ram. She'd just popped out of the last size ten she'd owned, meaning the plus sizes were beckoning for her, Lois Lane, all state 400m silver medalist in 1999. If she didn't buckle down, cut out the fast food and the cheat days and start running like she kept saying she needed to, then Lois was going to get F-A-T, FAT.


But it had been a long, long day and Lois was tired.


"Yeah, sure," she sighed, thoughts turning to how Clark was going to react to her getting fat.


The worst part would be how understanding and kind and not judgemental about it he would be. He'd still love her exactly the same and never stray or even look at another woman, even when he was surrounded by eternally fit and sexy superheroines. It was enough to drive her batty.


Lois noticed that the farm land beneath them was getting lower, the town nearest the farm house approaching.


"Kara what are you doing?" Lois asked her adopted daughter.


"I was gonna get pizza...," Super girl said, pitifully, "what's wrong?"


"Ugh, Kara, you can't go in with Lois Lane as supergirl. Otherwise people put two and two together and good bye secret identities," Lois told her sternly.


"Oh," Kara blinked, long blonde hair suddenly trailing behind her as she fell.


Lois gave another sigh. Why was it she had to rely on these Kryptonian's who, despite their perfect bodies and their never aging and their eating whatever they wanted all the time, kept screwing up? God if she could fly...


Supergirl fell past her as for just a moment Lois floated in the air. She had just enough time to look down at herself, clearly hovering under her own power, before she started falling again. Luckily, for the third time that day, her fall was arrested but very strong arms.


"What's a city girl like you doing a thousand feet over a corn field?" her husband asked, billion watt smile on.


Lois' heart did that horrible pitter-patter it did whenever it looked at him, that always threatened to turn her from steely reporter to whatever her current weight in putty was, "Clark! I was...and then...oh crap Kara!"


"She'll be fine," Clark said assuredly, looking down to see the blonde's fall slow enough she only somewhat dented the corn before rising back up, "she'll learn to fly sometime."


"Well, I'd suppose you know," Lois admitted, "today's been hell. Take me home before I go crazy."


It took until Clark set her heels on their side walk for the slightly chubby reporter to notice she'd stopped sucking in her stomach during the fall. But strangely enough, the spanx didn't pinch nearly as much as she thought.




Meanwhile, back in New York, Power Girl was flying to her dark, lonely apartment after a very long, busy day of meetings and occasional super powered fights.


"Honey I'm home," the blonde said after sliding through her skylight, putting her cape on over the coat rack, "oh wait, I'm not married."


She felt jealous of Lois, who'd always have somebody waiting for her at home and guessed she should really start dating again at some point. But right now she was tired, netflix was beckoning her and she had the number of two or three new chinese places she wanted to order from tonight. The blonde kicked her blue boots off before she was greeted with a meow by her only roommate, a demanding orange cat named stinky.


"Oh hello to you to," Karen said, flying up to the cabinet to get the demanding cat food, "I can tell your love for me is motivated by nothing but food by the way. God I'm so damn lonely, look at me talking to a cat. I should call Atlee again and see if she wants to do something..."


Power Girl was just opening the tall cabinent when her ability to fly suddenly cut out. She fell hard, butt bouncing off the counter top and slamming tits first into the floor with a painful thump.


"Owww," Karen grunted from the floor, "and also, what the fuck?"


It'd been fifteen years since her powers had even quivered over her emotions, much less her normal nightly bitch session. She wondered if it was the Kryptonite from that morning depowering her but a slight push up had her 180lb body flying towards the ceiling. The tall blonde arrested her momentum before she broke the skylight, everything super normal once she wasn't moping.


"Geeze, am I that damn mopey?" Karen said, landing to feed her cat and start dialing take out to feed her normal, monstrous appetite.


The phone calls were made harder by her cat rubbing her ankles for more food and for her costume pinching. They shrank occasionally, she had a bad habit of washing the white leotards and drying them with heat vision too fast, so Karen didn't think anything of it as she ordered enough food for three people. Gaining weight was so alien to the alien that she'd never considered it, naturally feasting to her full gluttonous extent.


"Yes I hear you fatty," Power Girl said when she hung up, bending down to pick her cat up, feeling for the first time her tightly drawn red belt pinch against her belly and dismissing it as a garment issue, "look at this tummy you're getting Stinky. All that chow is catching up to you now!"


She put the cat on the couch and floated into her bedroom to change out of her super suit, peeling it off and pulling shorts and a tank top from her laundry. Due to the spectacular shelf of her cleavage, Karen didn't notice how her six pack had lost much of its definition, a sea of soft subcutaneous tummy fat starting to rise around the endangered muscle islands. She slid into the short shorts, tugging them over her bubble butt, and her tank top, massive jugs stretching it to the limit, just in time to get to the door for the delivery from three astonished delivery boys.


"Thank you all, here's a twenty each," Karen said, debating on if she was desperate enough to pretend she didn't have money and ask to pay in another way.


But unfortunately she wasn't that desperate and wanted companionship more than sex.


Putting the arm loads of chinese food on the coffee table, Karen pulled a six pack of beer from the fridge, put the top of a bottle between her breasts and flexed her pecs to pop the cap off. Plopping onto the couch, she started eating, chop sticks popping fried chicken in general tso's sauce into her mouth in between piles of crab Rangoon. Despite the food and a starting netflix show, Karen's reflexes were still super, so she stopped her cat from jumping onto the open container.


"God kitty, you'd turn into a lard ass if you ate all this," she sighed, putting the cat in her lap and taking a drink, "don't you know how fattening this stuff is?"


Stinky meowed again, but settled down onto Karen's thighs for the rest of the meal. As she finished her super fast gorge, Karen's six pack turned into a four pack, a small fupa forming for the first time. The cat meowed in discomfort at having his roomy perch disturbed, but Karen shushed him and bored by the show started playing video games.


Power Girl might have a jock's body but she was a geek at heart. She made a little progress in her current Dark Souls run, until an invading spirit attacked her in the poison swamp level. Super reflexes didn't help much when tied to a video game and the invader, a jester labelled "HQ+PI4EX6969" killed her frustratingly easily with a giant mallet. Dead, Karen decided it was time for bed.


"Probably some fat loser who sits on the couch all day," she grunted, finishing her evening routine and not noticing the partial loss of her abs.


Power Girl slid under the covers into the foetal position and hit the lights, the cat curling into his normal spot against her stomach. As she drifted off to sleep, a gurgle sounded, waking the cat up. A large food baby, if not one worth a mountain of chinese food, suddenly burst into being across Karen's normally flat waist for the first time. The heavy paunch startled the cat, who jumped off the bed with a yowl.


"What's his problem...," the sleepy and oblivious Kryptonian muttered, unconsciously rubbing her food baby.

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Oh man, so many wonderful directions to go in!  I love how you give each of the women their own unique builds, from Artemis's chiseled bodybuilder physique to Lois's softening soccer mom frame.  Add in the unique reasons for weight gain commencing, and this was a lovely chapter.

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Soooooo many great gains going on, I can barely even begin to pick which one I want to see more! This just keeps getting better!

Your wrists! You need to ice them and make ready another! I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll gift you a sacrifice!

Goddess of Beer and Bounty, I offer for my first prayer of three,

A fattened doe, a feast for thee,

May wrists be healed and fingers flick,

We wish for gainz, don’t make us sick 😷 


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10 hours ago, CyrilFiggus said:

Oh man, so many wonderful directions to go in!  I love how you give each of the women their own unique builds, from Artemis's chiseled bodybuilder physique to Lois's softening soccer mom frame.  Add in the unique reasons for weight gain commencing, and this was a lovely chapter.

Yeah, I wanted to go for some diversity in shape here. Lois is a college hot girl after twenty years of an office job and a kid whos still putting in effort, Artemis is a cut body builder, power girl is a swimsuit model who got in really good shape for a shoot.


This also let's me dick around with subkinks like milf, slight aging and deaging, needification. Etc.


5 hours ago, >_< 0_0 said:

Soooooo many great gains going on, I can barely even begin to pick which one I want to see more! This just keeps getting better!

Your wrists! You need to ice them and make ready another! I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll gift you a sacrifice!

Goddess of Beer and Bounty, I offer for my first prayer of three,

A fattened doe, a feast for thee,

May wrists be healed and fingers flick,

We wish for gainz, don’t make us sick 😷 


Thank you. Monday I'll probably cut back to Gotham and then do another broad look at gains across DC

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And chapter 7, which is much, much shorter.

Chapter 7: The Start of Something Big


Eyes closed, Harleen took a deep breath, small breasts stretching her leotard's chest to the max while her hard muscled waist went completely concave beneath the black and gold Gotham University leotard. She took an experimental hop, the powerful muscles of her thighs popping her svelte body several inches into the hair before her slim feet landed onto the mat. Opening her eyes, the college freshman took in the cheering stadium around the mats.


"Harleen Quinzelle up for the Gotham University team here at the olympic trials," the announcer's voice boomed, "all she needs to do is not completely fuck this up and she'll make the Olympic Team, with a life of fame and fortune ahead of her. It should be easy, she's in the best shape of her life and has been practicing this for years. If not her mediocre grades as a psych major will ensure she can only get a job at a miserable and dangerous facility like Arkham Asylum, where she'll be horribly tortured into insanity."


"Okay, strangely specific claim," the freshman told herself, flexing her corded muscles, "but you can do this, this will be easy."


At the sound of the starting bell, Harleen dashed forwards on her nimble legs and jumped high into the air to perform a quadruple helix to oohs from the crowd. But Harley realized that each twist was having an unforseen effect: her breasts, shrank down to As by her intense routine, were popping up a cup size with each spin! When her toes hit the ground she was a DD cup at least, the head sized lumps of puppy fat pulling her into a slight stumble and threatening to pop out of her leotard.


"What the fuck!?" Harleen exclaimed, only for the mother of all wedgies to hit her.


Quinn's rock hard buns, heavy slopes of perfectly toned muscle, shot outwards. Pound after pound of fat appeared out of nowhere, basketball sized cheeks of lazy lard streaked with stretch marks and dotted with horrible cellulite. They far outweighed her new boobs, the suddenly pear shaped athlete pulled to the ground by her huge ass.


The bean bag cheeks rippled as she hit, the jiggle shooting outwards as the remnants of Quinn's athleticism failed. Slabs of back fat shot over the back of her leotard, thick rolls of lower belly fat ripped out the crotch of her leotard, her corded arms turned into bingo wings and shredded her sleeves and a mighty slap sounded as chiseled thighs inflated into lazy sacks of fat hanging over her knees. Fat kept spreading and spread, pinning Quinn to the ground and swallowing her limbs and face.


A loud buzz sounded as the judges put in scores, all of them 0s.


"And it looks like Quinn has completely fucked this up!" the announced boomed, "someone get that fatty some donuts while we get a forklift to move her off the mat!"


Fat swelling her eyes shut, the panicking Quinn smelled the delicious aroma of fresh donuts...




"Harley wake up," Ivy commanded, through a mouthful of doughnut, "I need you to do something for me."


Waking up crashed on the couch from one meal or another, Harley took in her apartment. Vines and flowers covered the walls, growing faster and thicker as Ivy's powers returned to her. Many of them were now bearing fruit, if steaming fresh baked goods hanging from vines and branches could be called fruit. Harley had no idea how Ivy had managed to grow full baked food from plants, but no one had ever accused her being that bright.


"Ugh, takes a dummy to know one ya putz," Harley grumbled at the narrator, bending forwards to grab doughnuts off of the coffee table and feeling her pot belly break into rolls.


"Harley, are you even awake? I actually need you to do something," Ivy said again through a full mouth.


Harley turned, taking in the obese green woman wearing a bikini woven from leaves sitting on the recliner across from her. Apart from a knee length fur coat, Ivy's new clothes sort of fit her, although the cut was for a woman who didn't have love handles that would ooze out of everything she owned, an apron belly hanging over her sex and boobs plunging under their own weight out of her bra. It would have shown off her problem areas a hundred pounds earlier and had no business being on a two hundred and fifty pounder.


"Oolala, does it involve eating a few gallons of pudding off them new curves?" Harley drooled, cheeks turning bright red, "cause just looking at you is making me work up an appetite."


Ivy blushed through her chlorophyll tinted skin, then bent to pick up yet another doughnut. Her rotund gut squished into rolls, surging towards her knees with the determination of the Red Army pushing towards Berlin, and a not so little fat girl grunt came from between her ruby lips as she had to lean her flabby body just a little off of her seat. Treat secured, Ivy let out a relaxed sigh as she sat back on her chair, taking a bite before speaking.


"Not just now, although I appreciate the compliment. Now that that bloating is going down my hour glass figure is really noticeable again," Ivy lied, the deeply in denial dryad tracing the convex blubber of her lovehandles like they were her old wasp waist, "but I need you to run an errand for me."


"R-run an errand?" Harley asked, shaken by the break of routine, "why leave the apartment Red? Can't I just stay in and we can Wayne-Flix and chill, have a few snacks and feed each other a bit..."


"Feed each other? Harley you know I'm on a diet still. Now that my powers are back I'm converting sunlight to sugar automatically, if I were to over indulge I'd balloon!," Ivy said with an eye roll, another bite of her doughnut and no trace of irony, "and we won't get our revenge on Selina and all those superheroines who think they can go around in those sultry little outfits destroying the planet by just sitting around in here will we?"


"Isn't the best revenge a life lived full?" Quinn asked as she finished her longjon, really not wanting to have to get up.


"No, of course not. Its to see every woman on this planet turned into giant balls of fat, a living carbon sink of lard too huge to even leave their homes or breed!" Ivy declared, green eyes going a little mad, "with these snacks I've created we'll wipe out all of humanity and they'll never even realize it!"


"Oh, I was just kinda hoping for some cuddles and maybe another doughnut or two...," Quinn said, as a vine snaked up the table and handed Ivy the last one currently available.


"Really Harley, I love you but you're so gluttonous sometimes," Ivy said, cream filling falling onto her cleavage, "now, you're going to make a delivery for me. So get up and get dressed, I ordered you some XXLs and laid them out on your bed during your last little fat girl nap."


In truth, Ivy hadn't budged all morning and had had her vines receive, sign for, open and lay the clothes out. But she counted it all as part of her strenuous workout sessions.


"Fine, I guess," Harley sighed, rocking to her feet.


Weeks of doing nothing but serving as Ivy's personal piglet had completely ruined Quinn's physique. Even the button bursting chubster who'd near blinded a girl in Bruce Wayne's waiting room was a paragon of fitness compared to someone who'd been gaining three pounds a day. It took a moment for the big titted jester to stand up, pushing up with her arms and rocking forwards to aid her pathetic leg muscles.


She stood up with a slap of thighs and a clap of ass cheeks, a large indention left on the couch and a sucking "vriipp" sounding as her pale skin lifted off the fake leather. Harley's inclination towards a pear shape had been evident as a fit college gymnast, as a 31 year old professional couch potato who tipped the scales at a whopping 260lbs of pure pudge, she appeared cartoonish. Her hips were four feet and more around, divoted door jammers that took up a whole love seat. The ex-criminal's bean bag buttocks made her old big buns seem tiny, flapping sacks of cottage cheese that formed a shelf behind her. Toss in thighs so thick they'd started forming their own rolls, and cankles that had started to sag and Harley's lower half looked like it belonged to a different person from her merely chubby upper half. The substantial and surprising growth of her perky E cups had given her a bit of balance, but Harley was still a clear and gigantic fatass.


"Haha, take a picture. Oh wait you can't draw," Quinn muttered at the narrator, grumbling when she felt her breasts shrink a cup size and got substantially floppier, "Go ahead and kick my while I'm down why don't ya..."


Hips brushing the hallway's walls, the award winning gymnast and terrifying combatant waddled to the bedroom, grumbling about authorial inconsistencies and grabbing a few donuts off of the walls to fuel her walk. At last she reached the now sadly undersized standard bed she and Ivy shared, their indentations clear on the badly abused mattress. A pair of black Gotham U leggings and a matching t-shirt were laying on the comforter, as well as a thong and a sports bra. They were big enough to have fit both Harley and Ivy when they'd been thin.


Getting dressed was more an issue of balance, Harley was still unused to being so big and given her weakness standing on one leg was a bad idea. The state gold medalist for the balance beam stepped into the panties, bent with a grunt and slowly slid them up her thighs. Although pleasingly tight across the vulva, Harley's chubby belly and back fat hid the rest of the upsized garment. Getting into the sports bra and t-shirt were easier, although the sports bra was loose due to the sudden decline in cup size and the t-shirt was very tight across her chubby upper arms.


"Fucking loser writer, one little crack and suddenly I lose a cup size," the clown mumbled, beginning to work the sweats up her legs.


Harley hadn't worn any sort of clothes in a month, after she'd gotten too fat for her last pair of fat pants, so the sensation was odd. Especially given the mental disconnect between what she thought her legs should look like, strong and slim, and their now elephantine size. The tent-like leggings slid snugly past her cankles and then became a slog to get up her thighs, sweat forming on her forehead. But that was just an appetiser for getting them up over her ass, the sagging bean bags of dough fighting like a whale against a harpoon to stay out of the leggings. The incredibly out of shape Quinn began to breathe hard, then pant and then gasp until she at last got them up over her ass.


Wheezing, the wobbling jester stood in front of the mirror and barely recognized the ball of lard staring back at her. Her legs were like sausages in far too small casings, the leggins stretched nearly transparent over the pale acres of thigh fat and ass lard. She'd be lucky if the garment lasted the day, it would probably rip off of her at the most inopportune time.


"Jeesh, you're gonna make me come with that kinda narration," Harley huffed, shoving her wider feet into much tighter than normal tennis shoes and waddling back to the living room.


Ivy, a ring of icing around her lips, had fallen to that natural predator of a comfortably full fat girl, a comfy couch. The plant hybrid chubster was flat on her back, giant gazongas and swollen stomach rising and falling with her chain-saw like snores. She looked cute as a button and Harley wished she was small enough to plop on top of her girlfriend without injuring her. Just to be able to perch on that big, beach ball belly and bury her face in those head sized gazongas, without having to worry about maneouvering her stiff, awkwardly heavy body...oh what a dream.


"Come on narrator, why don't you make me skinny again just for a nice skinny and fat sex scene," Harley whined, even though that would be extremely against the flow of the story so far and kind of confusing even if it would be incredibly arousing.


"Oof, you can't even keep it straight if I hate or enjoy being obese," Harley pointed out, "and you abandoned your attempts at my accent days ago. Come on, make me skinny again just for a sexy little romp with my chubster gf here and then I can go back to being fat."


Of course a girl like Harley would only be able to get thin again if she could go without fattening junk food. And the greedy jester was in an apartment that was ripping apart at the seams with food: grape vines of oreos, branches of donuts, bread stick flowers, fruit tart plants...all of it was so yummy, the smell of fresh food making Harley's nose twitch. She crossed her arms, bidding herself to stay strong


"Eashy-peashy," Harley boasted, realizing her mouth was full of oreos, "cheater."


Still obese, the clown bent down very slowly (ass fat springing out from the back of her pants) and planted a sweet little kiss on her obese girlfriend's lips. When she wasn't wound up Ivy was a cute, cuddlebug of a chubette and Harley hoped that once whatever craziness was out of Ivy's head was spent the two of them could go back to the important practices of massively overeating and having sex three times a day.


"Wakey wakey eggs and bakey," Harley cooed, patting the sphere of Ivy's stomach, "someone had a few too many donuts didn't you tubby tubby?"


The drowsy dryad groaned, stretching her doughy limbs, "I did...rub my belly..."


Ivy's eyes were closing by the time Harley's pudgy fingers touched her stomach, plunging deep into the layers of dough that coated the once nimble woman's gut. Exhausted by her hard day of getting out of bed, sending an email and eating until she fell asleep again, Ivy was far too tired to keep up her facade of pretending to be skinny. On the verge of sleep she was just a jiggly fat girl with far too full a belly.


"How about some hair of the dog that bit ya?" Harley grinned pulling a fresh longjon from a vine and putting it to Ivy's mouth, the hybrid's mouth flashing faster than thought to eat it down, "there ya go, how about another cream filled doughnut?"


"...cream?" the redhead snapped.


Ivy's green eyes flashed open, fury writ across her cherubic features. She tried to sit up and failed to consider the lifting power of her decayed muscles vs the gravitational pull of her G cup breasts and gravid gut. The first try only raised her head. The second only raised her shoulders and bunched her belly into rolls, when she flopped back down with a huff her vine and leaf bra broke, letting her massive boobs spill free. Finally, the over full supercriminal hauled herself up using both arms.


'You know *huff* how much I bloat with dairy!" Ivy groaned, taking in her enormous torso as if she hadn't been eagerly growing it for weeks now at an inhuman rate, "Oh Gaia, look at this. It'll take ...a very long time for this to go down Harley!"


Quinn rolled her eyes, happy to play along. Ivy after all allowed Harley's insanity, so she might as well indulge Ivy her own particular brand of lunacy.


"Yeah Red, it looks like your size 4s will pinch a bit," Quinn said to the obese botanist, "so, what did you need me to deliver?"


"Oh yes, my plan. My genius plan to triumph once and for all, go get that green vial off of the counter," Ivy smiled, forgetting her obesity for a moment, "so Harley, if we're to make every woman on earth fat, we can't have any super hero stopping us, can we? After all, you've gotten so fat you can hardly flip around and fight anymore can you? You'd be absolutely useless in a fight."


Harley glared, waddling to the counter and picking up a glass vial, "Oh, I guess I have put on a few pounds."


"Yes, you've totally let yourself go," Ivy said, thoughtlessly eating cookies from a vine that lifted itself to her lips, "so we're going to make a plague."


"...a plague? Ivy, ain't that a bit on the nose?" Quinn asked, eyes at the narrator, "I know you rough drafted this a while ago, but jeesh. I banged the Joker and I think that's a bit fucked up."


"Yes Harley a plague," Ivy cackled, "that skinny bitch Selina was right: no one will want diet food after you've let yourself go so badly, this society is too judgemental. So, we'll make one that will rewrite the preferences of anyone infected to like fat girls. It will create a society of chubby chasers world wide, every man and lesbian will like gaining girls and every girl will want to gain...except for those with a metagene. They'll be addicted to gaining but hate it. It'll work on aliens and demi gods and mutants, it'll be perfect!"


"Well, that's a bit extreme but okay," Harley shrugged, "so where am I delivering this fat girl plague too?"


"Why, we're going to the convention center Harley. Tonight is the big Gotham fashion show, all the world's top models will be there and we're going to turn everyone of them into a blob by year's end," Ivy grinned, "now help me up. You're far too fat to sneak inside, I'll seduce my way in with my returned powers."


Harley helped haul the redheaded tub of lard from her seat. To her eyes Ivy was looking shorter, her apple shape gain compressing her back to the very edge of 5'. The dryad fluffed her fur coat over her immense curves, not that it would close over her bulk, and started trying to get her feet into her shoes without being able to see her feet.


"Hey, if you're seducing your way in, how come I gotta go?" Harley yawned, grabbing another doughnut from the wall.


"I need a driver Harley," Ivy said, "I'm far too bloated to reach the wheel..."

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The narrator can’t draw? 🤔 I can 😏

So many iconic scenes tempt me to draw them. All I need is an internet connection that doesn’t reset every time I put the phone between me and the window 😡 (I’ve proven this scientifically)

Being stuck in the mountains is not all it’s cracked up to be 😬 Maybe Wednesday, when I change the location of my hideout 

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3 hours ago, CyrilFiggus said:

Oh come on, Pamela--put down the donuts and plans for world domination, and go rev your Harley!

That was delightful.  Ivy in denial is so much fun, and the back and forth with Harley and the narrator remains hilarious.

Harley just wants to enjoy being in a WG fic, everyone else had to ruin it with schemes.

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1 hour ago, Batman76 said:

Harley just wants to enjoy being in a WG fic, everyone else had to ruin it with schemes.

*script pauses*
“Now I know what you’re thinking. Why isn’t this clown narrating her own story? Isn’t she the star? I mean, come on! Well, it all started one night, long ago, with some crazy pills, a crazy Red, and this crazy-long funnel-tube I found in the garage...”

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7 hours ago, Batman76 said:

Haha. I'm only about 1/3rd fo the way done with the next chapter. I wanted to put another continuation in on Siren Feeder first.

Siren Feeder is also awesome 👏 

Beggars can’t be choosers 👍

Random idea: any doodle requests? I’m feeling artsy

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