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  1. The gluttony here is ecstatic. And I've got a feeling that Stacey's words about having a fat metabolism will soon haunt her. Maybe after looking at some sort of cursed statue
  2. This is wonderfully creative
  3. WW having a giant ass is as it should be. Going to be a bit before I can write on this
  4. Batman76

    Lottie moss

    Damn that's a tummy. A small tummy but a tummy. And her butt is looking a little...saggy.
  5. Stacy's getting greedy over Kal. Could really see her over indulging to impress him and not being able to dial back now that she's started growing.
  6. Another one: Mount and Blade Bannerlord is an rpg/strategy game where you control a random peasant in a collapsing, dark ages world and can fight, trade, politic and more importantly black smith (because a javelin made from a tree branch will for some reason give you more money than sacking a city) your way into being king/queen. Its not as in depth in personal stats as CKIII, but you can hit people with a sword, however to my surprise it has a decent wg component. Fight in a battle and your character gains muscle, riding around in the country and you lose weight, stay in a city and you gain weight. The limit for weight isn't that high, but a few days in a city after a campaign takes my female character from six pack to slightly paunchy.
  7. Oh boy, we finally get a reveal, that this college was founded to make the female students thin, fit witches (well only some of them have the later) which is just...oh its great. Is Jason/Jane satan?
  8. This decadent society you've made is something else... And Kal better treat her like a goddess That said, let's hope that reporter gets swept off her feet... Maybe with a crane...
  9. Ha, maybe the boobs should be bigger than 12/10... I'd also echo something that would reinforce the theme, namely that stacy has a big streak of contrarianess to her. She's fit because the rest of the empire is so indulgent, hard headed because every other noble woman is so submissive. If put into a role that requires her to be thin, I think she'd gain weight out of pride from not fitting in. I did have an idea where the empire, to press traditional values, has a massive parade where stacy is asked to play the role of the founding goddess or empress, which essentially means wearing something between a wonder woman costume and a brazillian carnival outfit, as she's the only noble woman fit enough for the role and the ancient founderess of the empire was famously fit woman. The costume fits...just barely, due to stacy's insane curves and the parade chief insists stacy drop a couple pounds to fit it perfectly. Now that she's being told to stay thin, stacy finds herself wanting to disobey.
  10. Perhaps the setting war once a high fantasy one, but facing either famine from over population or invasion from an awakening eldritch God, the magisters and Sorceresses cast a great working that put all magic save alchemy or lovecraftian hypergeometry into making the soil and dairy cows hyper productive beyond all measure. The spell is maintained by the ritual over indulging of noble women, their orgasmic joy at growing suppressing latent magical abilities and keeping cthulu dreaming. A secretive group, maybe this worlds delta Green, knows the truth and wants to make sure a woman as thin and influential as Stacey doesn't upset the cosmic balance...
  11. I'd also thought of something similar to that, maybe a Not!Ottoman empire where the average noble woman looks and dresses like Princess Jasmine, it would show off every inch stacey gains quite well. I was torn between either Stacey being either the diplomat basicially like that, or her being captured after some daring deed in a border conflict, as an unmarried noble woman she used a loop hole to raise a regiment, and put in the harem of the sultan...who's actually an extremely decent MILF Sultana that explains its just because it would be dishonorable to put a woman in prison and an insult to her swordcraft to let her go. So until peace negotiations conclude, stacey will stay in the old harem chambers now inhabited by her daughters and heal up, said daughters all being FFA's eager to get their hands on a curvy foreigner and bump up her "weight in gold" ransom price. Perhaps both of them would encourage bad habits in the other, becoming increasingly interested in each other's softening.... Another idea I'd had was politics: after a boneheaded move by the prime minister, Stacey decides its time to take her seat on the house of nobles...but will have to, ugh, gain a suitable amount of weight somehow...such as through using a new and scandalous brothel focusing on using light bondage, teasing and force feeding to ensure the Imperial noble women remain decadent and squishy. Its just something stacey is doing to gain weight temporarily, she doesn't enjoy it after all... As you'd said pride and prejudice, I pictured Keira Knightly but with curves dialed up from 1 all the way to 12 and muscles from 1 to 8. Makes sense, a subtle touch can be great. Perhaps if you're going lovecraftian, maybe something like the shadow over insmouth where Stacey discovers that the noble women from the barony her mother was from have a tendency to be extremely athletic and curvy....until around Stacey's age, they begin to rapidly grow ever since an ancesstress made a deal with a strange entity living in a ruined, underground city nearby. After a failed diet, an emergency clothes purchase after outgrowing every dress she owns, needing to rest after fucking only half a dozen giggolos to exhaustion and even an embarrassing corset bust, Stacey needs to find the secret to this mystery before she's doomed to obesity! Or worse before she likes it!
  12. Lovely, lovely. As for ideas... The Prince from earlier offers Stacey an engagement...if she can fit into the royal wedding dress, which could easily fit two Staceys. Or maybe head of an important bureaucracy or department that leads her to stress eat and miss exercising. Maybe both. Of course, if it's just jump to gaining there's no tension. So have The cult from earlier curse stacey, because she's descended from an ancient line of priestesses who opposed them. The more she gains, the weaker her will gets, leading to get trying to undo the curse before she's a total ditz. Introducing a rival would be good too: perhaps literally Amazonian diplomat from a foreign nation arrives, one who's taller, stronger, fitter then Stacey. Bonus is this is after Staceys fitness has slipped some and our heroine overexerts herself pushing her plumpening body to the limit. Or maybe a once fit and adventurous imperial princess or milf empress jealous that her potential sister in law Stacey kept her shape while she's ballooned into palace bound sphericalness. Who tries some careful sabotage using an old spell book she found... Or perhaps a younger noble woman who looks up to stacey as an exemplar, having gotten in shape and become a rich business woman herself... Just as her idols business ventures tumble and her metabolism nose dives!
  13. Agreed, this story hit the ground running in a way that's hard to describe
  14. When actresses/models hit mid to late twenties they start with limp plumping and botox
  15. Part of that isn't wrong...
  16. Sir Claude had had a moment where he recognized the gluttony succubus caged at the other end of the table. A more than zaftig red devil, with hips to drool over and thighs to die between, it looked similar to his Valet, Borea but not bound to not tempt mortals into obesity. He knew that given he'd fattened up prematurely into middle aged obesity that he needed to resist this devilish temptation, even as it sweetly called for the pair to meet them. Already he was due a fair amount of ribbing from his friends and family over his big breasted state... But seeing Saspia waddle forwards at speed, apron belly flapping against her thick thighs, and practically diving at the food settled it. Joy radiated over his fiancee's pudgy features as she started showing down on a pyramid of fudge, chocolate crumbs falling on her relatively modest cleavage and belly fat pooling on the table. It was such an unbelievably sexy sight that Claude dropped his useless blade, fattened hand tucking under his stomach fold to massage his aching shaft. He waddled after his bride, joining her in her gluttony. Saspia gorged, mind gone to anything but eating. A pure sexual thrill shot through her as she felt her self grow, thighs inflating to match the gut that was now sprawling across the table. Her belly was touching her feet and her sex was sopping wet, lust and gluttony fusing together in her brain. Forget adventure and dance, forget being nimble and svelte and fast, forget dancing and movement and excitement. No, this is what she was made for, to glut herself and to enjoy herself, consumption pleasure and reproduction... Claude's breasts began to rest on the table, his toes starting to ache from gout. Saspia's apron gut began to touch her feet, while her cankles began to rub the floor. He was bigger than any man in Venikia save for the dodgess' closest advisors and possessed more boob and hip fat than most brothels, Saspia had a belly bigger than a prized cow and thighs thicker than a prize winning pig. The demoness, freed, departed with a laugh that turned into annoyance and frustration as Saspia cast a spell with one sauce stained, sausage finger. Their tormentor blew up, blocking off the hole in the ceiling as she too hit the half ton mark. With the demoness' defeat, the enchanted food she'd prepared faded away, leaving an open door and too gasping, engorged lovers. "Saspy, I think, urp," Claude managed, his voice off from his massive growth, "I think *whew* we over did it. I'd sit down but *belch* I couldn't get up again and *puff* I think we'll need a bigger *pant* carriage." "fuck me, fuck me," the nymph gasped, eyes crazy with horniness, "put your seed in me now!" Saspia's wish was Claude's command. The fat loving night was confronted with a half ton sphere of Nymph, his fiance's milk pale gut divided in two as she leaned on the now empty table. She painfully widened her thighs as much as she could, knowing that with Claude's weakened constitution and her own floor length belly flab frontal sex was now out of the question. Getting too his wife took long minutes of careful, panting waddling, sweat pouring down the noble man's moon round face and across his chest, the thirty feet separating them feeling a mile long. Anatomy proved an ample obstacle, Claude's own gut hung down low enough it greatly blocked cock access and although small compared to the rest of her, Saspia's ass was immense. Huffing and puffing, joints creaking and breath catching in his chest, the obese merchant noble had to hoist his own gut in both hands and let it rest on his fiance's shelf ass. He thanked the gods of love he was still fairly large even though swelling fat had buried half his member, able to find the glistening slit of his wife's buried vag easily. 'Harder, ohhhhhh, yesssssss, fuck yessss, faster," the horny nymph gasped, pudgy hand trying to find her clit, which was blocked by feet of belly fat. "Going *uff* fast as I *gasp* can," her husband to be barely managed, his back screaming as his massive tits jostled and his joints barely capable of the weak thrusts. Saspia's hands settled on her breasts, tweaking her stretched and engorged nipples, making her eyes cross as the slow, rhtymic humps shot pleasure through her slit and her whole body shook as Claude's weakened form rested on her. Her husband was in a galaxy of embarassed pleasure, cock tingling with the best fuck (and for all he knew at his size perhaps last fuck) of its life while he found that he'd started squeezing his own nipple at his waist length breast. Saspia had started coming before he did, motivated by finding a platter of left over ribs to gorge on while she was pounded. Claude gave one great squirt of seed into her and then, slowly, collapsed backwards, covered in sweat. "Oh...oh...fuck...," the knight gasped, "hope *whew* I got you good and *pant* knocked up 'cause I don't think I've another in me...Say *puff* love, where's the *urp* muscle potion? Might need a sip...to get up..." Saspia moaned, her womb tingling. She turned from the sprawling form of her husband, knowing that if she sat down she wouldn't be getting up again and walked towards the open door. By walking, she meant an awkward shuffle as she moved her floor length apron gut a few inches with one bloated leg and then repeated the motion. Blinking away black spots and feeling light headed, she entered the laboratory of the long dead countess to find... [X] Recipes, grimoires and a skinny amulet! the laboratory was packed full with old spell books and tomes on cross breeding chocolate, advanced materials that will make the house rich beyond its wildest dreams...and an amulet of skinny that will halve the size of its wearer...for a few hours at least, then it needs a night to recharge! [X] Recipes, grimoires and a scroll of svelte! the laboratory was packed full with old spell books and tomes on cross breeding chocolate, advanced materials that will make the house rich beyond its wildest dreams...and an ancient spell that will make its caster reduce to 20 fat points...and after a few hours reinflate to their old size! [X] Recipes, Grimoires and mithril bikini of muscle! the laboratory was packed full with old spell books and tomes on cross breeding chocolate, advanced materials that will make the house rich beyond its wildest dreams! And a silvery metal bikini that will make anyone who wears it spend six hours as a 14' frost giant with a 100 athletics and only 20 fat points! However, the wearer has a frost giant's appetite in this form and can only wear it for 1/4th of a day...
  17. Go ahead, I want to hear the guess!
  18. Batman76

    Milf Avenue

    Haha, oh wow this is pushing buttons. Blatant fattening and the role of a fit ex barbarian queen who's turned fat and lazy?
  19. Chapter 5: The Hunger Tessa had never been a big eater. The secret to the maintenance of her dainty, famous physique was that the starlet didn’t maintain it. She did some exercise and avoided sweets but she’d been born naturally thin and abstentious towards food, she didn’t have cravings or hunger pangs at 1200 calories a day. Until the day a chubby girl had stared back at her from a studio mirror, Tessa had never even given gaining weight a thought. Right now, it was consuming her. “More, more for the *slurp*,” Tessa gasped as she licked egg residue and syrup and bacon grease off of her plate, ‘love of God, more!” Hunger stabbed through the actress’ midrift, hot and insistent as a gunshot wound. One early role of Tessa’s had been playing a pregnant woman who went into labor at the climax of the film, she’d watched dozens of filmed labors to get the screams and expressions right. The agony shooting through her stomach eclipsed anything she’d seen in those tapes, a pain so pure she couldn’t even sit up straight. Her muscles spasmed in sequence, her gut grumbled like a predator defendings its young and the pain, oh God the pain…. “More of what, Miss Holmes?” Dr. Mortenson grinned at her, one muscular leg crossed over the other. “Food, please more food, I need it,” the actress whined, bending at the waist and rubbing her stomach. Tessa had eaten multiple pounds of pancake, bacon, eggs and potatoes even before the calorie heavy and immensely voluminous hot chocolate. A light eater and small framed until the day before, the actress should have been immensely, if not dangerously full. Instead of finding a swollen orb in threat of rupture, Tessa’s small hands found a soft, malleable bulge of fat that grumbled for more food. “Well Miss Holmes, this is a weight loss facility and you do not appear to be making much progress,” Mortenson smiled, teeth sparkling white behind her plump lips, “in fact, you appear to be pouring out of your clothes…” Snug yoga pants were tight as sausage skins. Their pink fabric was stretched transparent over Tessa’s thickening legs, no more her famously shapely stems but soft and chunky. A wide band of lower belly fat was split in half by the stretching waistband, rolling over it and threatening to touch her thighs. “But let’s give you a second helping,” Mortenson told her, “in liquid form…” Tessa didn’t even struggle as the trainers pulled the mask over her face. Like an airplane emergency mask, it strapped tight behind her ears, but differed due to not covering her nose and having a small nippled hose. She wrapped her lips around it and inhaled, immediately rewarded with a thick, heavy sludge of white chocolate. The actress guzzled and guzzled, her immense pain fading by the sip as her stomach rose. From a chubby gut, Tessa’s waist inflated into a beach ball that forced down her pants and pressed against the edge of the table. Breathing hard, the actress craned her neck, looking in horror at the sphere of her stomach. The slightest motion made it slosh and her belly button had popped outwards. Strange rumbling sounds came from the sphere and as the hose emptied, she saw the cresting bulge start to shrink inwards. As it shrank, warmth suffused the rest of her body, as if she’d been dumped into a bath just below scalding. Her painfully tight pants grew even tighter, rips sounding as her hips spread past the point of the spandex’ tolerance.The actress’ ass smacked into the back of her chair, pressing her tightly into the table. Her sports bra’s straps sank into softened shoulders and her thighs spread apart, seams going as the soft flesh pressed tight together. The bottom cuffs of the exercise pants grew painfully tight around thickening cankles, even Tessa’s running shoes growing snug as her feet spread. “No, no no, this won’t do,” the doctor sighed, strutting over to the inflating actress, “we already have a pear. Tsk, this is the problem with skinny girls who never had a fat day in their life, you never know how they’re going to grow when they start to finally spread. Still it was predictable, you can’t have an ass that perfect and not have it ruined, can you? Its a karmic balance.” Only in moderate agony, Tessa’s animal instincts tried to make her run. Her hands tugged at the strap, finding themselves clumsier and bulges of arm fat flapping under her triceps. Dr. Mortenson put her hand across the Brit’s shoulder, easily pushing her back to her seat with surprising strength. “Please, please let me go…,” the actress begged her tormentor, knowing that her body was too weak, too soft to overcome the fiendish power Mortenson had. “You know, your predecessor fought at every opportunity. She snapped out of it multiple times a day, fought the trainers through a heart attack. Even when she was too fat to walk she tried to fight,” Mortenson told her, “you are really a disappointment.” Mortenson put a finger tip to Tessa’ plump belly. The actress’ jaw hung open, revealing all of her perfect teeth as her full lips stretched wide. “F’NYHLL BVCT NBUR,” the doctor rasped, a green fog bulging out of her mouth. Tessa tried not to breath in, but the doctor jabbed a finger hard into her stomach. She gasped and breathed in on instinct, feeling her lungs tingle. Mortenson’ other hand traced a pattern on Tessa’s stomach, a triangle with three lines and four corners. It burned an after image into Tessa’s eyes, like looking into an eclipse and she screamed again as its impossibie combination of angles and shapes grabbed her by the brain stem. Cold seized her hips, ass and thighs, just as unimaginable heat began to form in her stomach and flanks. Tessa’s ruined pants suddenly loosened, not much, but enough that the ripped spandex flapped like sails in a breeze as her legs became merely thick and lardy. Its load of food and chocolate mixture instantly digested and distributed, Tessa’s stomach had shrunk down to just a hefty paunch. Now it bulged out until its turgid surface again touched the table, this time not stuffed but thick with redistributed lard. “What-how, no how is this, stop it please!” the trapped actress gasped, voice nearly screaming and eyes wide in terror. “I’ve had a lot of practice doing this and I’d say you’ve just crossed over a hundred and ninety pounds. You’ve got a real talent for gaining weight, most of the skinny minis like you do once they get pushed over the edge,” Mortenson smiled, “Let’s try and get you over two hundred today before your psychological session with me. After all, your mental health is just as important as your physical health…” …… Time wasn’t making since to Tessa anymore. The hour or the day or possibly the year for all she knew, had been nothing but being inflated with food and then having it turned to fat. Mortenson hadn’t needed to alter her distribution again, whatever insane impossibility she’d written onto Tessa’s gut having permanently changed her from a balanced apple pear into pure apple. Strapped onto the couch of the hypnosis rooms With trembling neck muscles, the actress looked down at the ruin of her body: Soft, flabby legs without a hint of muscle tone from their jiggly thighs to chubby little cankles, dwarfed by the hipless bulge of her gut. Folded over itself into twain, its double rolls crashed over her upper thighs, angry with purple red stretchmarks. Her breasts were only a little changed from the last time, a cup size at most, but Tessa’s body had grown so much so quickly she barely recognized herself. “Apologies, I was busy making sure Miss Fast was quite sexually inamured with weight gain,” Dr. Mortenson said as she walked back into the room, wearing just the black sweater from earlier, “you on the other hand...let’s have something a bit less happy…” Tessa took a breath, her terror at the verge of making her mute, “Why are you doing this? I’ve offered you money, I’ve...why?” Mortenson looked down her nose at the prone woman, face flat and neutral. “You wouldn’t understand the real reason, not until its your time,” The doctor smiled at her, “but why you? Because you were a good enough fit: renowned for your beauty and famously recognizable but slightly out of the spotlight and at the point where one’s looks can suddenly...change. We always have people watching for prime samples and when our first choice failed, well, you were next on this list.” The actress shook her head, second chin wobbling, “I...why are you...that doesn’t make sense. You’re doing this because I’m beautiful?” “Close, because you’re beautiful your fattening is suitable. I could grab any woman or girl from any college on this continent and it wouldn’t be a thousandth of your effect. An A-list actress or a supermodel...why you’re worth your weight in gold to #!&(>,” Mortenson finished. Tessa screamed at the nails on a chalk board sound, one of her ear drums popping and blood running down her cheek. “Ah, see what I mean? You’re not ready,” the doctor said again, tracing another pattern over her prisoner’s ear. Tessa’ hearing returned as soon as the glow faded, her heart pounding. The doctor looked down at her, sharp nails poking into the actress’ gut. “But if you mean, why am I doing this?’ the doctor smiled once more, almost wistfully, “because once I was like you were, so beautiful I didn’t even consider I could change. And now...now it is my pleasure to hand out reminders to the young and the famous that all beauty is fleeting. So, do you have a preference on how you got fat?” The stupefied actress blinked, the change in demeanor sickening and confusing. “I don’t care about being fat, I just want to go home. Please, just let me go. I won’t tell anyone about this, I’ll retire I”ll hide, I’ll never tell anyone else!” she said. Mortenson smiled again, “You know, I think that I overrated you. Most of your acting skill really was from your looks. Now that your face is plain and your body is fat, you’re quite mediocre. If I unleashed those bonds and gave you a gun, what would you do with it?” Tessa seethed, clenching weakened muscles, “I...I’d shoot you you psychotic bitch...” It struck the actress that she meant every word. She wasn’t a violent person, she wasn’t cruel or vengeful. But if she had one of the handguns Americans were so preoccupied with, she’d use it on Mortenson without mercy. “Right in the head,” Tessa finished. Mortenson grinned, “there’s that spirit. So, about the reason you became fat. When you wake up tomorrow over two hundred pounds, you’ll need to believe that you’ve been heavy a while. How about the party life style? You were quite the sexy little thing, think of every jello shot you’ve taken in clubs, magnify them quite a bit and then let them all stick…” The doctor patted her gut, the rolls rippling. “No, no, I...self hatred,” Tessa answered her, looking up at the doctor’s piercing eyes, “I hated my own success. I”m an anti poverty advocate but I’m rich, I’m feminist but trade off my looks and ate to soothe away the cognitive dissonance and when I started gaining, losing those looks my wealth had come from...it felt good…” The doctor laughed, slapping her patient’s stomach, “Oh yes, yes...add in some salacious photos from paparazzi as you started growing, a pair of un zipped pants here, a belly roll over your shorts there, rumors you were at various fat farms, occasional flare ups of edited images in front of your eyes as we hypnotize you, quite perfect. Perhaps you could be a screen writer when this is over...although for you...for you it won’t be over.” Tessa looked over the chuckling doctor. Noting that her sculpted legs were softened and that a generous belly was pressing at her sweater, her hips spreading out of it and her chin doubled. “So, what made you fat?” the actress asked her tormentor. Mortenson glared, looking down in fury at her, “I am...damn, not again…” The doctor looked down at her plumpening form, closed her eyes and said another nonsense phrase. She shrank back down, instantly fit and svelte again. “Eating too much of your own chocolate?” Tessa sneered. “Pounds of it at every meal. Its why my skin looks like this while you’re getting laugh lines already,” the doctor glared, “but that wasn’t a good sign for you. Just a reminder that I need to hurry to have you catch up with your friends…” Mortenson stalked out, perfect glutes swinging and closed the door. Low words began pouring out of the speakers and images flashing in rapid succession before Tessa’s eyes. Reality faded around her and the actress tried to hold onto her memory...
  20. Inflated Invaders: Having been hiding in the nearby hills to cast their ritual to worsen Caspiana’s curse, The fool Cultists were caught in the fattening blast that came with its dispersal! Looking for revenge for their now hundred pound or more ruined waistlines, these fattened foes assault the Villa, hoping to undo whatever caused their increased BMI. ohhh, lets try this...i can write a little intro tomorrow...
  21. Batman76

    Milf Avenue

    God damn but this was stupidly hot
  22. Claude's mother Briella had been a de'Colletege, one of that famed imperial family that although it had yet to produce any ruler of rank higher than Count, was famed for producing generation after generation of lusty blonde girls with a thirst for adventure and busts big as their heads. It was a quality seen in all three of the noble man's older sisters, who''s military careers had seen many a medal pinned to their bouncy busts before retirement, several pregnancies and innate gluttony had inflated them to massive obesity by 23. Claude had only seemed to have the de'Colletege lust and platinum blonde hair...until his own obesity had arrived. "Claude, love are you alright?" Saspia gasped as she blasted away the shrinking remnants of the last fudge golem. "I'm...*urp* I'm...oh my," the noble man blinked, looking at his naked wife and two of the biggest breasts he'd ever seen. Saspia was a lovely vision of maternal obesity, bigger than any unmarried noble woman in Venikia by thirty pounds now. Her heart shaped face had gone round as a pie, cheeks heavy and cherubic, joined delicately to a soft triple chin and huge green eyes just a bit piggish. Nimble arms were pillowy and soft, upper arm fat folded gently over her elbow and her fingers too plush for her rings. Dancer's legs were jiggling tree trunks, bare of cellulite and stretchmarks but with wellformed cankles and thighs that pressed tightly together. Girlish hips wobbled unconsciously side to side, displaying glimpses of a massive ass that made Claude's push to take a carriage instead of a horse quite intelligent. Her gut was immense, collapsed into an apron of lard that hung just a few inches from her knees and with love handles that three men could hold onto at once. And her breasts were still round and comely, small melons tipped with cherries.... And not the biggest bust he'd ever seen. No, that honor lay with Claude, who'd sprouted a set of moobs bigger than any of his siblings. Heavy and pendulous, they were an embarassing feature for a man counted so athletic a short while ago. "You're well...seem a bit excited," the obese nymph said nervously, voice husky under her new chins. Saspia was aghast at her own weight, feeling her nimble motions turned into elephantine lumbering. She couldn't quite catch her breath, breathing through her mouth, and felt immensely tired and looking at her husband's plumped up form...quite horny. Claude had quite the gut and an immense set of knockers, while his strong jaw was a near quad set of jowls. She'd been struck to first see him naked and realize his muscles were an illusion, but his soft laziness proved just as delicious. He might be a little smaller than her now, just by a hair, but clearly the chubby chasing Venikian was quite excited by her given how his engorged member was rock hard beneath his heavy gut. "um...just a bit worked up," he admitted, eyes stuck to his engorged wife, "seeing how you're so...womanly now...and well, apparently so am I..." From half the size of her nearest rival to one of the fattest girls in Venikia, the morbidly obese Nymph blushed from cheeks to her cheeks, winter pale skin turning pink. "I'm just a bit bloated, you on the other hand look delicious. but distracting as you are, yummy, let us keep moving while we can," Saspia said, bending slowly to help her husband up. In their mind's eyes, Saspia was still a dancing, athletic nymph and Claude was still a heroic knight. In truth, they'd grown fat and clumsy, ** and totally weak. Their expanded bulk bumped into each other more than once as they got up, breath coming a little quick at the minor effort. Claude bent to pick up his sword, back spasming at its new motion and sword feeling heavy due to his fat wasted muscle. His fingers barely fit into the guard and his arm trembled to hold steel, new body fit only for signing documents and outgrowing waist coats, while his nimble bride was built solely for making, birthing and nursing children until the pair of them grew too big to put together! "Are you sure you want to continue? We're not quite up for much dashing and derring at the moment, It'll take some powerful corsetry to get us into shape again...," Claude said, the near naked man wheezing as he tried to follow his wife's waddle. "We won't get any smaller waiting at home," the heavy set nymph said, her hip knocking over some defunct furniture as she picked up the satchel of muscle potions, "here take one and get ready to drink, it should put some pep in your step if there's more dangers." The two stepped onto the old elevator, which groaned nerve wracklingly but held under their bulk. However, there wasn't much spare room and the two pressed tightly against each other. Horny from the gain, the pair of chubby chasers could feel each other's lust as the elevator hit the ground to find... A lust locked gate! The gate to the dead Countess' laboratory is locked to anyone who's not pregnant! The betrothed pair better get busy figuring out how their new pieces fit together... A gluttony locked gate! The gate to the dead countess laboratory can only be opened by freeing a demon! A trapped demoness who can only be freed if two mortals indulge in a sickening display of over eating...or just ignored and walked past, if Saspia can pass a WILLPOWER test... A dance locked gate! A gate that can only be opened if a simple dance is performed...which should be easy for someone of Saspia's prowess...right? Roll ATHLETICS!
  23. Batman76

    Giorgia Colella

    The gulf of naples is known for having ultra rich soil. Archaeological evidence shows inhabitants had a rich diet going back thousands of years. This comes with occasional drawbacks...
  24. Oh wow, full supervillain hmmm.... hoping a heroine getsvto investigate....
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