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Chapter 2: Fattening Footballers (part 2)


Four weeks later. Gainesburg College gym.


Chloe Southern sweated. She was flushed Her long, blonde hair was tied back. Her arms ached as she finished her last set of bicep curls.

Chloe worked with weights even the football team found heavy. So heavy that Chloe made throaty sounds as she lifted them and – as a direct consequence – distracted the attention of every footballer in the weight room. Chloe finished lifting, and panted. Chloe's idea of panting involved letting her tongue stick out like she was fellating a banana, and enjoying it. Some of the boys shifted position to conceal their hard-ons.

Then the blonde beefcake replaced her dumbbells on their rack and pretended to notice her admirers for the first time. She licked her lips.

Uh! Oh. Hey, Boys!”

Actually, Chloe found the footballers' attention reassuring. She'd added a lot of bulk this semester, through a combination of heavy weight training and also her devoted enjoyment of peanut butter milkshakes. She knew she'd packed on a girl belly at the same time as making her semi-hard muscles pretty huge. So it was satisfying to know the boys still found her figure attractive...

Well, in fact, the sportsmen of Gainesburg College seemed to like Chloe's body more than ever. Any time the blonde glanced in the direction of the squat rack, or the bench, handsome volunteers rushed over to help her with heavy lifts. Probably they liked that she rewarded the boys who spotted her by letting them squeeze her muscles and stroke her big glutes... Probably Chloe was letting them do that a bit too often – but the attention made her so horny, and she had mostly convinced herself that they didn't notice the pleasurable rush that ran through her in response to the touch of cute males...

So, Boys.” Chloe asked the room. “Could I get one volunteer to sit on me while I plank? You know I need to develop my core strength! This cute girl-belly doesn't help lift weights on its own!”

Chloe received a range of volunteers before she finished showing off her curvaceous tummy and solidly-muscled hips for emphasis. She licked her lips, and chose the cutest – a 220 pound linebacker named Jo. Jo would be heavy, but that was OK. Chloe liked challenges!

Pretty soon Chloe was braced in a front plank position, with the cute linebacker sitting on her massive shoulders. Just to be annoying, the footballer with a stopwatch refused to start timing until Jo shifted his feet off the ground and put his full weight on the hot blonde swim-captain.

Hey! Be gentle with me!” Chloe complained as Jo shifted on her shoulders. “I'm not a horse!”

Sorry, Cap.” The linebacker laughed, to general amusement, without sounding very sorry.

Chloe lasted two minutes before her arms started to ache from the effort of holding up the linebacker on her shoulders. It didn't help that she was distracted by a growing awareness of his hard-on, throbbing between her traps! But she did have a personal best time to beat – albeit one that she'd set with a lighter boy, and so Chloe concentrated harder.

Uhn. Stop moving!” Chloe said through gritted teeth.

Sorry, Cap, just stretching.”

Well, don't!”

Okay, Cap.”

A cute boy leaned under Chloe's face, and read from a stopwatch.

Three more minutes, Chloe.”

Great.” Chloe gasped, and tried to focus on tensing to just the right amount


* *


Later that evening. Devilish Milkshakes.


Over cocktails at the milkshake bar, Chloe slurped from the selection of her favourite, thick milkshakes on a side-table by her sofa, as she tried to explain to her adorable, swimming-captain boyfriend, Beck Bronte, that her weight training was going really well.

Seriously, Beck! Seven fucking minutes thirty! With, like, two-twenty pounds on my back, at least. That's amazing!” Chloe slurped happily. Then she had a great idea. “You should sit on me tonight!”

Yeah... Sure, Chloebuns.” Beck said, while stroking the far side of his girlfriend's heavy boobs.

Chloe scowled.

No, Beck! I mean, you should sit on me while I plank! Then I can show you how big and strong I am!”

Chloe shifted across the sofa and snuggled into Beck. Or, at least, she tried to. It was hard, because Chloe was trying to pull her boyfriend's arm around her, far enough to rest his hand affectionately between her upper thighs. Unfortunately, it was hard to stretch his arm all the way around her. Yeah! Chloe thought happily. She was so bulked up that her torso was too thick for her swim-captain boyfriend to reach around. Of course, that meant no hand to squeeze between her thighs... Chloe resolved this problem by climbing a bit further to her left, and sitting herself down on her boyfriend's lap. This caused him to groan.

Ooof!” Beck groaned. “Okay, I get that you're big and strong, Chloe!”

Good.” Chloe replied. Then she shifted until she found a sitting position that put a satisfactory pressure on her clit, and sighed happily. Then she reached for her milkshakes, which were now awkwardly far away. Then, realising the Chocolate Mudslide was completely out of reach, she stood up, grabbed it, chugged the remaining pint, and headed to the bar to order more.

You want any more, Honey?” Chloe asked sweetly. “I want waffles, too? You?”

No thanks, Chloe. Some of us have a figure to maintain.”

Chloe posed and pushed out her curves. She knew Beck adored her full figure and thick muscles. Sure, her stretchy size sixteen jeans had frayed from the strain of her weight training and bulking, and her pink sweater was snug and her biceps distorted its sleeves – but Beck fucked her harder with every inch she added, which was a great incentive to never skip dessert.

Suit yourself, Honey. I'll order you a few, and if you don't want them, I'll have them after mine. Oh, and I might get a cheeseburger.” Chloe stroked her curvy belly. “All that pasta from dinner is just vanishing to somewhere...”

Chloe swayed her ass as she headed to the bar. Her tight white stretch jeans left no doubt as to where some of her heaped plates of pasta and sauce had gone. Along with some of her equally large servings of chicken soup, cheesecake, and cheese. Oh, and Chloe had also taken to adding a vast fruit salad to her evening meal. This evening, she'd packed away six pounds of mixed fruits – bananas, grapes, chopped apples, mango, peaches, cherries, etc – and Beck had been impressed that all the healthy but laxative fruit sugars hadn't given his girlfriend a tummy ache. In fact, the mounds of fruit Chloe had started packing away seemed to make her soak up her meals even faster. And, also, Chloe's girl belly was doing an impressive job of melting down the fruits and turning them into more Chloe – with about a 50:50 split between adding hard bulk and fleshy bulk to his girlfriend's curves.

Beck watched his Amazonian blonde girlfriend order. Then she returned, slurping happily on a quart of chocolate milkshake, with another peanut butter concoction on her tray, alongside a platter of chopped melon and apricot, and an order ticket for two plates of waffles, two double cheeseburgers, and a bowl of nachos.

Hungry.” Chloe explained.

The blonde sat back on top of her boyfriend, and slurped calorific milkshakes until her food arrived, then she ate all of that too, washing it down with a jug of water.

Still hungry.” Chloe murmured, as she absent-mindedly rubbed her boyfriend's hand over her belly. “But jeans too tight!”

Beck obligingly unpopped Chloe's silver jeans button and began to rub her belly. The blonde immediately exhaled in relief as her zipper rolled all the way down. It was, Beck reflected, fortunate that the lighting over their sofa afforded Chloe some shadows to sit in. Otherwise her tendency to skip wearing briefs under her jeans might become embarrassingly obvious to the public.

Uh! That's so much better!”

You happy, Chloe?”

Uh! Yeah. You can take me home for sex now... Carry me, maybe?”

A year or so of dating Chloe Southern had given Beck Bronte enough sex for multiple lifetimes, but the hot blonde was so irresistible he couldn't ever ever say no. Not even when he was tired. One thing that did give him pause, however, was that Chloe had bulked herself up so much that she was too heavy to lever off of his lap. He could lift her from a standing start, and she liked it when he did, but lifting her from the sofa with her on top of him was a non-starter.

Problem?” Chloe asked.

Um.” Beck explained.

Chloe giggled happily.

Did you just say I'm too fat for you to lift, Mister Bronte?”

No.” Beck answered unconvincingly.

I think you did.”

Chloe shifted her weight backwards, squashing her boyfriend into the sofa. Somehow, with his face buried in her pink sweater between her heavy traps, he didn't complain.

Waitress!” Chloe called, until she attracted the attention of Lena, her friend at the bar. “My boyfriend says I'm too fat to lift! Could you get me another quart of peanut butter and banana smoothie for me? I'm gonna drink it while I sit on him, as punishment!”

Beck struggled underneath his bulky girlfriend, but he was in no position to escape. She just gripped him with her vice-like thighs if he made any progress.

Lena arrived with Chloe's milkshake. The waitress light-heartedly offered Chloe some more. “Just so you know, we have an offer on smoothies: eight quarts for the price of six, and this is your sixth, Chloe, so if you like you can have two more on the house?”

Chloe replied with an, “Ohh. Yes, please! I just hope my boyfriend here...” Chloe shifted to sit more heavily, as Beck tried again to wrestle his way free. “Doesn't think it'll make me too fat!

Chloe enjoyed her smoothie – and the next two, although her bladder felt increasingly full by the end of them – while sitting on her boyfriend and occasionally bouncing happily. Then, since she needed to pee, and also because her boyfriend's hard-on had made her want to take him to bed, she stood up.

I need to pee, Beck!” Chloe said, as she tested to see if her jeans had any chance of closing. They didn't. “Then you can take me to bed!”

Beck was happy to see Chloe in such a good mood.

Sure thing, Honey. I hope you realise I'm going to give you a hard workout tonight?”

Chloe licked her lips as she headed to the loos. Beck checked if there was a bill to pay, but Chloe had apparently been paying at the counter. He very much looked forward to getting the blonde undressed, and sharing a shower with her before a hard fuck in bed...

Beck's plans were ruined by a tinkle of the milk bar's door. It was Samantha Trimm, the Director of Fitness, squeezed into a too-tight silk sari and escorting some people who looked like corporate guests.

Aw, nuts.” Beck muttered.

Chloe and Samantha Trimm had reached an uneasy détente, in which the Director of Fitness had largely removed Chloe's powers and responsibilities, but Chloe's sports scholarship ensured she was still allowed to pass her time pretty much as she pleased – which seemed to mean Chloe now spent much of her time lifting heavy weights, generally enjoying herself, and eating. However, Chloe did miss being in charge of the college swim teams. Catching sight of Samantha Trimm, Beck feared, was likely to put his curvaceous blonde girlfriend in too bad a mood to enjoy a hot shower with him – and that was annoying. Also, he worried that Chloe might be too stuffed to zip her jeans, which was unlikely to be the way she'd want to be seen by the Director of Fitness and her entourage.

The things I have to do for that girl...” Beck sighed, as he strode confidently up to the bar.


* *

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52 minutes ago, Batman76 said:

Oh damn this is hot. Love that Chloe's getting genuinely heavy, any guess on how much she's gained?

Hmm, well we know that Chloe's bursting out of her size 16 stretch jeans - mostly, but far from entirely, because of her bulked-up muscles. And muscles are denser than fat... Ditto her arms and shoulders strain her new pink sweater. (Chloe likes pink sweaters.) And she's 6'2'', and her rack is huge... And she's solid enough to out-lift most of her football team - but probably she's lighter than them, as she's an amazing natural athlete. On the other hand, back in June she was relatively lean, though quite muscular and super-busty. It's now December. In Chapter 1 we learned that, before November, she set her college's squat record at 800 lbs, with a lifting multiple over three. I guess she set that record around September. As for what her weight is now, and how it's changed over the last few months, I'm sure that will be revealed, and I think it's "pretty heavy." I think sorceresses probably find it extremely easy to gain weight! If anyone would like to guess, that'd be interesting...

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4 minutes ago, Batman76 said:

Hmm, hard to say but I'd guess over 200lbs. Probably 220 as she seems to be described as having a gut and pretty thick thighs/glutes as well as her huge boobs on top of all the muscle.

Interesting! I think higher... One point of reference, given Chloe's height, is "Sophie Hall, except with a higher muscle-to-cheesecake ratio." Another point is that Chloe can pack away so much food and milkshake that her weight refers to "before she stuffs herself" - she isn't the only one of my heroines this is an issue for!

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4 minutes ago, flyer33 said:

Interesting! I think higher... One point of reference, given Chloe's height, is "Sophie Hall, except with a higher muscle-to-cheesecake ratio." Another point is that Chloe can pack away so much food and milkshake that her weight refers to "before she stuffs herself" - she isn't the only one of my heroines this is an issue for!

Looking up sophie hall, yeah that makes a lot of sense. So like 260s but a lot of it muscle? Good, glad chloe is a big girl in that way. Squishy is great but doing so while being very athletic and strong is also extremely appealing to me, probably my in real life ideal for a long term significant other if I got to pick just on physical.


I'd still like to see her spend some time as a human manatee, even if just for a bit for deliciousness sake 😁

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Oh, just for the hell of it, here's a guess: 275? ... Something's got to get in the way of her ability to swim, I would think...

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OK, this concludes a chapter. And Chloe's current weight is revealed to be: 19 stone, or 266 lbs!


Chapter 2: Fattening Footballers (part 3)


The loud, posh voice of Ms Samantha Trimm, Director of Fitness, carried over the hubbub of Devilish Milkshakes. She was instructing her entourage in the purpose of their visit. She had brought them along, to:

... Unveil the new selection of eight delicious – and fabulously low calorie – Trimm Shakes! In addition to this tasting event, after which I will eagerly look forward to reading your wholly unbiased reviews of my fabulous new Trimm Shakes in your various magazines, there will be the opportunity for you to take promotional pictures, and perhaps for you to mingle with some of Gainesburg's delightful students in an authentic college-town atmosphere!”

Hey, Miss Trimm!” Beck said in his most distractingly charming voice. “What brings you to the milk bar?”

Samantha Trimm looked around. She seemed to have just finished instructing the assortment of junior professional types around her, who were now taking an interest in photographing the array of thick milkshakes set out on the countertop.

Ah, Beck Bronte!” Samantha trilled, and licked her lips. “Why, I am introducing these excellent young journalism interns and magazine writers to the delights of my new trademarked line of Trimm Shakes! Ahead of the release of my hotly anticipated new diet book where I will reveal their secret recipes...”

Oh!” Said the muscular male swimming captain.

Pleasingly, Ms Trimm had directed her attention towards him. Therefore she was unlikely to spot Chloe leave the ladies room. Beck decided to chatter distractingly. He tried to avoid being put off when Samantha Trimm leaned forwards and stroked his arm proprietorially. Her Sari strained! There was quite a bulge that formed around her tummy area as she leaned... Hmm, it didn't look to Beck like Ms Trimm had been sticking to just diet milkshakes!

The trays of milkshakes on the countertop were eagerly attacked by the crowd of young professionals whom Samantha had described as journalists. They cooed over the delicious flavours of Samantha Trimm's recipes – and exclaimed how remarkable it was that such flavoursome drinks could be so low in calories! Only 100 calories each, according to Ms Trimm! Truly, their write-ups would be most favourable! They said as much to each other – while also exclaiming how good the dinner had been at the free “journalism training weekend” to which Samantha Trimm had invited them all. And they also cooed over the generous vouchers and bags of wines she had given to them, as part of the “course.” Beck suspected she was bribing them to give good write-ups of her new book. He also suspected the “Trimm Shakes” on the Devilish Milkshakes countertop were nothing of the sort. 

Beck shot a glance at the waitress, Lena, who rolled her eyes. Hmm, that seemed to confirm Beck's suspicions: the “Trimm Shakes” looked exactly like some of Devilish Milkshakes' Triple-Malt shakes, except with a handwritten label stuck into each drink on a plastic straw, proclaiming them to be variously a “Tropical Trimmshake” or a “Slimming Skimmed Slurpy” or some similar thing. Surely... Surely Ms Trimm couldn't be passing off the milk bar's delicious but ultra-fattening malt shakes as her own low-calorie creations, could she?

Wow, Ms Trimm! Those look just like Devilish Maltshakes!” Beck noted. “But you say they're actually healthy?”

They certainly are, Mister Bronte! My Trimm Shakes are just one hundred calories each – and yet utterly delicious! They're the perfect diet food for the millions of helpless fatties this country produces! Heh...” Samantha Trimm brushed Beck's hand. “Perhaps you'd like me to send Chloe a recipe? It must be frustrating for a fit young man like you to watch his girlfriend gain so much squishy weight!”

Beck held his tongue. He could have said exactly how much he adored Chloe's strong but fleshy build, and that he was kind of turned on that she could wrestle him into submission four times out of five... But that was the kind of thing he'd admit to his team-mates after a few drinks, and not to the sinister Director of Fitness. Hell, Miss Trimm would probably be so incensed if he owned up to loving Chloe's bombastic curves that she'd probably accuse him of deliberately over-feeding Gainesburg College's star athlete, in order to fatten her up for better sex! Which... Wouldn't be a hundred percent wrong! Certainly, all the peanut butter and cheesecake he'd hand-fed Chloe while simultaneously fucking her had to be responsible for a few of her added pounds...

Beck Bronte was rescued from the tricky conversation with Ms Trimm... By the sexy Blonde Beast herself. He noticed Chloe's epic boobs squishing into his shoulders from behind him at the same time as a strong arm reached around and pulled him away from the salivating Miss Samantha Trimm – who had been making Beck uneasy by starting to drool over him.

Hey, Beck!” Chloe chirped.

Chloe was about to continue, “Hey, Ms Trimm. It's my boyfriend's bed-time! Mind if I take him away?” But, first, Chloe noticed the tray of malt-shakes on the countertop. The blonde licked her lips.

Hey Ms Trimm!” Chloe said. “Are those malt-shakes? Devilish Maltshakes are amazing! But they're so fattening! Um. Do you want all of them, or could I have one? Just to, um, keep my strength up while I'm taking my boyfriend home?”

Behind Ms Trimm, a few of the intern journalists took an interest. “Malt-shakes?” One of them squeaked. “I thought she said these were low calorie? I'm on a diet! I mustn't touch malt! I'll balloon!”

Ms Trimm scowled.

No, Southern. These are not malt-shakes! How dare you suggest such a thing! These are my new range of low-calorie Trimm Shakes! And the fine young journalists accompanying me are going to write glowing reviews of their exquisite flavour! Then their fatty readers will flock to the shops to buy my latest diet book!”

Malt-shakes? These do taste super high-calorie!” Exclaimed a petite Asian journalist, who was slurping her second Chocolate Trimm Shake. “Ms Trimm? Are these drinks really low calorie?”

Of course they are, Vanessa!” Snapped Ms Trimm. “Don't be so impertinent!”

Chloe leaned forwards over her boyfriend, and echoed the petite journalism intern.

C'mon, Ms Trimm. These are Devilish Maltshakes! I know, because I've been drinking loads to help with my weight training! They're so good! I swear I could never have have hit my goal weight of nineteen stone this semester without them! But are you really passing them off as diet food? So you get nice reviews? That's really sneaky!” Chloe said loudly. And, thanks to her huge lungs, Chloe could be very loud when she wanted. All the young journalists paused. 

Southern! Shut up!”

Chloe was having far too much fun to shut up.

So, how about a challenge, Ms Trimm?” Said the blonde. The surrounding journalists looked up at the word challenge... Well, actually, one of them was already filming the photogenic blonde on his camera phone.

If these things really are only one hundred calories per pint, Ms Trimm... That means we could each chug a whole tray of them, and it'd take less than one gym session to burn off! So, why don't we have a – hmm – staff versus student milkshake-drinking contest? And – as a bonus – then you could give your reviewers your own, first-hand account of how good these are!”

Chloe licked her lips. The journalists voiced their agreement. Especially the one on a diet, who was regarding her drink with a nervous look. She wanted Ms Trimm to drink up, to reassure her that she wasn't about to bloat from the sweet, creamy calorie bomb she'd been slurping.

Samantha Trimm looked a little green. She tugged at something underneath the middle of her royal blue Sari, which looked uncomfortably tight.

Chloe's outfit was tight too. In fact, she'd tugged her pink sweater down to cover up the way her straining size sixteen jeans barely buttoned. Her semester's weight training had gone so well that a size eighteen would be more decent for public wear – but she liked squeezing into jeans so tight they frayed, so she hadn't yet upsized.

Oh, very well!” Samantha Trimm said reluctantly.

Chloe happily slid the tray of Trimm Shakes towards the Fitness Director, who selected a Tropical Trimmshake and sipped delicately.

C'mon, Miss Trimm!” Chloe enthused, as she grabbed her own Tropical Trimmshake from the next tray along the counter and chugged it in one. “Urp! So delicious! But I swear it tastes so fattening! C'mon, your journalists want you do drink up to prove you haven't had them slurping shit that'll ruin their figures!”

Chloe happily glugged what she knew from experience to be a pint of triple chocolate Devilish Maltshake. Then she waited patiently while Ms Trimm's journalism students exhorted her to catch up – and to comment on the flavour. 

Oh!” Ms Trimm groaned, after her second-pint of malt-shake.

What do you think of the Triple Chocolate Trimmshake, Miss Trimm?” Asked Vanessa, holding out a voice recorder.

Burp! Oooh! My tummy!” Samantha Trimm groaned, looking more than a little green.

Hazelnut and almond malt-shake – oops, I mean Trimm Shake. This is one of my favourites!”

Chloe slid a third pint towards Samantha Trimm, whose belly had swollen up within her tight, blue Sari. The bulge was much more than a few milkshakes would account for! Perhaps Ms Trimm had been overeating! Could she be wearing firm, contoured underwear, that was on the point of giving out? Chloe fully intended to find out, and swiped another tray of Devlish Malt-shakes.

Banana and Cream, and Winter Berries! These are super fattening! I'm lucky my boyfriend likes me squishy!” Chloe said helpfully, as she took some fresh “Trimm Shakes” from Lena, her waitress friend, and distributed them between Ms Trimm and herself.

Samantha Trimm moaned as she slurped, but the journalism interns – many fearful for their figures – threatened bad reviews if she relented! To do so would be an admission that the Trimm Shakes she'd been feeding them were not low calorie after all!

Eventually, the last drop of fattening malt was drained from her eighth pint of Trimm Shake, and Samantha pushed the final glass away from her with a sick expression!

Chloe watched with amusement. She was pretty full. But she was still comfortable – her vast appetite and calorie processing capacity being up to the task of chugging a gallon of malt-shake, even after the heavy calories she'd packed away earlier.

Ms Trimm, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Her cheeks bulged! She panted. With each pant, her stomach bulged to a huge dome, before going back in as if restrained by some sort of elastic undergarment at it's very limit. 

Heh. Be mean to a witch, would you?

Chloe thought carefully. She hardly ever used magic in public... Tonight would be an exception. She covered her mouth with her hand, and made a very convincing pretence of burping from the effect of all the malt-shakes.

Pans!” Chloe burped.


The whip-like sound echoed across the milk bar. But that wasn't what silenced all conversation! Oh no. What stopped every conversation – then drew gales of laughter and a plethora of smartphone video footage from every angle – was the way Samantha Trimm's Sari suddenly ripped down it's entire front, as the greedy businesswoman's creamy stomach suddenly ballooned outwards like she was six-months pregnant! The only thing disguising her fat belly had been the suddenly-snapped black lycra shapewear that flew all the way over the bar, propelled by the pent-up elastic strain energy suddenly released at the moment when Samantha Trimm's gluttonous overconsumption finally pushed it beyond bursting point!



Ms Trimm! Tell us more about how your amazing diet secrets help you to stay so slim!” Yelled Vanessa, while pushing her audio-recorder forwards.

As gales of laughter flooded the bar, Chloe decided it was time to get on with her evening. She slipped an arm under Beck, and lifted him off his bar stool... She was horny, and it was definitely time she took her boyfriend to bed.


* *

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Chloe takes up mud-wrestling, meets her sexual match, and the villainesses of Gainesburg plot a revenge that surely couldn't possibly backfire on them.

The first part is plot, but I need some for a new Gainesburg story arc. I *actually* wanted to have an archaeology professor dig up an Indian burial ground under Gainesburg, with an totem pole of gluttony that had been hidden from the sunlight that empowers it, but I thought I ought to mention the fact that Tina / Fran / Tabitha are still bitches (plus, they're already fat, so if their plan backfires they might get super-fat). Maybe the Fat totem pole for a later episode...



Chapter 3: The Trimm Plan (part 1)


A January frost lingered over the rolling golf course and forests of Tranquillity Valley, Georgia. It was too chilly for the residents of the valley's exclusive Spa and Weight Loss Retreat to venture out into the grounds and golf course. Instead, two of them had booked a table in the glass Orangery Bar, where the sounds of their clandestine conversation were muffled by the clink of chinaware cups and the slosh of overpriced fruit tea.

Tabitha Trimm, MBE, clad in a too-tight purple sari that strained around her fat belly, sipped her ten-dollar cup of cranberry tea politely.

Across the table, an exorbitantly fat woman in black sweatpants and a huge grey T-shirt sat on a double-width dining chair, with her belly spilling over the side and resting in the terracotta plantpot of an ornamental orange tree. Beside her, a brawny red-head of perhaps 300 pounds, sat in a loose red dress. The vastly-fat, 500-pounder was one Professor Francesca Serviss, until recently of Gainesburg College. Although Tabitha Trimm, MBE, held the same hearty disgust for the grossly-obese professor as she did for the bloated peasants who had made Tabitha rich by buying her Trimm Plan diet books, she maintained a civil air. After all, there was something Tabitha wanted from Francesca Serviss, just as much as Prof Serviss and her brawny companion wanted something from Ms Trimm.

What Fran Serviss wanted – apart, obviously, from the large plate of green sushi-rolls she was popping into her mouth with industrial speed, in between slurps of mango tea – was revenge on Gainesburg College's blondest and most irksome student: Ms Chloe Southern!

Tabitha Trimm had chortled endlessly at the tawdry tale of Fran Serviss's humiliation. Professor Serviss had used some sort of fitness-enhancing drug, in a bid to triumph over Chloe Southern and friends in an important summer swimming competition at Gainesburg College. Ms Southern had won the competition anyway, and – horror of horrors – Fran's fitness-enhancing tonic had worn-off mid-race, revealing the professor for the disgustingly-unfit, whale-sized, blubbery milf that she always had been on the inside – and on livestreamed internet video, to boot! Tabitha had watched the disgusting and humiliating video of the events at least a dozen times. Now, the details of how such a seemingly-magical tonic worked were rather hazy in all the versions of the story that Tabitha had investigated; but students and staff alike agreed that it was probably true; certainly, such lazy cheating with the aid of a tonic she didn't understand was entirely in character for Fran Serviss.

So Fran Serviss had been eager to meet Tabitha Trimm, when the latter had inquired about spoiling Chloe Southern's reputation. Then Tabitha had discovered a happy coincidence! Fran's brawny, red-headed companion – a 300 pound, twenty-year-old chubbette named Tina Reilley, former swim-captain of Gainesburg College, but now resident at the Tranquillity Valley Spa and Weight Loss Retreat due to some sort of accident at the very same competition that had seen Fran Serviss' humiliation – had caught wind of Tabitha Trimm's plan, and invited herself to help it along!

Tabitha soon learned that Tina Reilley was a sly genius. Ms Reilley's mother, Karen Reilley, was a state senator in Maine, and she'd clearly passed on the genes for underhanded political dealing. Tina Reilley had been in the same Freshman year as Chloe Southern, and Tina had harboured major ambitions – ambitions that required her to triumph in college athletics. Ambitions that had been cruelly denied, when Professor Serviss' fattening “potion,” as Tina called it, had blown up in Ms Reilley's pretty young face, and transformed the up-and-coming socialite into an obese cow. Not only was Tina's athletic career ruined, but the young woman's fattenation had proved embarrassing to her mother's political career. Karen Reilley had swiftly covered up her daughter's “illness” so that it didn't produce bad press for her well-funded international fitness initiative. And so, for six months, Tina Reilley had sulked in Tranquillity Valley Spa.

Over the fall and winter, Tina had pieced together the full details of the debacle at the Gainesburg summer time trials. The “magical” fitness tonic that Fran had obtained from the Gainesburg apothecary – which, according to Tina's meticulously-documented evidence, really was a magical potion, or, at the very least, a secret recipe left over from the time of New England witchcraft! The vendor of the Fitness Essence potion, Ms Anneka Anville the herbalist, had found the recipe in some heirloom, and perfected it. There was a rich sister, too, Agatha Anville, who had grown rich from the proceeds of the family's pumpkin spice factory, which apparently manufactured a “weight loss” product based on the old magic. Tabitha Trimm's ears had pricked up at that – until Tina had shown evidence that the pumpkin spice wasn't a weight-loss product at all, but rather an extremely fattening appetite stimulant...

Anyway, the point was that Tina Reilley was sneaky. Really sneaky! And she was totally in on Tabitha Trimm's plan to seek revenge on Chloe Southern!

And why did Ms Trimm want revenge? Why, only because her dietbook-empire lay in ruins, and it was all Chloe Southern's fault! Well, almost all. True, if Tabitha Trimm were an honest woman she would have admitted that she had been passing off delicious, thousand-calorie malt shakes as her own 100-calorie Trimm shakes, in order to secure glowing reviews from the stupid journalists she'd invited to the launch event. But it was Chloe Southern who'd trapped Tabitha into a milkshake-drinking contest – at which Tabitha's belly, bloated from gallons of malt and fattened-up by her new toyboy, had burst her sari from crotch to bust! Worse, her waist-sculpting bodyshaper had exploded and flown across the room! And the press had photographed Tabitha Trimm's fat stomach and hips, spilling out of her burst outfit, and, all of a sudden, her lucrative diet book sales had collapsed! This called for revenge, and Tabitha and Tina had figured out how!

A smirk spread across Tabitha's slightly-chubby face, as she worked out details with her new “friends”, Tina and Fran.

Step one. Tabitha Trimm had recruited a professional seducer – the best her business contact had ever met. His name was Jaden, and he was, until recently, swim-captain at Yale. Jaden had the body of a Greek god, the charisma of an A-list movie actor, and he had never failed to snag any woman he'd set his sights on. And he worked for money. Tabitha was convinced: there was no way in hell Chloe Southern – noted by all her friends for her extreme thirst to bed the handsomest studs around – could resist Jaden's allure.

Step two. Tabitha had briefed the handsome Jaden with his mission. As soon as he had Chloe in bed, and eating out of his hand (as it were), he would seduce the blonde into eating, eating, eating! He would, Tabitha instructed, seduce the blonde into eating peanut butter, icecream, clotted cream... In short, anything to fluff her up so that she lost her swimming scholarship! It would be, Tabitha cackled, perfect revenge for the damage Southern had wrought on her diet book sales!

Step two, modified. Tina Reilley had perfected the plan! Instead of just spoonfeeding Chloe with peanut butter and icecream, Tina would secure a supply of the fattening pumpkin spice, and he would feed that to the blonde too!

Step three. (This step, Tabitha conceded, might not work out.) With the aid of a new batch of Fitness Essence from the Gainesburg apothecary, and perhaps with some inspiring workouts from the Trimm Plan, Francesca Serviss would get back into shape, and deal the newly fluffed-up Chloe Southern a humiliating defeat in the pool!

Hahaha!” Tabitha cackled, as she finalised her Plan, with the aid of her porky conspirators.

It's a perfect plan!” Grunted Francesca, as she took delivery of a second plate of sushi rolls and began stuffing them into her fat, four-chinned face.

Heh.” Tina concurred. “A plan that can't fail, Tabitha!”


* *


Gainesburg, Florida. January.


An Amazonian blonde, covered in thick, wet mud and wearing a blue swimsuit that barely held in her comicbook-heroine boobs, skipped happily down the road from a frat house, back to the apartment she shared with her best friend.

Chloe Southern reflected on her recent triumph over the boys of “Eta Mega Pie” in their January mud-wrestling contest. Not that they'd been much of a contest. The best of them had been a lean, 180 pound swimmer. Chloe Southern had both a massive strength and weight advantage over him, and the advantage that getting into a mud-wrestling pool with her had given him a massive hard-on which had drained half the blood from his muscles, and all the blood from his brain. Chloe had not been above using all these advantages to quickly find herself sitting on his chest, with her massive quads crossed around his neck in what, any serious wrestling judge would have to agree, was a convincing submission hold.

Of course, a serious wrestling judge would not have approved that Chloe had let the boy she was sitting on stuff mud under her swimsuit while she squashed him – not when a little squeeze of her thighs could have stopped this behaviour for good – but, fuck it, Chloe had thought. Mud wrestling was AWESOME!

Chloe was so elated with her victory, not to mention horny from wrestling cute boys, that she narrated her recent adventure excitedly.

She Protecc! She Attacc! But, most importantly, Chloe Southern also have Florida's best rack!”

Chloe giggled. The her mud-clad belly rumbled. She was hungry! Of course, a five-mile swim, with just a small one-quart recovery shake before weight-training and then wrestling could do that to a girl.

Oh, fuck! Our blonde heroine needed to eat! She was so hungry, she could eat a whole footballer! Maybe two, but that would be greedy. And, after the whole Chocolate Kaiju incident in LA, she didn't want to get too fluffy! She had spent the vacation adding twenty pounds of extra curves to her already sleek, fleshy physique after all! Anyway, luckily for the cute blonde, her best friend, Katie Kane, had arranged for them to enjoy an afternoon snack...”

Chloe licked her lips. She could almost taste her “afternoon snack” – who was a muscular footballer, cute and not too bright, named Ray.

In return for Ray's help in dealing with the campus villainess Tabitha Trimm, Katie had promised Ray a threesome with herself and Chloe. Chloe and Katie had been looking forward to rewarding Ray with sex... But, sadly, Katie was feeling unwell with a tummy ache due to too many servings of cheesecake at a birthday party, which meant it was Chloe's responsibility to provide two super-horny coeds worth of sex to their cute friend. Chloe could hardly contain her excitement at the prospect!


Pretty soon, since Chloe was horny enough that she started running and her long, musclebound legs ate the distance fast, Chloe pushed open the door to her apartment, and looked around eagerly for any sign of her afternoon snack. Also, she tried not to drip too much mud on the floor, but that was more of an afterthought.


The blonde looked around, and gave a delighted yelp to see that Ray was already wearing just shorts, flip-flops, and a horny expression. He tried to ask why Chloe was covered in mud, but she decided he needed a hard kiss before answering.

Mud-wrestling. Hey, Ray... So. I need a shower. And I think you should help wash this off me. Then I'm all yours...”

Okay, Chloe.” Ray groaned.

The threesome-deserving footballer clearly had a hard-on so hard it hurt, and Chloe soon expertly manoeuvred him into a hot shower so she could take care of that while he soaped her clean. It was, ahem, a way harder task than the blonde had anticipated.



About 1 hour later...


Uhn!” Chloe groaned, feeling her eyes roll upwards. She had her back against the tiles, and her legs braced against the opposite wall in a bid to thrust herself at Ray so hard that he orgasmed and collapsed. It was a technique that had always proved reliable in the past. So far, it hadn't defeated the buff football player, who was four for four in blasting Chloe with earthquake-magnitude orgasms without passing out. He hadn't even gotten an iota less hard...

Too hard, Chloe?”

Chloe felt a cold tear roll down her cheek, until it was splashed by soapy water. She'd finally bitten off more than she could chew! At least, when it came to sex. She didn't know whether to be surprised or annoyed, but fucking Ray was like trying to wear out a twelve-inch stainless steel dildo: it was hot – oh, so hot – but eventually Chloe was going to have to give in.

Ow.” The blonde managed.

She felt confused: she'd never fucked a boy with a package too big and too hard for her, and, with her Powergirl-sized thighs and her college squat record, plus two-hundred kegels a day to make her aerobics training more interesting, she hadn't expected to. But she had.

The cute footballer eased back.

Chloe grunted. “Harder!”

Ray bit the blonde's neck softly. Coming on top of the hard, steamy sex, she orgasmed, and panted weakly, before gathering her strength and lifting the sometime-quarterback against the wall and forcing herself harder.

Ow.” Chloe grunted.

Chloe!” Ray gasped. “You can slow down!”

No!” Chloe panted. But she didn't resist much when Ray gently pushed her back – she'd hit her wall, as far as hard sex was concerned, and she needed a break. Too bad Ray didn't.

Uhn. Ray! You've broken my perfect record!” Chloe gasped. “I have never had to stop before a boy before... Shoot!”

Ray shut off the shower. At least he looked a bit lathered, Chloe consoled herself.

Can I finish on your boobs, Chloe?”

Chloe panted and gratefully sagged to her knees with a “Yes, sure! That, Honey, sounds like a good a face-saving exercise... I can say I finished you off!”

Ray panted as Chloe shoved his oversized, steel-hard manhood between her boobs.

Oh fuck! At least I have enough cleavage to fit you in, Honey!” Chloe grunted, as her friend soon splurted all over her chest, boobs, neck, and face... This was going to call for more shower time.

Ray groaned, and slumped forwards. Chloe caught him gently.

Oh, finally!” The blonde said, as her recovered. “That took a lot, Honey! Now...”

Chloe licked her lips.

I need peanut butter sandwiches and icecream. You want some?”

Ray looked exhausted.

Can I feed them to you, Chloe?”

Chloe's tummy rumbled, super-hungrily.

Um. Like, of course! I fucking love being fed, Honey! I just hope I don't gross you out!”

Ray promised Chloe that he would totally not be shocked by anything she wanted to eat, and it would be huge turn-on for him. Chloe trembled at the idea she might have to fuck him again, but, on the other hand, she liked a challenge.

Okay. We'll start you with something easy, Ray. One loaf of bread with one pound of peanut butter, one pound of Nutella, and one pound of clotted cream. Maybe a two-liter banana milkshake with whey protein – I got a new extra-huge blender for Christmas, and it's awesome. And, let's take it from there...”

Ray gazed at the Blonde Beast with infatuated eyes.

Anything you say, Chloe. Do you really mean that's just a start?"

Chloe smirked.

That's a start, Honey. If it turns out you enjoy feeding me, we can come up with a proper meal plan after that...”


* *


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Aw, nuts. "Tabitha Trimm" is, of course, actually the very same Samantha Trimm from the rest of the story. I'm pretty sure I had a character called Tabitha in Milf Avenue and got them confused. Alas, can't edit now. 

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Chapter 3 (part 2)


Two days later.

As a beautiful Florida sunset filtered through the leafy streets of Gainesburg, the students of the little college town prepared for a Friday night of partying. Two of the most in-demand party guests, the blonde swimming scholars Katie Kane and her house-mate Chloe Southern, were very much looking forward to the night! Katie Kane, because she loved parties, flirting with hot boys, and adding to her impressive list of conquests. And Chloe Southern because she loved the same things as her peroxide blonde friend; plus because she'd arranged an arm-wrestling contest with the football team at the Devilish Milkshakes milk bar, and Chloe could already taste the accolades she was sure to receive when she crushed the quarterback 5-0. Which she was supremely confident of: she had the strongest shoulders and arms in Gainesburg, bar none. All Chloe had to do was make sure she prepared for the evening's contest by doing one of her favourite things: fuelling up her bulging muscles with plenty of food!


Chloe's tummy rumbled hungrily from within her short-sleeved tank top.

Katie! I'm hungry!”

Chloe called from her position at the dining table. She'd dressed casually in tight white jeans and a cute pink top that showed off her powerful but sleek arms, her huge boobs, and equally oversized muscles. Then she'd fixed her blonde mane with the help of a little magic from her Great-Great-Great Aunt's book of spells. Then Chloe had run downstairs and kicked her heels impatiently at the dinner table in anticipation of the dinner Katie had promised to prepare.

Mmm. Italian food!

Katie Kane was a New Jersey girl, with a family from Italy, and she was a great cook. And Katie loved pasta in big portions! Which was probably how come the hourglass-figured swimming scholar had packed on fifteen pounds over Christmas, and was looking super-curvy, bordering on chubby in her tight college swimwear. Which was excellent, so far as Chloe was concerned: Chloe loved living with a like-minded blonde hottie with whom she could gorge on cheeseburgers, cheesecake, meatballs, milkshakes, and all the other good stuff! The only drawback was that Katie's gourmet cooking took so much longer than Chloe's own recipes for blending weight-gain shakes using milk, heavy cream, eggs, fruit, whey protein and chocolate. Still, the wait was always worth it: none of Chloe's boyfriends could match the deliciousness of the pounds of perfect pasta that Katie loved to serve up on a huge platter...

Chloe could practically taste the mountain range of Italian carbs and Bolognaise sauce she was about to receive. Katie's cooking was so good that Chloe had barely eaten all day in preparation! Just a couple thousand calories for breakfast after her morning swim, then a couple of protein shakes after weight training. Plus a light lunch and a snack after her second gym session. The blonde swimming champion felt a tear of hunger roll down her cheek as her tummy rumbled!

Katie!” Chloe called hungrily.

The sounds from the kitchen shifted, and Chloe's mouth watered at the prospect of pasta! She hoped it would be spaghetti! It was her favourite shape of pasta for gorging, and Chloe was desperate to gorge!

Katie emerged from the kitchen, and set down two big oval platters on the table. Chloe reached for her cutlery, before her brain caught up with the shocking lack of pasta in front of her... Her plate was filled – in fact, on closer inspection, only a small area in the middle was filled – with golden chunks of sliced melon, sprinkled with what appeared to be watercress. And that was about it, apart from a teeny drizzle of some sort of syrup.

Um?” Chloe queried. “Oh, is this a starter, Katie? May I have my pasta too, please? I'm starving!

Chloe's tummy rumbled in confirmation.

Katie Kane smirked and raised an eyebrow, as she shrugged off her kitchen apron to reveal her sparkly silver-and-black outfit. It was tight, especially around Katie's vavoom hourglass curves, and she grabbed a handful of tummy demonstratively.

I'm putting us on a diet, Chloe!” Katie sat down. “I'm so fucking fat! Because of Christmas. And I absolutely have to lose twenty pounds!”

Um.” Chloe began to ask why this meant she had to eat half a honeydew melon instead of the five thousand calories of pasta sauce her body craved. Sadly, she suspected she knew the answer.

And I can't diet with you eating your own bodyweight in carbs and dairy on the other side of the table!” Katie declared.

Oh.” Chloe speared a piece of melon and ate it hungrily. “But...”

No buts, Chloe. Mmm!” Katie said as she savoured her piece of dressed melon. “The last five studs I've had sex with have all grabbed a big roll of my tummy-chub when we climaxed! Do you know how that makes me feel, Chloe?”

Um. Well-sexed and widely lusted after?” Chloe ventured.

Katie put on a stern look as she popped more melon in her mouth.

No, Chloe! It makes me feel F. A. T., fat! Like I'm turning into a soccer mom, early!”

Chloe brightened up. Katie Kane, as she herself admitted and all her friends agreed, was destined to become a curvy soccer mom. Her swimming team had a sweepstake on how many kids the wealthy New Jersey girl would have by the age of thirty – and Chloe had been pretty smug in her chances of winning with a draw of 7. It was universally anticipated that Katie would quit trying to lose the pregnancy pounds to regain her super-hot college body, and settle into a life as a hot, oversexed, overfed, curvy milf. Katie didn't deny it was likely, but that didn't mean she looked forward to it.

You'll lurve being a soccer mom!” Chloe teased.

Huh!” Katie snorted. “Doesn't mean I want it to happen to me in college! Which is why...”

Chloe finished the sentence.

... You're putting us both on the melon diet?”

Uh huh!”

Chloe ate more of her melon. It was very tasty, but not at all filling, and her tummy rumbled like a dinosaur.

Katie ate happily.

Chloe ate, and fretted about how she was going to fuel herself up for arm-wrestling.

I'm gonna have to get cheeseburgers! I'm arm-wrestling the football boys tonight. I can't do that on rabbit food!”

Y'know. I think you could stand to eat rabbit food for a couple weeks, Chloe. Maybe even a month!” Katie mused out loud at her buff friend. “In fact, after that whole LA Chocolate Monster thingy on the news---”

Chocolate Kaiju.” Chloe corrected through a mouth of delicious melon.

Kaiju. Where do you learn these words, Chloe?”

Manga. Movies. Plus, ever since I found out my Great, Great, Great Aunt was a famous witch in New England, I figure I have to know these things...”

Huh. Anyway. There was this Chocolate Monster Kaiju in LA, and it made everyone in the city super-hungry and fat. So, it's not your fault you came back 40 pounds fluffier!”

Twenty pounds fluffier! The other twenty is muscle!” Chloe protested loudly.

Yeah, whatever, Chloe.”

It is! Read my fracking bench press record on the gym wall! I could beat almost all the boys at the fracking Olympics.”

Katie affected to look unimpressed. “Not all of them.”

All but five, Katie. Which, by the way, is exactly why I need Pasta!

Whatever! You're loving my honey-drizzled melons, Chloebuns.”

Chloe looked at her plate.

Is this honey? It is really good!”

It's Italian honey.”

Mmm. Yum. It's a really nice starter, Katie, but I want meat!

Katie stuck her tongue out.

You don't care if I starve!” Chloe sniffed theatrically. “A real bestest friend would stuff me when I'm hungry...” The Blonde Beast sniffed again for effect. Then she finished her melon, licked her plate, and stuck her tongue out in reply.

Katie giggled. “You're always hungry, Chloe.”

Yeah. I am now. Because you haven't fed me properly! Huh. You realise, Katiebuns, I'm arm wrestling the football team at Devilish Milkshakes? And I'm gonna make them buy me all the milkshakes and cheeseburgers I want, as a forfeit when I beat them!”

Katie's eyes widened. She gasped. Then she put on her most pleading and irresistible voice.

Devilish Milkshakes? No, Chloe! You can't go! I need you to diet with me! You know I don't have enough willpower to lose weight unless you diet with me! And I need to lose twenty pounds because I have love handles and a soccer mom ass! And my back aches because my boobs are too fat! So I need you to diet with me, Chloe! Please, Chloe? PLEASE!”

Chloe's tummy growled. For some time. After about half a minute she gave a slightly apologetic expression. She was hungry, but the honey-drizzled melon had been good, and her belly was sounding very ungrateful about it.

Oh, Okay, Katie. I'll diet with you if I have to.” Chloe grudgingly said after the Jurassic rumbling finished.

Yay!” Katie clapped.

But, have you. Y'know. Thought about just having more sex instead of dieting?” Chloe inquired helpfully.

Katie pulled a face.

If I have any more sex than I already am, I think Florida may run out of condoms...”

Chloe smirked.

I bought a box of a thousand in LA. So I'm good until at least Valentine's day.”

Valentine's day next year?”

Nope.” Chloe licked her lips while Katie laughed.

Beck is a lucky boy... But, more importantly, you're gonna diet with me! Yay! So no cheeseburgers...”

Chloe glared.

We'll start tomorrow. Tonight I'm taking advantage of the football team for all the cheeseburgers and milkshake they'll feed me. Which means... I may fell kinda sick later.”

Chloe!” Katie protested.

Shush. This melon was nice, but I'm starving. I'll see you later. I'm going arm-wrestling. If you want, I can bring you back a footballer?”

Katie groaned.

Noo... Tottie and I have got half the boys swim team to pick from tonight.”

“Mmm.” Chloe licked her lips. “I'll text you if I want one.”

Two?” Katie suggested.



* *

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11 hours ago, Batman76 said:

Oh this set up is good, chloe better watch it though....

Heh. Oh, well if you think Chloe and Katie ought to spend the next chapter on a strict diet... Maybe they should, but I think Chloe want cheezeburger.

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Right. So I believe you're overdue some Chloe overfeeding, and maybe some extra fat for my favourite blonde swimmer... Which is what you will get in this episode of Best Served Wet - Book 2, Chapter 4: The Fat Fetish

Questions. Why would an ancient totem pole cause the girls of a town to gorge and get fat? Did Florida ever even have totem poles? Will this mean that Chloe has an even less successful time resisting being fattened up by the ex swim-captain of Yale, when she meets him? Will this spoil Katie's plan to stick to the Melon Diet? I'm not sure I know! 


Chapter 4: The Fat Fetish (part 1)


A bit of rain splattered the windows of Gainesburg's popular milk bar and hangout, Devilish Milkshakes. The place was, as typical for a Friday night, packed with the college-town's students, most especially the sports-scholar variety who finished their studies exceedingly early of a Friday.

In a corner of the bar overlooking Washington Boulevard some frequent customers had installed an arm wrestling table for friendly contests. They probably hadn't expected these contests to ever involve a six foot blonde girl chewing her way through the football team – but then they probably hadn't anticipated the current, chalk-dusted swimming champion, Chloe Southern.

Uhn!” Chloe grunted.

Chloe, the Blonde Beast, sucked air through clenched teeth as she wrestled back the nearly-winning position of her college football team's quarterback. A dozen of her defeated opponents and a few more challengers shouted their support for their quarterback.

Come on!”

The quarterback, a broad-shouldered Missouri farm-boy called James “Flash” Graves, grimaced as he leant with all with weight and inched Chloe's wrist towards the touch pad.


Chloe pulled hard against her hunky opponent. Dammit! If only she hadn't been so distracted by Flash's rugged farmboy looks and strong muscles, she would never have let him seize an early advantage! But she had, because he was so cute that she'd been drooling over his biceps and missed the “Go” signal, and now he was pressing down relentlessly. Still, two people could play at being distractingly cute...

Uhn! I feel so weak!” Chloe gasped unconvincingly.

Chloe leaned into her opponent's view and let her melon-sized breasts squish against the edge of the table. Her pink top picked up even more chalk dust than it already had from from earlier rounds, and one of its straining seams began to rip... Annoyingly for Chloe, Flash had his eyes screwed shut from exertion and the yells of supportive football team-mates pressed around their star player were too loud for Chloe to successfully distract him! Dammit! Other options?

Faced with no obvious way to beat her opponent via her boobs and guile, Chloe dug deep. The steel table creaked; her torso strained as she pushed with her thighs and, fraction by fraction, wrenched her wrestling hand upwards against the full weight of her college's quarterback.

Yes!” Chloe grunted!

Maybe Flash couldn't keep up with her stamina? It was possible. Chloe was an elite swimmer, so she ought to be able to beat an overgrown football boy when it came to endurance... Although, Chloe had to admit, she'd been skipping a lot of aerobics lately, and her own overgrown muscles were burning through oxygen painfully fast. But not so fast as the quarterback's. Chloe felt something give way in her opponent's arm.


Flash yelped as his wrist slammed into the foam pad.

Yes! I win! I want CHOCOLATE!” Chloe yelled aggressively in the pained face of her latest conquest. Then she felt a bit bad, as his expression looked like she'd just made him sprain something.

Um. Sorry? You Okay, Flash?” Chloe asked.

The cute quarterback answered after drawing a few gasps through his teeth.

Ouch. Fuck, Chloe! I think that broke something.”

Chloe felt bad. Flash's face was pained, and his eyes unfocussed, so maybe he was really hurt? His team-mates looked concerned. He was their most important player, and Chloe might just have slightly hurt his arm...

Oh no!” Chloe thought out loud. “Here, let me see...”

Chloe grabbed Flash's arm. He flinched.

Ow! Chloe, don't!”

... Laeh.” Chloe coughed, and felt something snap back into place in the buff quarterback's arm.

It feels fine, Flash! Don't be such a drama queen!”

Aha! Ha. Funny.” Flash grudgingly replied. He prodded his arm with a confused expression. Probably, he was confused why his arm had stopped hurting.

Chocolate!” Chloe reminded her opponent, while manoeuvring her way though admiring football boys who wanted to congratulate her for winning yet another round of arm wrestling.

Oh. What is it you want, Chloe?” Flash asked as if he didn't know.

Triple chocolate malt shake! Please!” Chloe badgered, with the tone she had once reserved for trying to get a games console controller from her brother. “Now, please! We agreed, Flash! Winner gets a drink or cheeseburger of her choice! And I want CHOCOLATE!”

Okay, okay! Just give me a minute to breathe, Chloe! Oh, and why don't you drink one of the four chocolate malt-shakes you already have waiting for you on the table?”

Chloe huffed.

I need those triple chocolate malt-shakes to wash down my cheeseburgers, Flash! I want another one to drink now! Pleeeeeeeeeese!”

Fine, Chloe! Whatever you want.” Flash sighed. “Don't blame me if you get fat.”

Fluffy!” Chloe exclaimed.

Fluffy?” Flash arched an eyebrow.

Yeah. I'm not fat: I'm fluffy! Boys like me fluffy! And they love these! And building these take a lot of nutrition, Flash!”

Chloe shoved her boobs enthusiastically into Flash's rugged chest for emphasis, and smiled obligingly.

Plus, I'm a swimmer. Well, I was swim-team captainess anyway, and I think they'll have to take me back for the summer season. And swimmers need bodyfat for streamlining and buoyancy!”

Uh huh?” Flash asked as he ordered at the milk bar and raised a laugh from a student waitress when he pointed at Chloe.

Yes!” Chloe confirmed. “So, basically, triple-chocolate malt-shakes and cheeseburgers don't make me fat. They make me sleek, and streamlined, and buoyant!”

Buoyant, obviously!”

Chloe smiled encouragingly as Flash stroked the side of her boobs. His strong, footballer's hand covered maybe half the side-length of her boob. Fuck, having huge melons is fun! Chloe thought. 

Yes! I'm happy you agree!” Chloe chirped. “Plus. If I didn't force down all these milkshakes, I'd just be all muscles instead of curves, as well as being a mere D-cup! I'd look like Conan and I wouldn't be so cute for you boys to look at!”

Conan? Who?” Flash asked.

Conan the Barbarian. Do you ever read?” Chloe snapped.

Nope!” Replied the quarterback.


Chloe grumbled. Then, as the malt-shake arrived, and Flash handed it to her and she began to slurp, she decided not to hold his lack of pulp adventure story knowledge against him. After all, he was rugged, and cute, and they probably didn't have books in Missouri. Still, although she might sleep with him, Flash was definitely too dim to be long term boyfriend material. Chloe told him so.

While Chloe was enjoying the resulting look on Flash's face, and manoeuvring her quart of milkshake across the busy floor to the footballers' table so she could sit and enjoy flirting and having her boobs squished, she noticed a heavyset waitress emerge from the kitchen with a promising tray. It was loaded with plates of burgers and sides.

Yes! FOOD! Finally!” Chloe's tummy rumbled louder than the bar's music.

The hefty waitress arrived at the football boys table with no-nonsense look.

Four XXL double cheeseburgers with extra mayo, mustard, and burger sauce?”

Chloe's.” Said a line-backer, pointing at the blonde.

One XXL triple cheese and bacon burger?”


Two XXL BBQ pulled-pork burgers with extra cheese and... Wait a damn minute. Are these for her too?” The waitress – Mrs Ursula Smith, according to her badge – inquired with a sour look, while Flash pointed an accusing finger at Chloe and sniggered.

Yep. She's actually a monster. She just looks innocent.”

Ursula gave a stern look while Chloe stuck her tongue out in protest.

What's up with you, young lady?” The waitress demanded of Chloe.

Chloe, who had already bitten halfway into an extra-gooey cheeseburger and started to chew with a look of ecstasy on her face, waited to reply until the BBQ burgers were safely within her grasp.

Mmph! Hungry!” Chloe said.

Hungry?” Ursula retorted. “I should say gluttonous!”

The happy noise Chloe made as she swallowed a vast amount of burger did nothing to to dissuade Mrs Ursula Smith of her opinion that the blonde customer wedged between two equally-huge boys was, in fact, incorrigible. Supporting evidence: a young woman shouldn't so blatantly enjoy sitting squeezed between two hulking football players so that her enormous breasts were squashed from both sides, and she certainly shouldn't have shoulders bigger than either of them. Most likely, the blonde's overgrown chest and thick arms were the product of disgraceful gluttony! There was, after all, a lot of it about in Gainesburg! Mrs Ursula Smith had frequently noticed the excessive appetite of Gainesburg's young women with disdain, ever since moving in to the town a few weeks ago. They were constantly overeating, and, when not stuffing their faces, complaining of feeling bloated. Still, it meant waitressing at a milk-bar paid decently. 

Chloe didn't really care what Mrs Smith thought, because she was too happy eating while sitting squished between cute boys, but Chloe did want to make sure that any future burgers arrived promptly - there was a long wait for food tonight, as Devilish Milkshakes was so busy - so she decided to explain to Ursula why she was so hungry.

My house-mate made me go on an all-melon diet...” Chloe started to explain.

I'm not surprised!” Ursula Smith replied rather rudely. “A young woman shouldn't have arms that size! Nor anything else your size, for that matter!”

... And these nice boys are generously feeding me up so I don't starve! I need to keep my strength up! Say, could I get some ketchup, pleash?”

Mrs Ursula Smith scowled as she swiped a ketchup bottle from the next table along.

Thank you!” Chloe chirped, before devouring a handful of fries and then selecting one of her BBQ burgers and biting into it so hard that the sauce splattered on the table.


* *



Chloe put down the last bite of her cheeseburger – her seventh double-XL – in defeat. Then she wiped burger sauce off her chin and regarded the pile of plates and splashes of gooey cheese on the table around her.

Okay boy-- hiccup – boys. I can't eat anymore. Burp.”

Heh. What, no more icecream sundaes, Chloe?” Flash sniggered.

In general, the other footballers at the table had either departed, or been joined by girlfriends and gorged themselves into burger-induced food comas. Chloe checked to see if anyone was awake. Well, there was Ray – Okay, he was cute enough, Chloe thought, plus he would be easy to snag, “to walk her home.” Chloe wanted a boy to walk her home, because she was horny. Food made her horny, and she'd eaten a fuck-ton.

Chloe groaned, stood up, and showed off her belly to the table. She felt huge! She looked huge! Her abdomen was heavy and round, and she turned and showed off the taut bulge from the top of her unzipped jeans up to her muscular ribs.

Uh! No more icecream sundaes. Five was way too many.” Chloe groaned. “I'll get fucking fat!”

I thought it was fluffy?”

Urrgh. Burp. Fluffy? I feel kinda fat right now.” Chloe admitted.

Oh, wow. The great Chloe Southern defeated by a cheeseburger, and admits she's kinda fat on the same day!”

Shut up, Flash. Burp! I need to walk this off. And it was seven cheeseburgers, all extra-extra large! Which is way more meat than you could ever handle. And sides, plus like five malt shakes, and three protein shakes, and icecreams. So there. BURP! Oh, I don't feel so good.”

One of the footballers – Ray – offered a supportive shoulder, which Chloe gratefully leaned on.

You want me to burp you, Chloe?” Asked Ray.

Urp! No. Well... Maybe.”

You love being burped, Chloe!”

Ray patted Chloe on the back to make his point.

Shut up! I---- BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP! Ugh. Burp! Urrrp! Oh, boy, that feels good! Urp.

Happy, Chloe?”

No, kinda embarrassed. Don't stop though, Ray. Burp! Oof.”

You want your next icecream, after you've been burped, Chloe?”

No! I'm too full. I'll puke!”

Oh really? Chocolate brownie, then?”

Chloe burped some more.

That feels goood. Maybe a brownie.”

You want peanut butter sandwiches later?”


No, man! I'm fucking stuffed!”

What about if I walk you in the park first?”

Chloe liked the sound of a walk in the park, with a buff footballer to lean on. She was still totally stuffed, but, weirdly, the suggestion did make her feel hungry!

Okay, Ray. I like the sound of that! But I really shouldn't. I'm stuffed, and I am kinda at least twenty pounds fatter than I'm supposed to be. Could be more.”

What about a peanut butter sandwich, and two brownies, and you get a belly rub afterwards?”

Chloe drooled.

Burrp! Oh, I shouldn't. But... Fuck! How can that make me hungry? Yeah.”

Yeah, Chloe?”

Yes, please, Ray. May I have the belly rub in the park first though?”

Sure, Chloe.”

Chloe leaned heavily on Ray, who laboured out of the milk bar with her biceps over his shoulders and a considerable mass bearing down on him.

On his way out the door of Devilish Milkshakes, Ray couldn't help but admire all the curvy girls of Gainesburg College, variously slumped in food comas, or forcing down third, fourth, or fifth icecream sundaes on top of their delicious milkshakes. Their tummies bulged, and they sported well-developed boobs and curvy hips and thighs from all the calories they'd been enjoying in the towns restaurants and the college's eatery. Ray found it a huge turn-on! And so, he had discovered, did all the other boys on the various sports teams. Which was just as well! After all, there seemed to be something about Gainesburg these days that was a little obesogenic for all the hot college girls – and every other woman in town, for that matter. Maybe it was something in the drinking water? Anyway, Ray didn't care: he was just happy because he liked his hotties thicc! And thicc was where Gainesburg was at! And, right now, he had the hottest, strongest, and thiccest girl of all leaning on his shoulders! Sure, Chloe might be burping and sounding a little nauseated, but Ray was confident he could spoonfeed her another jar of peanut butter or two before she made him stop. Oh, and milk. She'd want milk – full fat milk, obviously – as well.

Ray smiled with great happiness, and enjoyed the feeling of Chloe Southern's hot, muscular, and now overly curvy body leaning heavily against him. It was only a short walk to Samuel Gainesburg Park. And the rain had cleared up, the stars were out, and the park would be a nice place to walk!

At least, Ray would enjoy walking in Samuel Gainesburg Park once he'd got past the creepy old wooden totem pole that overlooked the town-square gateway. Some archaeology professor had dug up the totem pole last semester. Ray found the thing extremely creepy – actually a little scary to look at – and didn't like that the college had been allowed to exhibit the “exquisite cultural treasure” under a high awning in the park beside the town square. The sooner he was past the damn thing the better!

Mmm.” Chloe stirred from her food coma as Ray got her into the park. Probably her metabolism was getting to grips with the vast excess of calories she'd ingested. Great! Because Ray was horny to feed her more peanut butter!

So... Hungry!” Chloe said, with a burp, as they entered the park.

You want that belly rub, Chloe?” Ray asked.

No! I want my brownies! And my peanut butter! Please, Ray?”

Sure, Chloebuns!” Ray said. He was so horny to feed her!


* *


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Oh boy, chloe's over eating by her own standards, twenty pounds too heavy and skipping workouts already, before she starts getting dosed with weight gain stimulants? She's going to balloon!

Personal idea, while I love buff chloe, her enhanced strength suddenly wearing off once she gets enough chub on her would be pretty fun to see!

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