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Your wife is a smoking hot bbw.. in the past she has tried diets and has failed miserably. Recently she put on some weight and you’ve noticed that she has been feeling sexier and sexier the bigger she gets. You come home and find her in the kitchen in the tiniest lingerie, she greets you belly first and indulges in her ultimate fantasy. You can tell by the way she’s talking and the way that she lights about her body that she has no plans of dieting ever again and even wants to grow bigger 


{ video includes; role play , belly play, Fat chat, pov }


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Imagine getting home from a long, hard day at work to be greeted with the sight of the stunning Savannah Montana, your big beautiful eager-to-please trophy-wife, busily cleaning the kitchen and dressed in super-sexy lingerie.

I know... what a dream, right?  Well... it doesn't need to be a dream anymore.  You can make it come true (well... kind of) by buying this video!

She has her back to you as you arrive home (POV style), giving us a scorching-hot view of your incredible ass.  Soon, she turns around - goodness me! - this is one of the fullest length body-views we've ever had of the delectably juicy Savannah and she looks STUPENDOUSLY AMAZING!  And that oh-so-pretty face makes my legs turn to jelly.

(An aside: the sight of Savannah standing there, looking so big and so round actually made me pause the video, go onto her Curvage Clips, and find her earliest video.  It was called "Fat Hot Nurse Just Wants To Be Fed" from September 2021 (in other words one year and five months ago.)  Obviously, Savannah looked gorgeous back then - but woah she was so SLIM compared to now.  Her weight-gain has been ASTONISHING and represents a MAJOR achievement!)

Back to the video: your wife explains that she's the biggest she's ever been and, because of her size, she feels the sexiest she's ever been.  She takes us on a tour of her belly, her legs, her ass, and her arms.

At one point, Sav says: "I hope you don't mind having a fat housewife that just wants to get bigger and bigger and bigger."  Great dialogue!!

And listen to that thud when she drops her belly-hang on to the counter-top!  Then she comes up close to the camera, and towers over her husband (this isn't mentioned, but I liked thinking the husband is a little twig of a guy, massively dwarfed by his super-sized wife).  The dialogue is a glorious, sexy frenzy of self-admiration and self-arousal as Sav shakes her belly, pops her double-chin, and bounces her bra-busting boobs.

At 07:39 she slaps her ass and - holy gee - I don't know if it's the acoustics of her kitchen, but the slap sounded so freaking LOUD on her divine, fleshy ass-cheek!

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope that the bit where this dream of a wife talked about wanting to keep on getting bigger wasn't just roleplay for Savannah!

Phew, the kind of video that makes you need to go lie down and recover for a couple of weeks.  Buy it now.

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Honestly one of the hottest clips you have made. I really love the different belly angles 🥵 please if you could make more clips with more of that. Straight dream woman, I really love that belly🤤

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Guest dade76


Your round and fat belly is fantastic and you are more sexy in every video. 🥰 You are became very fat and beautiful to the maximum level. 😍 I love your sexy body and i adore you. Amazing vid. 😘 I suggest every one to buy thia video. A big kiss fantastic BBW.

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Your extremely hot wife is on a mission to convince you to let her get even fatter for you, and does everything she can in order to convince you. As per usual she's wearing a really sexy bra and panties in order to help with the convincing. This is the first video I've ever watched where Savannah is standing up. Holy shit I was really fucking turned on by that gigantic ass!! 🥵 I knew she had a dump truck back there, but she's got wayyy more than a dump truck! She starts talking about all the curves of her body and showing off all the jiggly cellulite she's piled on. Of course since Savannah has the most sexiest voice I've ever heard, I think it's literally impossible to not get horny! Like who doesn't want to see more cellulite jiggle while she works around the house 😍 Then she moves over to the counter to show you that her belly can definitely help with the cooking! With how far that belly can drop and how heavy it is, she can surely use it to pound out some meat or chicken! I really lost it every time she was picking up her belly because holy shit the sight of seeing all those stretch marks hidden underneath her belly flab is insanely sexy!! My face would look like this if more stretch marks continued to appear: 🥴. Overall I would DEFINITELY recommend anyone to buy this video in order to let your wife know she did a good job at convincing you to let the chains off her diet! Thank you so very much for making this super hot video Savannah, and hope there's more food coming your way!! 😊❤️

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