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After a short break, I came back with a bang in this PUBLIC stuffing video! In this video, PART 2 of 2, I’ll update you on my current figure and take you along with me as I go out to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. You’ll get a front row view as I order and feast on 2 giant entrees then top it all off with a huge margarita and of course some dessert. I guarantee it will be an experience you don’t want to miss out on watching for yourself 🥳

This was filmed 4K but had to shrink to 1080p due to the file being so large.

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This was quite the part 2! Get to see plenty of eating and public belly rubs at the table. She is so packed full that can’t help burping and moaning while out in public. The belly reveal is quite amazing. So big, so round! 10/10 recommend getting both of these videos!

Response from the author:

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and review! I’m pleased you enjoyed the video 🤗♥️

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Well part 1 was phenomenal this is better. How does Haley react to saying she's fairly full when she's finished her 2 main meals? Of course she finishes the remains of her coke orders a big dessert I'm guessing for 2 people as there are 2 spoons and orders another big coke. While waiting for her food we get a look at that fucking amazing belly while she's burping to make room. That dessert does not stand a chance and neither does the last of her drink. we then get to see her in the car on the journey home where when we get there the fun begins. There she is with another drink in hand belching away before she gets that fantastic body out and it's still fan fucking tastic. Finishing with as normal the sexiest burping, facial expressions and lip blowing as only Haley can. Got a feeling with all the burping she's probably made room for plenty more to go in that belly. Here's hoping she's stays here for plenty more time as she's still the Curvage GOAT. 

Response from the author:

Thank you for taking the time to watch and review!! It means a lot to me ♥️ I’ve already started making room for my next time out 😉

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as I said in the previous part this video is great this second part is even better Juicy is better than ever and I was surprised by the camera angles and that you stick your belly out in public you are Extremely sexy I am Mexican it was a pleasure to see a lady like you eat all that ❤️❤️😊🇲🇽 @JuicyJunt

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Part 2 and JJ is still stuffing her greedy face 🐷, ordering dessert while she is still eating her tacos. Then ordering a Diet Pepsi 😂 she then gets on eating her dessert which I can only presume is for two but JJ is not sharing 🤣 she makes short work of it too. Then having to unzip her pants just to finish her drink 😮 we get some great views from your partner of your overstuffed gut while JJ finishes her drinks burping like crazy. You are not going to be able to fit in booths much longer if you keep this up 🤣. The aftermath belly 🤯 which is getting stretch mark filled we get to see in closer detail the damage caused by this huge feast and from below to when she gets home. Even her cat is impressed by the size of her belly 😆 JJ looks amazing while she chugs on another drink yes another letting out some huge burps. This is one of the best public stuffings I have seen 👍🏻. Welcome back JJ, I cannot wait to check out more of your content and see that big belly expand even more.

Response from the author:

🥲 so sweet! Thank you!🥰🥰🥰

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