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  1. For those that have asked about me being gone for so long, the reason is because I’m pregnant 🤰🏻 I’m still 7 months so I’m rounder than ever. I’ve thought about doing some content if there’s any interest, who would want some new videos?

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    2. Joeblow



      Also, congratulations! 

    3. RosieMarieFeedee


      Congratulations sweetheart 💖💖💖I hope all is going well for you and baby!

    4. JuicyJunt


      Thank you love ♥️♥️

    5. Bbw117


      Thats great news congratulations 🥳

    6. jethro


      Omg yes please.   I'd buy every pregnancy vid you posted

    7. Pmacovereasy


      Count me in 

  2. when are you coming back?

  3. Hope the holidays and quarantine have treated you well!

  4. Was cleaning off my laptop and found this little gem 😋 As a custom request, I chug down a full 2 liter of Coca Cola in a matter of minutes! The rest of the clip is full of big bellied burps and belly rubs as the fizzy drink pushes my tight tummy's limits!


  5. JuicyJunt here again with a feast for your eyes and my stomach! I ordered way too much Pizza Hut and struggle to take it all down in this video 🍕🍕 Between taking huge bites and bloating my belly up with a 2L soda, the burps are HUGE and aplenty! Leave a review and tell me what you think I sound take down next (❁´◡`❁)


  6. Hey all!! I’ve made all of my past videos super cheap for y’all to enjoy!! 🖤🖤

  7. 🧙‍♂️😍 Loving your vibes

  8. Juicy! Come back! Lol 😥

  9. Y'all, I really went out on this one!! In this 5 meal feast, I take down 2 DOUBLE cheeseburgers, a spicy chicken sandwich, a hot dog, fries, and half a patty melt (generously given to me by a friend before the video started 😋), all followed by plenty of soda, so there's PLENTY of big, meaty burps!! Watch me chow down while chillin' in my favorite lingerie set and see if you can see the seams burst by the end 😉


  10. I'm baaaack, bigger, better, and hungrier than ever!! In this clip, you get to see me squeeze into some old blue jean shorts and greedily take down 3 footlong chili cheese hot dogs, a pretzel twist with cheese, and a super large cake batter shake from Sonic - a calorie filled feast indeed you can feast your eyes on!!!


  11. Hey y'all! 👋 Since I haven't been able to record much lately, I decided to go back through my older videos and share this gem with you! Sushi is my absolute FAVORITE food, and it definitely shows in this clip!! First I gobble up some yummy appetizers, then I feast on a HUGE load of sushi!! I even manage to finish it off with a sweet treat 😋 OVer 30 MINUTES of gorging and growing 🤰 I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed eating for it!! 🍣


  12. JuicyJunt here! A lot of you asked for a donut video, but I just had to put a Juicy twist on it! So I threw on some of my TIGHT old shorts, grabbed a box of 14 DONUTS and OVER A HALF A GALLON OF MILK, and got to work. 😉 As you watch this video, you can see my shorts shrink to make room for my growing, bulging belly. This is one video you donut want to miss out on watching 🍩


  13. JuicyJunt here, taking on another massive mound of food for you! In this video feast, I take on a challenge I revisited from one of my first ever stuffing videos, Krystal's/White Castle burgers!! 🍔 You can see how fast I cram and shovel the burgers into my mouth, pushing and growing, determined to surpass my last record! **as a note, I did miscount the burgers in the video. I thought I ate 15, but after filming I realized I greedily ate 17 burgers with cheese!!! As always, there's plenty of burping, jiggling, and rubbing involved, an experience you absolutely don't want to miss out on!! 😜 Please enjoy PART 2 of this big belly burger feast


  14. You are beautiful girl with amazing smile❤️

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