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Candice has had to pick up driving for DoorDash as a side gig to be able to afford groceries to accomidate ever-increasing appetite. When she picks up a huge order for someone named @Curvage Casey she is overcome by the desire to take a bite and hopes that the customer won't notice. She knocks on Casey's door and takes one last bite thinking that it will take a while for her to get to the door... but Casey opens it immediately CATCHING HER IN THE ACT. Casey says that if Candice is going to be such a pig by eating all of her food and then she needs to come inside. Candice tries to explain that she was just trying to make sure it was good but Casey is having none of it... 

Casey says that if Candice doesn't eat every last bite of the food, she will report her to DoorDash and get her fired. Tied to a chair, Candice obediently takes every forced bite into her hungry mouth and down her greedy throat until she's bursting out of her pants... she begs Casey not to report her, she obliges but promises that if she ever catches Candice again... the punishment will be MUCH worse.


Reviews are always SO appreciated. Knowing you enjoy the content I put so much energy into means so so much to me. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. 

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